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Ashton Kutcher Still Thinks Demi Moore Is Beautiful


They’ve been married an eternity in Hollywood time, but the bond between Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore still seems to be strong. Ashton’s been promoting his new movie, Spread, where he plays a male hooker — the film critic summarized it to me by saying “Ashton has about forty sex scenes. I’d lend you a copy but I’d be afraid of what would be on it when you gave it back.”

At the red carpet event for Spread, he spoke to People magazine about how Demi Moore gets more beautiful every day. “Doesn’t she?” he said. “I don’t know – I’m trying to figure it out. I so see it, man. She becomes more beautiful to me by the minute, and I don’t know what it is. She’s got the magic thing.”

It’s heartwarming to see such a loving Hollywood couple, but I have to wonder how this’ll work out in the long run. When he’s 50, Ashton will be a distinguished, witty, swoon-worthy George Clooney type, and Demi will be a 60-something woman. Will Ashton be able to turn away all the 22-year-olds throwing themselves at him? You know what? I hope so.

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      • I don’t know. Go back to the video when his Twitter account hit one million and listen to him ramble on about how Twitter is going to revolutionalize the news media or something like that. He may not be dumb, but he didn’t make a lick of sense.

        But do think he and Demi are sweet together.

  • I feel like your use of the word “still” in the title misrepresents what he’s saying. He doesn’t qualify his love of what his wife looks like with a “still”, he’s not saying she “still” looks good.

  • Demi Moore is outrageously hot – I doubt highly that her face will change much in the next few decades. Hell, she already has the best plastic surgeon on the plant.

    On an entirely unrelated note – I just battled with the biggest goddamn spider I’ve ever seen. It was on my DKNY perfume (which I can now never look at in the same way again), by my sink in my bedroom. After much deliberation I (hopefully) hoovered it up – normally I would trap ’em but this mo-fo was so big a freakin pint glass would have been pressed to contain it’s legs. Unfortunately I’m too much of a wimp to go and check if I actually got it – and I also accidently hoovered up a small bottle of Lavender Oil which may have now broken the hoover…
    It’s ten to 1 in the morning and I still can’t go to bed because I’m scared the spider will want revenge.

    I’m just gonna watch old episodes of That 70s Show and remember a time when Ashton Kutcher used to wash his hair.

    • I hadn’t heard the word mofo in years and this is the second time this week I’ve heard it.

      I once saw a rat when I was straightening my hair in the bathroom and it freaked me out. I was afraid to walk around my house. My bed was a safe options. Rats, spiders, bugs, they are all evil creatures.

    • I can’t go in the kitchen because there’s one outside the window that casts a bloody shadow!!!!! Last night my husband took my turn for the dishes because the fucking thing is so damn big. This morning, as I was making my coffee, it came back.

      I can handle anything else but I can’t handle those (well, centipedes and earwigs are icky too but spiders make me hyperventilate).

  • I think it’s quite ironic how Evil Beet has a “feminist” website yet continues to write pieces with such blatant patriarchal overtones such as this one. Why can’t a woman marry a younger man? Why is aging such a terrible thing for women. Notice how Beet commented that the MAN would be”distinguished, witty, swoon-worthy George Clooney type” while the WOMAN would merely be “a 60-something woman.”

    All this from a “feminist”. Shame on you Beet, shame on you. This is why so many woman have issues with aging.

    • I was going to make the same comment. I guess once a woman hits 60, she should just be shot out of a cannon towards the sun.

  • I am sorry but why is Tater Head still so ugly? And why do I still hate her? And why is Ashton holding her hand?

  • Ashton must not see through all the hair covering his eyes — or is it she is better looking when she stands next to her dog ass ugly daughter Rumer. Demi can get all the botox she wants and all the plastic surgery she wants but when it all comes down to the truth of it she was and still is nothing but an ugly ole piece of trailer trash ho bag like her mama. Go ahead — look her up — there are still pictures of her out there with her original face. Looks very much like Rumer….blech….I just threw up in my mouth a little. Oh yeah, and Ashton you are gay. Nobody believes for a minute you are straight.

  • As long as Demi has the money for vaginal rejuvenation surgery, and money for facelifts – Ashton isn’t going anywhere. I think his family is upset he won’t have kids of his own but that may have been part of his plan.

    She is a beautiful woman, she’s made a fortune and seems like she’s a very happy person after rising above a less that stellar family situation, her kids seem smart and motivated to work, and to be educated – she’s done a great job as a mother because it’s not easy raising kids in LA, even if they aren’t in the business, but her children aren’t be arrested, aren’t addicts and are the kind of kids parents can be proud of.

    • VAGINAL REJUVENATION SURGERY? Please tell me you made that up!
      I’m agreed that Demi is attractive particularly next to those uckenfugly Willis girls.

  • Highly disappointed by the sentence “60-something woman”. Hate how you’re implying a “60-something woman” isn’t worth of a man’s love any more because she isn’t as “pretty” as a 25 yo.

    • Yes, Beet is implying that couples stay together because of looks. If that were the case, there would be few divorces in Hollywood.