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Speaking of Perverts …


We weren’t really speaking of perverts, but it sounds like we are now.

Morgan Freeman and his wife Myrna split in December, 2007 after 24 years of marriage.  A new report is out that claims Morgan and his wife had an open marriage and each pursued relationships outside the marriage.  You know, I have never understood open marriages.  I think it’s fine to schtup a bunch of people if that’s what you want, but why be married?  To experience the joy of joint tax returns and time with the in-laws?  Makes.  No.  Sense.

As it turns out, Morgan was having a ten-year affair with his step-granddaughter.  To put it in perspective, this young woman named E’Dena Hines is the biological granddaughter of Morgan Freeman’s first wife, but Freeman and his second wife helped raise her.  To furtherput the situation in perspective, ten years ago — when this affair allegedly began — E’Dena was 17 and Morgan was 62.  The year he became eligible for Social Security, she worked on getting a high school diploma.

The way the National Enquirer tells it, these two are planning on getting married.  Maybe they’ll have a daughter and Morgan can fix her up with, like, Ben Vereen.

Above is a picture of the — gag — couple at the Dark Knight premiere a year ago.  This just looks like normal, grandfatherly love … not, “I Bent You Over The Sofa Last Night” love.  Right?

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  • Another pervert and pedophile in the industry. Lovely, just lovely.

    Why is it that people like this, and MJ still maintain credible reputations?

    People like this sicken me. Ugh.

    • Oh my God.. Finally someone like me… I TOTALLY agree with you. Thank God i’m not the only one…

  • oh gosh. that’s disgusting.

    my respect level for Morgan Freeman just went down…from like 100 to 20.

    I’m really upset about this because I actually LOVE Morgan Freeman. But after this? Um…EW.

    • you believe everything you read from the NATIONAL ENQUIRER??!! That’s not the most credible news, ya know.

  • I can’t believe you’re actually spreading this filth based on something the National Enquirer published. This is just ridiculous. First, all of your silly puns (because yes, there is a difference between being witty and just throwing out puns left and right), your trash talk a-la-perez, and then this bogus story. I’m not saying it’s not somehow true, but get some better sources!!

    • Yea seriously. You are taking something the national enquirer published and pretty much claiming its true? Always remain a gossip blogger, if you want to do any other kind of journalism you will need a lesson in credibility of sources.

      That being said….if its true, ew.

  • I hope this isn’t true. I really don’t want to put any cred in The National Enquirer, but sometimes they get things right. Please God, I hope this isn’t one of the times.

  • I for one understand open relationships very well… for example I believe in finding a person, that is as close to you as nobody else, a soulmate… but that doesn’t necessarily include that you cannot be sexually attracted to other people/ don’t want to have sex with other people / don’t have another type of relationship / another type of sex with other people… blah, same old story

  • I feel like a need a spread (sic) sheet for these across-the great-age-divide relationships. Like are these people in a familial relationship with each other or not before their sexual relationship.

    J. Howard Marshall/Anna Nicole Smith-63 years-How they met:
    Strip club: Her job-stripper

    Fred Astaire/Robin Smith-45 years-Horse racing: her job-jockey

    Morgan Freeman/D’Ena Hines-45 years-Family-Her position : step grandaughter

    James Woods/Ashley Madison-39 years-child of his friend

    Woody Allen/Soon Yi Previn -35 years -Family:de facto step- father/daughter

    Billy Joel/Katie Lee- 32 years

    Zsa Zsa Gabor/Frederick Anhalt-31 years-his position-gigolo?

    Michael Douglas/Catherine Zeta Jones-25 years

    Linda Hogan/Charlie Hill-29 years-friend of Linda’s daughter

    Jerry Lee Lewis/Myra Brown-11 years- Family: second or third cousins

    Probably this one caused the biggest scandal, followed by Woody Allen. Myra was said to be 13 but evidently was really 12 when they married.

    And all those anonymous women around the world, throughout the centuries, who were married to much older men? No one thought anything strange about it. What does this say about the human being? I think that women have some catching up to do.

    • Don’t forget Elvis started messing around with Priscilla when she was 14. Of course, that’s way past marryin’ age for a hillbilly.

  • Ugh.. Your all so close-minded! If it really is a perverted relationship, then do you think they would still be together after 10 years?.. i mean the girl is almost 30 now.. I’m sure she is capable of making proper decisions concerning the relationships in her life. And if this relationship is real, then it is very clear, in my opinion, that they love each other. People generally do not stay together for 10 years if they don’t love each other, especially in a situation like this where the girl has the freedom to date someone her own age. I do not think it is incestuous because if those familial feelings were there, it would not have happened, so they obviously never saw each other in that way. Two people can connect and fall in love despite any age difference.. I don’t understand why people can’t see that.. I mean people are people and age is just a number. Of course relationships of that manner have their problems because of the age difference, but it is not always so great that it out rules the love. Same with woody Allen, I mean him and that girl have been together forever! So its not like he was some pervert who was only with her because of youthfulness, they love each other. End. Of. Story. So get over it

    • Oh yes, it’s a perfectly balanced relationship. Having teenaged sex with your Multi-millionaire, famous, step-grandfather that helped rear you from a child would have no effect on your development or judgement. They certainly have had equal power in the course of their relationship. Yep, nothing to see here – move along…

      • I never said it was perfectly balanced. And like i said, that would be a very unhealthy relationship if it was short-lived, but obviously, it hasn’t been. I’m not saying it is healthy, because I wouldn’t know, but all I’m saying is keep your mind open about it. I would know from personal experience about (or more less.. probably less) this sort of relationship. My situation is not as extreme.. and there are no fatherly figures involved, but I just think that if it really was as fucked up as you all think it is, then, logically, the girl would leave.. maybe not after a year, or two.. or three etc. but 10? I guess I just put more faith in love than others.

  • She looks like christina ricci, but ya know, not white. Which he made the movie black snake moan with, which, is a very very disturbing movie that i dont recommend

    • morgan freeman wasn’t in black snake moan, samuel l. jackson was. you’ve got your famous black actors confused.

  • I probably wouldn’t have thought much about this… had it not gotten out that him and the second wife had for the most part, raised this girl in their home. That is were the ewwwww factor comes in for me.

    And I believe that Jerry Lee Lewis and Myra’s father were first cousins. So that was a really close connection… and he had known Myra too as a child. Not some random distant relative.

    But I have seen a couple of interviews of Myra… and she seems like a really nice lady. So thank god she moved passed the odd marriage.

  • I really wish I hadnt read this. Now everytime I hear his voice in the Visa commercial “More people GO with Visa” i will be disgusted. Hope its all garbage.

  • Please say this ain’t so. I have always held this man in the highest esteem. And while the Enquiror may be a filthy rag of an entertainment newspaper, they’ve gotten it right on a number of occassions. And for those who are grossed out, perhaps rightfully, about the age difference, for me its their relative ages when this alleged affair started. 17??? 62??? What did he do? Lust after her during her adolesence, and then jump her bones once she became legal? This definitely gives new meaning to the invitation “Come sit on Grandpa’s lap.” I’m with you DarkEmpress. I hope this is all garbage.

  • Forget the acting..the saying of words written by others..this is the freakiest looking couple I have ever seen…If this guy isn’t in the movies..he would be the one you are trying to escape at the 7/11 store. I mean really. Take a good look this the guy you just love ..the one you just hope its not true…just take a look!