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Demi Lovato Rules the Charts, Jordin Sparks Fails to Light It Up

Demi Lovato at Hannah Montana Premiere

Ahhh, my little Demi-goddess Lovato released another hit album, with Here We Go Again selling 108K copies and topping the Billboard charts. (Michael Jackson’s Number Ones sold more copies, but it’s ineligible for the charts because it’s an older album.)

Meanwhile, Jordin Sparks’ Battlefield sold a dismal 48,000 copies. Has anyone heard the single off that album? It’s terrible. If that’s what they released as the first single, I can’t even imagine the crap that’s on the rest of that album. No sweat off my back. I’m still angry with her for implying that pre-marital sex is slutty at the VMAs last year. You know what, Jordin? Having a flop of a sophomore album is slutty, too.

Here’s what it all comes down to: American Idol is brilliant at creating a big star of the moment, but when it comes to developing, nurturing and promoting talent in the long run, nobody can compete with Disney.

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  • Agreed that the single from Jordin’s album sucks. Its so boring. Blah. But I’m not a fan of Demi either. So whatever.

  • Very cute lil chica with a great voice…how did that lil sweetie get that damn awful chin? How old is she? should I repress my stiffy?

      • I do not know age of consent IN Europe is all over the place
        UK it is 16
        most of Europe it is from 14-17 catholic countries seeming to have a much younger AOC then protestant 1’s
        I think this kid is 16 so she is pretty much legal for the whole of Europe. ( just Wikieed it she is 17 so she is legal in about a 1/3 of U.S. STATES and as I said just about everywhere in Europe)
        Not saying you should hit that. Teenie girls, I pretty much lost interest in when I reached 20. Just saying that she is not jailbait in most places lol

  • This Demi kid
    Does any1 know if the rumours are true that she cuts herself in self loathing ???
    I have seen pictures of the supposed scars but they look like bad photo-shop jobbies

  • I’m so glad that Jordin Sparks’ album is tanking. Her comments at the VMA’s were absolutely ridiculous. Obviously the host is going to make sarcastic remarks and make people laugh with some low blows, but she took the stage as a presenter (obviously she wouldn’t be winning awards) and proceeded to call people who have sex outside of marriage “sluts”.

    I can’t believe that still annoys me.

    • It totally still annoys me too!!! I was just telling someone the other day that I boycott whatever Jordin Sparks does bc of those comments. How freaking ignorant can you be? And that song is terrible and sounds like it was written by a ten year old. YUCK!

  • I love Demi! For a teen act she is pretty cool. I took my 10 year old daughter to see her concert on Tuesday night. I was surprised at what a good performer she is. She reminds me of a young Kelly Clarkson.

  • I’m 25 and I’m not ashamed to say that I bought Demi’s album. She’s the only Disney star whose music doesn’t make me cringe. I love that she writes her own music and stays away from auto-tune. More power to her!

  • I’m an 18 year old straight guy and I’m saying that Demi Lovato is fire! Who would of thought that someone from Disney could be so real, so talented…she is great! Now if only her label would wake up and push her songs onto the radio….

  • Demi is AWESOME talent, her new album is incredible and shows how much better she is than the rest of the teen pack i.e Miley,Tisdale and Selena Gomez who are not in the same league as Demi, i love this girl!!

  • Demi must be feeling much better and is looking very beautiful these days.
    I know she was under a lot of personal pressure and said she wasn’t dealing with it well. I can tell from some recent photos that she is looking better which may mean she is overcoming her problems. I guess we all have times where we loose our mojo. I like Demi, her show’Sonny with a chance” and those who she is with appear to enjoy her company. I wish them all a lot of luck.