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It’s Paula Abdul Day!


The news broke on Tuesday night that Paula Abdul won’t be returning to American Idol, and Wednesday the news outlets scrambled to capitalize on her departure. How many angles can you take? Well, Reuters has a piece on how the Idol ratings are going to continue to slip now that Paula’s gone. E! used it to address the issue of women’s compensation in Hollywood and later did a piece on Paula’s upcoming role in Lifetime’s Drop Dead Diva. Not to be outdone, the AP has an interview with Simon Lythgoe regarding whether or not Idol can still be good without Paula (after much rambling, he says it can).

Over here on Evil Beet? We just want to know where we can tune in to play “How drunk is Paula”? Lythgoe says he’s considering her for a job on So You Think You Can Dance. That would give me the first reason to start watching that show. Wherever Paula’s live and on drugs, there you will find my television. (And, yes, that’s a 20-year-old picture of Paula above. I found it and I think it’s funny.)

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  • At least Paula strives to be nice to people. The meanness on this blog is really starting to ruin it. I used to read because it was funny and gossipy and clever, now you’re just all about completely bashing people and tearing them down even if they’re decent people. Maybe you could at least retract your claws a little on the celebs who aren’t a-holes?

    • The blog title does have the word “evil” in it. What do you expect?

      How did anyone ever think that 80s style looked good? In the 80s were there people who thought the looks were ugly? Will we think what we’re wearing today is pretty nasty 20 years down the road? I think the styles today are pretty natural and basic (except herum pants…never never wear herum pants).

  • The worst part about that picture is that she probably wouldn’t have any problems wearing that outfit today, except there’s already a picture of her in it.

    • LOL spot on :D

      And go Paula. High or not, I absolutely love her and she seems like a genuinely nice person.

    • yes, NIGEL lythgoe is the creator of both American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance (which, by the way is WAAAAAAY better than AI so everyone should be watching it! :)