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It’s Tuesday, They’re Not in Love


For your analysis, here is a picture of Kim Kardashian on Sunday night at PURE nightclub.  They look happy, right?  Then, why on Monday did they announce their split?

The pair, who recently returned from a charity trip to Africa with Kardashian’s sister Khloe, just last May talked about “heading” toward marriage, but sources tell PEOPLE their relationship suffered from the time they spent apart – with yet another separation looming with the upcoming NFL season. 

“They never get to see each other, ever,” the source says. “It’s been a long time coming. They still love each other and are part of their lives, but Reggie spends six months out of the year in New Orleans, so it’s tough.” 

I don’t know.  This looks like they had a, “Baby, I’ve got somethin’ to tell you” conversation after the nightclub appearance.  Kim’s rep confirmed the split, so I think either a)  she got dumped or b)  he admitted to cheating on her.

Pictures in the gallery of the couple at several events over the past couple weeks, displaying some interesting body language.

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  • If this only meant that this pig’s 15 minutes were up, but I’m sure people will still, for reasons I will never understand, follow her around like she’s anything but a big, flabby assed skank.

  • Yeah! Hottie Reggie Bush is back on the market. He was way ttttoooo pretty to be with her!

  • He should totally get hooked up with Michael Lohan & Jon Gosselin -they get ALL the sessy bitches!

  • Well, first of all I’ll say I don’t know what this girl is famous for. Here in Europe she’s never on telly, or magazines, except on British magazines, but they just mention her as actress. Anyway, first – I’ll say I find her pretty and a good example of curvy girl without being fat. Second – can someone explain me why the body language is interesting? I don’t get it :S

    • It looks like she is pulling away from him in every photo except for the nightclub… Did anyone else see that too?

    • She is famous for having a sex tape released of her and Ray J. Her mom then got the rights to the tape and sold it to a video company for millions of dollars. She started partying with Paris Hilton because they were total bff’s, then was a party girl being photographed a lot who dated semi-famous people. Now she has a show on E! that follows her and her family around. I am still waiting for her 15 min to end.

  • brilliant Cure reference, Wendie!

    I hope that is what it is, or I read too much into the post title.

  • Kim is SOOOO pretty!!
    And I love her body. I wish I had those curves.
    “Flabby assed skank?” I don’t think so. Her ass isn’t flabby. It’s just big.
    Reggi Bush isn’t all that… What’s with that childish haircut? I’m so tired of mohawks… When will they finally be OUT?!

  • I kind of feel bad for Kim… she’s what, 28, and has yet to really have a successful relationship? Divorced by 23 – that’s hard! And really, she’s TRYING to be famous for good stuff, no? Maybe she needs to get away from pro athletes altogether…

  • Thank you Reggie for dumbing this nasty wh*re
    SHe’s trash. Her whole family is trash.
    Which guy would want to marry someone that was peed on by RayJ

    Her desperation for him to put a ring on it was rather amusing.
    She obviously thought he was one of those dumb athletes that marry skanky girls with butt implants or fake boobs LOL

    Reggie, you can do so much better
    there’s plenty of decent girls who don’t think posing for playboy and maxim is hard honest work

    Thank God , you wore a condom
    cause by now she would have tied you down with twins faster than you can say kim who?

    • Im guessing she wanted to get married soon and he didnt. Im sure his mamma didnt like her. The excuse that they were spending too much time apart – BULLSHIT! They are at every party together. If you are planning on marrying someone wouldnt you be willing to move to New Orleans or wherever he was for 6months? Its not like they cant afford to take flights back and forth. That’s what eva longoria and tony parker do.

  • Well hopefully he will successfully channel all of his energy towards not sucking this season. Go Saints!

  • to be honest kim is a pretty girl and she has a nice body but that cums a dime a dozen she just seems real vain and boring lame and fake reggie is cute but he seems kind of slow and boring to but i didnt like them together maybe shes needs to found someone else and leave the black men aklone and he n3eeds a good girl

  • what is this girl famouse for?getting f@cked on tape or having a sum what famouse dad or having a some what famouse step-dad.her paris h im sick of this no talent as women being in the spot light then when a real women cums she cant get respect