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Why Natural Lighting Is Evil


This is why we must all eschew any and all photo sessions that occur in the great outdoors.  Bridget Marquardt, Hef’s ex-girl next door, was a guest at last night’s Give and Get Fete, an event that supports Dress for Success.  The sun was cruel … as cruel as the hairstylist that keeps her looking like Washed Up Barbie.

Denise Richards appeared too, and I don’t know how I’ve never noticed this before, but she has a touch of the crazy eyes.  Tatyana Ali, best known for being on Fresh Prince of Bel-Air showed up as did a very skinny Guiliana Rancic.

Finally, Chelsea Handler learned a valuable lesson:  Skinny jeans are a privilege and not one that she’s earned.

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  • Bridgette: LOVE her. Think she’s probably really sweet in real life, but yea, not the most flattering lighting.

    Denise: typically think she’s really attractive, but she’s looking old here…the lighting IS evil.

    Guiliana: GROSS. Just gross.

    Chelsea: I just wish skinny jeans would go away in general. They’re flattering on almost no one.

  • Insulting Chelsea Handler is also a privilege and sorry but you all haven’t earned that one either.

  • I hope they don’t give that purple tank top and yellow shorts outfit to the needy. That hurts my eyes.

    If we’re going to completely redefine the parameters of beauty once again… and somehow looking great in natural light isn’t on that list, I’m just going to have to give up. Have we no standards?!

    • I don’t know if it’s the actual yellow purple outfit that is so terrible or if it’s the fact that it’s hanging on a skeleton.

  • That’s more than a touch of crazy eyes on Denise. She looks freakin’ scary!
    And I suddenly feel much, much better about the state of my crow’s feet. I’m only a year younger than her and my eyes look way better than that in any light.
    Wendie, I think you just helped me fend off a major case of hating my eyes. Seriously, one has been brewing for the last few weeks. It’s gone now. Thanks!

  • The biggest problem with these pictures is practically everyone of them have on the wrong makeup.

    From being orange…. to that big greasy shine from mineral makeup… and the general lack of a good loose powder. It seems in the last 10 years that no one uses the correct technique when applying makeup.

    Which really is sad…. because all of these girls are pretty… but with bad makeup… making them look haggard.

  • hahahahaha
    i love that you said that about chelsea handler
    everyone is always saying OMG she is so funny i love her, but shes not that funny and not that cute