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Maybe Lindsay Lohan’s Family Can Learn Something From This


Obviously the autopsy report isn’t in yet, but many reports are coming out about Michael Jackson’s serious drug addiction.  And like all senseless and premature deaths, maybe it could have been prevented.

People is reporting that the Jackson family staged an intervention with Michael in Las Vegas.  Three of his eight siblings were present and Janet was on the phone.  They pleaded for him to get help.  Jackson became angry and denied his dependency, which is a common reaction for a confronted addict.

Obviously, you can’t help someone who won’t help themselves and the family cannot be blamed for Michael Jackson’s choices.  It’s starting to sound like he was surrounded by a lot of enablers.  A story source claimed that Jackson drank alcohol and that an aide provided him with a regimen of  “straight morphine, Demerol and opiates like Oxycontin,” as well as Xanax and Valium.

To families of addicts:  Intervene, often — relentlessly.  Never give up.

Personally, Michael Jackson obviously struggled with a lot of demons, but he was also a revolutionary genius in pop music.  A great talent is lost.

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  • I am very offended by your post

    Have some respect!
    The world has lost a LEGEND
    and all you can report about him are speculations about him taking drugs
    Does everything that you people have to post have to include Lindsay Lohan.
    Was it necessary? Are you comparing an icon Michael Jackson to Lindsay Lohan?

    I am done with EVILBEET

    • The reason the world lost this legend was likely years of drug abuse. The LAPD is investigating his doctor.
      If you wanna stick your head in the sand and pretend he didn’t have a dangerous drug problem, you go ahead and do that.
      The rest of us are hoping that family member’s of addicts will see this as a wake up call and help their loved ones.

    • Thandi, are you really done with Evil Beet? Or are you going to check back every hour for the next week to see how much traffic your post draws? I agree with you when you say “all you can report about him are speculations about him taking drugs” There should have been some mention of him screwing toddlers.

  • although I like Lindsay Lohan, this comparision is ridiculous. Please! How can you put Lindsay Lohan and Michael Jackson in a same post? Micheal Jackson was a genious.

    • She was clearly comparing the drug addictions, not the talent. The families of drug addicts need to intervene, no matter what the level of talent of their loved one.

  • You called it straight and true with this post. Very sad.
    Addiction hurts yourself and everyone around you – and in this case, like so many famous others, it killed him.
    Whether it stemmed from emotional pain or physical pain or both, taking drugs is not the answer…
    Knowing and acknowledging that he was an amazing talent doesn’t obscure the cause of his passing.

  • His family cant be blamed for his choices? I think his messed up family life was what lead him to have such a fucked up life. So first and formost i would say his father most definitely CAN be blamed. And as for the “enablers”…this is Michael Jackson were talking about, arguably the biggest celebrity in the entire world… if he wanted to drugs there was probably no one who could stop him.

    I usually like your writing Wendie but lately i have hated your posts, i cant figure out what it is about them.

  • Once upon a time MJ might have been something, but bottom line he ended up a drug using wacked out pedophile bankrupt monetarily & morally. Why people idolized “that” I’ll never know. You can only use the “my family was screwed up excuse” for so long. Then you got to get your shXt together. Feel the same way about Farrah. Yeah, she was beautiful, good actress, but what was her legacy? She lived with a man who beat his kids, was arrested for drugs, screwed his daughter’s best friend when she was 16 (Melanie Griffith), and has a life time of living ashes to show for it (Redmond in jail) (Alaina Stewart is her best friend—look at her effed up kids).
    Wow! I don’t sit around wishing death on people, but when folks die who, certainly have left legacies that are less than, I am not going to build shrines to them and pontificate about how much they contributed…blah blah blah. It is friggin PHONY!!! You people need to get some priorities in life straight. This is the real world and your time is getting short and this shXt ain’t cutting it that’s for damX sure.

  • Once again, Wendie shows that she has a weird obsession with LiLo. What the fuck does Lohan have to do with any of it? This is about Michael and his problems. And what the fuck do you know about Lindsay and hers? Nothing. So shut the fuck up and stop dragging her name into everything.

      • WTF is wrong with everybody? Why are all of these articles talking about that poor, sick bastard as if the last 15 years didn’t happen? He TOUCHED CHILDREN — remember? Remember how he was mentally disturbed and SEXUALLY ABUSED CHILDREN OVER AND OVER AGAIN and none of these “loved ones” stepped in to stop him, to get him the psychological help he so OBVIOUSLY NEEDED? Well, no one did try to stop him, so thank god he finally managed to stop himself. Boo to this site for not stating the fucking obvious, for mourning him as if he were an older LiLo, who as far as I know has never TOUCHED CHILDREN!!!!!

      • I don’t think you meant to post that where you did. I was referring to Wendie wanting Lindsay Lohan to live.

  • yeh! white folk will kill for money, or any lame excuse that they can come up with.

    after all they worship a corpse on a pop sickle stick … senseless murder

  • Mike was a genius. Lindsay is a genius.
    He was a music star. She is a movie star.
    Millions of people hate both of them (mostly jealousy).
    Millions more people love both of them.
    Great entertainers. Accept the truth.