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Note from Management

Hello my loves!

Just a quick little FYI about a change in the roster around here. Kelly will, per her request, be gracing us with her special brand of comedic genius only every other weekend. I know, I know. I’m bummed about it too, but I’m very grateful she wants to stay on board and continue to write for you guys while she pursues other careers and, ya know, a social life, which can be hard to have when you work seven days a week.

But here’s the really awesome news:

On the weekends Kelly’s not around, I’m really really really excited to announce that we’ll have the fabulous Molly McAleer on board — starting tomorrow. I will let her do a formal introduction herself tomorrow when she starts, but I will tell you guys that I have been a big fan of Molly since her days on Defamer, and have followed her personal blog, and have watched some amazing episodes of her web show. I think it was about a year ago that I started to beg her to come work for me, and I finally got her to say yes! She’s also been doing video pieces over on our sister site, Zelda Lily.

I’m really looking forward to reading Molly’s posts. I know she’s extremely creative and insightful and funny, and I suspect it’ll be a blast.

But, per usual guys, please be nice. It’s her first weekend.

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  • yes! love molly! ive been following her for a while and am soooo happy she is joining the wonderful writers of evil beet! gooo ladies!

  • I am a Kelly fan. She knows how to tickle my funny bone. I am kinda feeling abandoned.

  • Have been stalking her on her blog for like, 2 hours-ish. I love her. I hope her writing style matches with the rest of the crew.

    Caaan’t wait!

  • Just give the website to Wendie. I still love you beet, but you have got to see that Wendie is so brilliant. I can read three words to know that she is writing. She is writing, and you don’t so much, I am not complaining. What is it you say you do here?

    • really? you like Wendie? i can’t stand the way she writes! I think Kelly is much more talented. I do agree, however, that Beet is writing next to nothing nowadays. I guess the more a person gets paid, the less work they have to do…

      • Gets paid?You do realise that Beet is RUNNING those sites and that Wendie and Kelly (and now Molly too,yay!) are,well,working for HER,aren’t you?And I guess that,just because she isn’t writing that much over here,it doesn’t mean that she has less work to do.

      • too many commas-kinda like Wendie and all her periods which is getting really old. And Wendie you didn’t invent that writing style-stop trying to claim it as your own!

    • I’m really glad you guys like Wendie so much — I do, too. Just keep in mind that more goes into running a large website than just writing. I don’t sit on my thumbs all day.

      • > I don’t sit on my thumbs all day

        Must resist … overwhelming urge to make comment … not enough willpower… instead will post using too many dots like Wendie … visual image of Beet sitting on thumbs subsiding…

  • im sure she’ll be fine
    so long as she doesn’t write about lindsay lohan everyday all day like all of u

  • Happy to have Molly over here! Love her and read her blog every day.
    Kelly, I am glad you are staying around, but will miss you every weekend. You are the bomb girl!!! (In the style of Ms. Wendie…) Kelly: You. Crack. Me. Up! I will miss you; please don’t go away.

  • Yay, I love Molly!!!!

    But, seriously, Kelly only every other weekend?? And you have Wendie writing almost every day? She writes more than you, Sasha! don’t like it very much…

  • dude, beet made a formal announcement like a WHILE back that wendie would be taking over weekdays and that she (beet) would just be writing occasionally. So.. yeah.

  • OK, I’ll give her a chance, but only because she shares my name and I don’t want to have to see comments saying “GOD MOLLY YOU TOTALLY SUCK!” on here every week. :P

  • Welcome Molly! I adore your vlogs over on ZL and I’m totally stoked you are going to be writing over here =D And Danielle, I totally agree! Sasha gave the announcement forever ago that she would be writing less. Get over it people, follow her personal blog if you must…. I know I do!

  • Molly is my girl crush eeeeeeeeeek LOVE HER!!

    However, I will miss Kelly big time, she is so so so talented and funny!! Kick ass!! :D

  • i love wendie and i love kelly and i love beet, but i am still unbelievably excited about this. i’ve been reading molly’s blog and watching her vids and i’m a huge fan.

    good call, beet.

  • Kelly probably couldn’t take the snarky effing comments people kept throwing at her. Looks like Molly may remained unscathed, but god help her if she makes a spelling error or a comma splice. The new hens writing for this blog always get pecked to death by some of the nasty readership that visits this site. Unfortunate.

  • I heart Evil Beet. That said, I started coming here less and less because she had fewer and fewer things to say. My Evil Beet habit started years ago. I can’t quit you, but I’m fading fast. *sigh*

    • Awww….that’s so sad. If Evil Beet was the Titanic and you were DiCaprios character, then I’d let go of your hand right now and watch you drift under the frigid waters and then Molly would rescue those of us that hung on and you’d be just another cold dead body laying on the ocean floor being eaten by big fat starfish, which are played by Perez Hilton.

      • Ha ha ha ha ha ha. You know I love you, Just Saying! You’ve been here from the start! I just hope people can keep in mind that I’m a real person, and people evolve and change.

  • Absolutely one of the best things to happen on here!
    I’m definitely a fan of Molly’s, who over the years I’ve realized is very smart, quick and will have you laughing eventually, she’s really great and my big thanks… and Congrat’s to Beat!!!!!!

    Thank you!!!!!!!

  • Beet’s already explained, but I had to ask for a lighter load because working 5 days a week at a normal office job AND working every weekend here at EB was taking its toll. I love to write for you guys, but I was ready to jump ship. Never underestimate the importance of having at least one day a week when you can wake up in the morning and know that the day is totally yours. And don’t be afraid to ask for that if you need it. It’s not weak or selfish if it means you can keep your sanity and feel more satisfied with the pace of your life!

    Anyway, I’m really excited to read Molly’s stuff. I love the writing of every single one of the ladies on here and never tire of reading their stuff and using what I’ve learned from them to grow and evolve as a writer. I really enjoy being a creative cog in the EB snark machine and am super excited about having one more to rub up against. (I like to make cogs sound dirty.)

  • Hey Molls I never heard of you before I am more of a “take a bicycle ride kinda guy” than a “spend all my free time on the internet person” I like coming here for a few laughs and I hope you will fit right in here.I really like the staff here!

    Good luck my dear!