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She’s Baaaaaaack!


Rosie O’Donnell is returning to work.  A couple of years after her departure from The View, Rosie will have her own show on Sirius satellite radio this fall.

The show which will air from 10 a.m.-12 p.m. Monday through Friday is, by O’Donnell’s definition, “…an exciting new adventure—two hours of talk show entertainment, without having to wear makeup. Perfection”  And perfection for us too — I love me some Rosie, but I suspect if we all had to look at that tan for ten hours a week, ratings would plummet.

She will take calls from listeners and celebs, talk about all things pop culture and entertainment for 120 minutes, and be paid obscene amounts of money for doing so.  In other words, the dream job.

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  • wow… two solid hours of rosie’s nasally, horribly accented voice..? i think i’d drive off the road. on purpose.

  • HOLY FUCK! This bitch is so fucking hot! I just want to tear into her ass with my teeth like she is a ripe red apple!

    GRRRRRRRRR ha ha ha ha ha ha ha fucking nasty man!

  • Haters. All of you! HATERS!

    I don’t like the radio much, so I won’t be listening, but I am sure there will be some juicy clips posted online every now and then!

  • I find it interesting how you hate pretty much evey other celebrity, but you like Rosie O’Donnell. I mean, of all the celebrities you could like, why HER??

    And if you were being sarcastic, my apologies.

  • what a sad week for the entertainment business. ed and farrah both passed away and now rosie is back.

  • She is on my list of 5 people I’d like to punch in the face, along with Bill O’Reily, Al Sharpton, and Sean Avery. The final slot is open because’s manager already took care of that one for me.

  • I can’t stand that fat sweaty stinking pig (sorry to all pigs) I was hoping she was gone FOREVER!!!

  • scaring scarie UGLY face, ugly woman, NO MAKE UP ? make up would not help anyway… once again blah blah : we will live / survive without you ROSIE FATTIE…