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Who’s Foot?

Lindsay Lohan

Who needs a shower and a mani and some shoes in a public venue?

Lindsay Lohan

Seriously, was there any doubt?  Linds spent some time yesterday shopping barefoot in West Hollywood.  Would you like to know what else she spent her weekend doing?  It involves Linds being really messed up, waiting on Samantha Ronson’s front stoop for hours with a friend, and it’s all on video.  Enjoy!

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  • Lawd ah mercy!!
    Why didn’t I guess?? It seems so easy in retrospect!
    She looks so awful…
    And wouldn’t it be a PEDIcure she needs?

  • Haha this is the most hilarious post ever. Love it.
    Also, I really wish she would wear a bra every once and a while…

  • Hmm let me guess- Lindsay Lohan? It could have been the “Read all about Lindsay Lohan” link on the side of the comments that gave it away. Is there really a need for the jump?

    • Yes, but it seems that Lindsay never has clean feet. If I had her money and no kids, I’d be at Bliss once a week for a pedicure.
      And I realize everybody has those days where they feel like bumming around and not cleaning up, but you still want stuff. That’s what personal assistants are for.
      When you’re Lindsay Lohan you don’t have to leave the house looking like that. In her case it’s a choice. And one she makes far too often.

  • “whose” foot, no “who’s” foot as others have already indicated. yet another example of the decline in quality since beet started taking more of a backseat. and, for the most part, i like wendie.

    • I gonna do a YouTube video screaming, “LEAVE WENDIE ALONE!!!!” with mascara running down my cheeks and LOTS of lipgloss. So, heads up on that one.

  • i volunteer to proofread. guaranteed to catch 100% of the unnecessary contractions used on the beet as of late.

  • So, I WAS going to eat dinner….but after seeing those feet, I think I’ll skip my meal.

  • Calm down grammar police!
    Did anyone watch the video? meth+desperation=pathetic. I would say sad, but I have no sympathies for a self-inflicted drug addiction from a grown woman, who has thrown away a career most would envy! I would move if I was Sam.

    • Agreed, Jen, some of the readers on here act like they never, ever make spelling errors or mistakes. Its gossip-not school. Jesus. So Wendie made an error in her post-ooooh big freaking deal!!! Its getting so I don’t even want to read the comments on here anymore, they’re just a bunch of smug people acting like their shit doesn’t stink. Well, you know what? I can assure you it does.

      • Here is my bias opinion.

        I also wonder about the need for the spell check police need to harp….

        If the spelling errors are so devastating to your delicate natural…then please move on and let everyone else enjoy the fun.

        I do not visit this site to have to wade through endless comments about a simple spelling error.

        Please stop… it’s just rude… and by the fifth comment about the same error… makes you all look like a playground bully endlessly picking on the smaller child.

        We get it… you are far superior and never ever make a mistake. Congratulations.

    • I just watched the video. A couple minutes of it anyway. It was too sad to continue watching.
      That’s a girl who needed her daddy to love her and her mother to protect her from the evils of Hollywood. She has no sense of security in her life and has latched onto Sam as her only stability and source of love. You can hear the sad fear in her voice when she asks Sam where she’s been.
      Plus she’s a total drug addict. Her parents suck.

      • Word. And it seems like Sam is so patient with her; but it’s really not Sam’s responsibility to carry *all* that weight. LiLo needs some serious therapy on a daily basis and/or a mentor or something.

  • Up till now I’ve thought Lindsay was a bit of a joke, but that video made me really sad. Someone really needs to fucking help that girl.

    • Yeah that video was pretty bad. I feel bad for Sam. I’m in a similar “relationship” with someone unstable and drug addicted.