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Kristin Cavallari in a Bikini

Kristin Cavallari Bikini Pics

Kristin played around on the beach while filming an upcoming episode of The Hills. As is usually the case with “stars” of The Hills, I found myself wondering aloud why she’s famous. But I think if you have abs like that, you are required to be famous. Otherwise, it just wouldn’t be fair to all us normal, non-famous, schlubs with normal, non-famous squishy mid-sections.

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  • Is she the only one on the show without breast implants? I hate this show and I have never even watched it :)

  • yeah… i’m really not even impressed.

    and she kinda looks like heidi more and more every time i see her =(

  • I have abs like that and the only crunches I do are made by Nestle. That should be the “before” pic kind of stomach, not the goal.

    • And I’m sure you’re supermodel skinny? I kind of doubt that. She looks great. I love how when Beet or Wendie (I forget, but I think Beet) said one star’s wife had chubby arms everybody flipped out. TONS of people said how we shouldn’t be ripping apart a healthy (but DEF pudgy) woman; “she looks great”…blah, blah, blah. BUT here you have an obviously thin, healthy girl and you’re gonna call her “FAT”? Rightttt. Go have yourself another bowl of icecream.

      • I’m not on “Team Kristen.” I literally no nothing about her. I’m just can’t believe people are ripping apart how this girl looks (she’s a pretty girl), when they’re just as likely to yell at society for judging how people should look. It’s just hypocritical and annoying.

  • i saw that picture, and thought “she looks great. nice, normal [=sexy] breasts” good for her!

    • Me too! I think she looks awesome…mostly because she looks natural/healthy! Thin, but not starved looking, and with natural breasts. She is naturally beautiful here. Good for her!

  • I dont see any abs. Shes not overweight by any means but her belly looks flabby not like solid abs to me. Not anything to get excited over.

  • Her body is sort of unattainably attainable. Definitely hot. Not so hot that you think you can never look like that, but hot enough that once you hit the gym you realize, realistically, you probably can’t. Damn you Kristen Cavallari!

  • JennB: What is it with you? “Go have yourself another bowl of icecream.” Didn’t I tell you to shut up you moron?

    Kristen needs some liposuction and boobs. Then she’ll be above average.

  • i saw that picture, and thought “she looks great. nice, normal [=sexy] breasts” good for her!Please feel free to see more hot and sexy pics on “Militaryflirting.c o m”.

  • Her belly looks flabby to me too! She is thin, but i bet if she sat down she would have rolls just like the rest of us! Plus, that line between her swim bottoms and belly button is the line where her pants end and her little belly flops over! I know, I have one!