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In Case You Missed La Lohan’s Crazy Breakdown

Lindsay Lohan

I can’t believe I just found this video this afternoon. Where the hell were you guys on this?? I should have had a minimum of 10 emails alerting me to this FANTASTIC clip that TMZ posted yesterday morning. Basically, Lindsay Lohan was waiting outside Samantha Ronson’s house at five in the morning, and when Sam came home she totally lost her shit. The paps got it all on tape. Sam is, of course, totally sober and sane, and Lindsay is wailing and crazy and obviously totally high. Here’s a basic transcript, courtesy of OK! magazine, or you can watch the vid here:

Lindsay: Samantha where were you? You lost it, what’s wrong with you? (Sam walks to her door, as Lindsay squeals to the other girl) Stop! Stop!
Sam: Who is this person?
Lindsay: (clearly confused crying) I’m your girlfriend!
Sam: No, who’s this other person here?
Lindsay: You know her…
Sam: So why were you yelling at her to stop?
Lindsay: Because she was just touching me. Where were you?!?
Sam: Okay. This one has to go.
Lindsay: Don’t talk to my friend like that, Samantha.
Sam: She’s on my property, I don’t know her, I want her out. It’s that simple.
(some unintelligible talking)
Lindsay: Where were you? Where were you? Where were you? Where were you? Where were you?
Sam: I was with my sister.
Lindsay: You’re lying!
Sam: Yeah, I’m lying. Seriously, please please. [To the other girl.] Go to the car, homie. I don’t know who you are.
Lindsay: I’ve been waiting for you for THREE HOURS.

Then the girl walks outside Sam’s gate, realizes (???) that there are paparazzi there, covers her face and stumbles out. Sam tells her to call a cab and even the paparazzi check to confirm she’s not driving. Then Sam and Lindsay head inside.

Samantha, WHY DO YOU PUT UP WITH THIS? This is total insanity. You seem like a relatively grounded woman. You’re dating a crazy child. And you’re not helping her by allowing this behavior.

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  • Obviously, Sam is enjoying the drama. If she was grounded as you seem to think she is, she wouldn’t put up with it anymore, and wouldn’t have for so long. No sympathy for her, or Lindsay.

      • Kelsey, grow the f-ck up and get a clue. Sam is an enabling, co-dependent nightmare!!! They are both out-of-control and deserve one another!!! As for you Kelsey, be very careful….it is pretty clear you are naive and immature as hell – good luck to you. I see many , MANY people taking advantage of you throughout your sad little life!

      • And then there’s bitter people like yourself who thinks everyone is out to get everyone and will sadly never fully enjoy life for fear of being taken advantage of. How does that summary sound? A bit presumptuous don’t you think? Because that’s what you just did. Some people have complicated relationships, and although you’re entitled to your opinion, it doesn’t mean you can judge people the way you just did.

      • My God, you are a bitter little bitch, aren’t you? I surely hope everybody in your life takes your advice and stays the shit away from you.
        Being nice to you would just be enabling…

  • I guess Beet didn’t have this site hacked into after all. Early when she posted a story that wasn’t about Lindsay Lohan or the Gosselin’s I got kind of worried but since she’s (predictably) updated us on the totally interesting headlines both of these exciting “celebrities” have apparently made today, it’s clear she’s still in control.

  • Well wow… I feel bad for Lindsay… And even worse for Samantha…
    I really think Sam is a good person, and that she cares way too much about Lindsay, and that’s why she puts up with this shit.. But it is sad, and she should reconsider this relationship, because Lindsay is obviously fucking crazy again…
    This was really really sad to watch…

  • I’ve been getting my fairly regular “our men outside Sam’s place” video clips from X17. They camp out and the drama is every couple days. Lindsay made Sam a household name, increased her booking fees, made her a star by association. Who would given a rat’s ass about that sour pussed beanpole if not for “the relationship”? Lindsay would hump anything with a pulse if the gossip is true. Still Sam looks sideways at someone and Lilo loses her sheet. Sam’s too old for this crud…unless the ends justify the means.

      • Wendie did not post this, she posted the picture but totally different story. you must not read the blog or you wouldn’t be so confused! :)

      • I did post the link to the video, but it was more of a passing reference (because Lindsay is ALWAYS drunk on a stoop), and it was after a jump. I’m sure that’s what is leaving everyone so confused. Also, when I posted it, the transcript wasn’t available yet.

      • This is so so sad.. Not, Lindsey. We’ve known how sad she is. I mean Sasha breaking a story that I watched on TMZ two days ago.

        Note to the editor: Nobody gives a fuck about your feminist crusade. You’re a gossip blogger.. get on your shit already. Wendie’s been carrying this site for a while already. Step your shit up already, Sasha

      • So, Sasha and Wendie, is it hard to not react to all of the personal, negative comments?

        I am seriously considering starting my own blog, mostly so I can say whatever the hell I want to say. But the red head in me knows I would go ballistic on little shits who always make things personal. Is it hard for you guys to step back? Just curious.

      • Note to Lisa: Screw you. This is not personal. Sasha Pasulka is in the business of celebrity blogging. This story broke 2 days ago. I responded (as the name of the section inplies) that this is an old story and as a gossip blogger, she is doing poorly.

        To recap, Sashs is a subpar blogger and Wendie is carrying the extra load.

        Go start your own blog so that even more people can care less about what you think.

