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Michael Jackson Autopsy Leak Declared Fake by Coroner


Earlier today, UK tabloid The Sun released an article claiming they had information on the results of Michael Jackson’s autopsy. They said Jackson’s weight was down to 110 pounds, that he had no food in his stomach, just pills, that he had cuts and bruises on his arms and back, and a bunch of other horrible stuff.

The Los Angeles coroner says this information is false. “The report that is being published did not come from our office,” said the coroner’s spokesman. “I don’t know where that information came from, or who that information came from. It is not accurate. Some of it is totally false.”

Despite an attempt at taking vacation last week, I couldn’t escape a billion people asking me what I thought happened with Michael Jackson. So I’ll say my piece here: The man died of a drug overdose, plain and simple. My guess is, when the toxicology reports are released, you’ll see in his system much of the same things we saw in Heath Ledger and Anna Nicole’s autopsy: There will be benzodiazepines, there will be sleeping pills, and there will be pain killers. There will be all the pills you see in the system of any prescription drug addict, of any prescription med overdose.

I feel so stupid for having missed this — all these years, I thought Michael Jackson was just flat-out insane. I watched him in interviews and thought, “Man, this dude’s just off his rocker.” I chalked it up to child-star syndrome. But I was wrong — he was high. It’s becoming clear that Jackson was a likely a long-time drug addict, and he needed help that never came. It sheds an entirely new light on the events of the past decade of his life.

I know we can’t do much talking about it until we get the tox reports back and we know this for sure, but hopefully yet another high-profile death by prescription drug overdose will convince other people out there struggling with addiction to ask for and accept help. Hopefully this can serve as a reminder that prescription drug abuse can and does claim lives.

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  • Very nice post. I’m not sure why in our culture, we seem to think “Oh, it’s just prescription medicine.” I’m guilty of it myself. I see someone get treatment for addiction to prescription meds and I feel that they have less of a problem than say, Amy Winehouse. I know this isn’t correct, but that must be the message we receive.

  • The pharmaceutical industry is what runs this country – here in the United States we have pills for everything: if you have heartburn, don’t change your diet, just take a pill – if you want to loose weight, don’t eat right and exercise, just take a pill. It will cause your heart to explode, but you’ll be thinner and look like a crackhead. It’s insane and the truth is that there are more people addicted to prescription medications than there are people addicted to street drugs – google that shit for yourself people.
    I had hoped that this issue would be brought to light when Anna Nicole Smith died of the same thing – but it wasn’t – just like it wasn’t when Elvis died. Now that another major music icon has died from too many pharmaceutical drugs, maybe things will start to change – I hope they do!

      • Do you guys get the same drug commercials that we get here? I don’t you think you do. My husband was blown away by the number of drug commercials we have. It’s seriously scary.
        But it’s ok. I think they have a pill for that…

      • We do see a few of them but mostly when the American channels air here they replace them with “Canadian” commercials.

      • I prefer Canadian commercials. That’s part of why we order the NHL package that’s available in our area. They don’t just show better games, they show the Canadian commercials. My husband gets ridiculously happy when he sees Tim Hortons commercials…

        Drug commercials in the States are pretty scary. I counted one time. It was literally every other commercial.

  • I saw Vanity Fair next month has an article about Heath Ledger and his last days, including his struggle with prescription medication.

  • WOW THE SUN ITS NOT LIKE THEY MAKE STUFF UP TO SELL PAPERS IS IT. Its not as if they blatantly lie about situations to make sure that people buy their papers is it?!?
    Oh no the sun is infact the truth teller of the world!!
    hahaha Lying bastard!! They’ve done it in the past and they will continue to cash in on the misfortune and loss of other people.

  • As soon as I saw that the story was from the Sun I quit reading. They are pure scum and lie about everything!

  • The fascinating thing I think the Coroner’s response revelas is ‘Some of it is totally false’ meaning some of The Sun’s report is credible…hmmm which parts? Oh, The Sun’s report was incorrect, he weighed 111 lbs…just like his white kids are his spawn…Is it possible he was able to bleach his DNA along with his skin. Come on Ladies of Evil Beet, report on that one, if you haven’t and I missed it…

  • Another reason I know them kids aren’t his Too many drugs in his system to get an erection…..unless he was milked….do they do that?

  • Everything that has been said it’s a lie. Why don’t you respect the death. Stop talking about things you don’t know.

  • Read up on Lupus. That is what killed him. The drugs and not eating weakened his condition but Lupus is a killer and it kills by cardiac arrest. BTW, it also frequently accompanies Vitiligo, know anyone who had that disease?

  • Well……. I DONT KNOW WHAT caused Mikes death….. but i just know that i am SO SAD cuz hes gone. The pain is still as bad as it was the day i heard about it the day he left us. I could see the PAIN in his face everytime i saw him on tv or a magizine. I feel SO sorry for him because he was SOOOOO unhappy. I know how that feels. I have been sad most of my life too. And I KNOW how it feels to never be REALLY LOVED by anyone. I just WISH that I could have had the chance to meet Micheal and to have been his friend and tryed to help him if I could have. I wouldve just tryed to be his friend and listen and not want anything from him BUT friendship. But I did not so…. I am Just goin to try to be a better person and help people in his memory. If MORE PEOPLE had been like MICHEAL…. This world would be a BETTER PLACE> He cared about other people AND this WORLD. And he TRYED to make it a BETTER PLACE> God Bless Him. And I hope and pray he is at peace now and has found happiness. But he will be in my heart FOREVER! God Bless You Micheal and Be with You.