      • When you have hired somebody to write for you they aren’t “picking up the extra load.” They’re doing their job.
        Who the hell are you to decide what Sasha can or can’t do for the rest of her life? I wasn’t aware she was under some sort of obligation to write every piece on this site. Or any piece on this site, for that matter…

      • Note to Alzaetia: Blow me. I meant Wendie was carrying the extra load in terms of quality content. Why is it that the slows ones are the ones who complain? Also, whipe your chin sweety. Drool is so unappealing.

      • Hey freak, aka Me, I was asking a general question that was spurned in part, by your comments. And, I think it is a legit question. Some comments are clearly personal such as “Wendie sucks dick ” or “Sasha is a spoiled rich girl”.

        And, asshole, even if I start my own blog, I will still come to Evil Beet and Zelda Lily. I love the sites.

      • Lisa, in regards to your general question about comments, I very, very rarely read comments. And when I do, and see mean things written to or about me, it doesn’t upset me at all. Feel free to email me (my email is in the sidebar) if you have any further questions about that.

      • Lisa.. I’m guessing you were the type of kid who always won the ‘participation awards’ when it came to academics. If you had any sort of reading comprehension skills, you’d realize that I explained why my comment wasn’t personal but based on professional merit. Also, if you’re able to understand what you read, you’d notice that I only ragged on Sasha and not on Wendie. Furthermore, I didn’t even imply that if you started your own site you’d stop visiting EB. Ahh, it’s douchebags like you that make average people look smart.

  • Yeah, but let’s stroll down memory land, shall we? Who drove into nest of paps at a gas station when Lilo was completely passed out, after alerting them? I think at point Sam doesn’t like her and is doing what she did before which is using public humiliation to control an out control, ill, addicted person – to modify their behavior. Is it going to work, nope.

    Sam gets notoriety from this, Lilo would be crazy no matter who she obsessed on. Sam’s ill too for allowing this to go on, and I hope she realizes that when this goes south, it’s really on her not Lilo. It would be the healthiest thing for her to make a condition of future friendship based on getting Lilo into rehab. Whoever thought Wino would be the shining example of getting one’s self together? Scary.

    • i completely agree with you. sam comes off looking like the adult saint in all this, but shes the one thats making her flip out in the first place. she knows linds isnt the most stable person and she still publicly puts her thru this shit. i’m sure she called sam a bunch of times saying she was waiting for her on her porch with the paps.. and she probably let it go on to get her worked up for another golden shot. its sick. linds needs to realize whats going on and get away from that psycho whore.

  • I love how cool Sam is during the whole Lilo drama… very matter of fact; as if Lindsay is a 12 year old kid… love how she dismisses the ‘new’ friend and doesn’t care that the girl was or how she was touching Lilo…

    • i think lindsay just had her there to make samantha jelouse. it probably happens all the time.

  • I think that you should make a gallery of desperate Lilo whining to Sam videos. We can then vote for best clip. My personal favorites include the Vegas “she effing left???” vid as well as the one where Lilo is standing next to Sam in the DJ booth bitching her out about some perceived slight.
    Oh and if you would like us to point out all of the interesting stuff from other gossip sites, should we do it via email or out on the wall?

  • That’s it. I am officially naming myself your LL newswhore. I can’t believe you haven’t seen this yet. I’ve been moping around for the past few days b/c LL had gone batshit crazy AGAIN.

    But word on the block is that Rohan are good again.

    • just got back from the moon huh? her mom is what caused her to be this way in the first place.

  • I’ve seen the video, which is also posted on socialitelife. True, Sam dragged her around to be photographed when she was passed out, but I think that is more something you do to someone you’re disgusted with than in love with. So now I don’t get it… Have your arguement on the steps, let her embarrass herself – but let her in? These 4 & 5AM confrontations are high signs of a return to the bad shit if you ask me. How long before she ends up dead?
    Both of her parents need a swift kick in the dick!

  • Why are they always playing out their shit on the front stoop? Is there a garage, a back entrance?? Use it! Me thinks they both like the attention.

  • Sam is pretty down to earth, I dont think shes being an attention whore. She probably really has feelings for Lindsay- I’m sure she has some redeeming qualities when she’s not acting crazy (aka behind closed doors.) Notice that Sam shouted out that the girl who left should call a cab. That caught me off guard.

    Seeing how paparazzi really act is sad, disgusting, and intense but the fact that they follow these “celebs” around might have a up side – no crazy/psycho fans stalking celebs. I mean, some paparazzi might actually be psycho fans themselves, but for the most part they’re unemployed middle-aged men with nice cameras looking to make a buck. Sure they’re annoying, but at least celebs dont have to worry about going home at night and being attacked.

    And so ends my rant.

  • if i were samantha i’d get a restraining order against lindsey’s voice….my god, who could listen to that raspy screeching night and day? have another cigarette, linds.

  • I don’t think Sam does this on purpose. I think the writers over a Celebitchy are on to something with these two. Listen to Sam’s tone. She sounds like the parent that Linds never had. Did no one else notice that pause in the vid after lindsay said “she’s touching me and I couldn’t find you where were you??!?”
    There’s a pause there, as if Sam is sizing up the situation, and then Samantha literally takes charge. She sounds parental laying down the law
    “I don’t know her, she’s on my property and I want her out. It’s that simple.”

    I guess Sam figures she can handle things when it’s just linds, but she didn’t want to high/drunk/whatevers on her hands.

    I think at this point Samantha’s just trying to make sure lindsay’s safe. If linds is at Sam’s front door, then lindsay cannot be out crashing cars.

    It’s not fair to blame Sam for lindsay needing professional help. Samantha didn’t raise the girl, after all.