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Remember How E! Online Totally Stole Beet’s Idea?


E! Online came up with the completely unoriginal idea to conduct a poll to see if they should ban news stories regarding a certain couple from their website.  Beet made that call last year, but whatever.

Anyway, the poll results are in and a resounding 94% voted in favor of no more news about them.  Of course, network executive Suzanne Kolb isn’t willing to draw the line at not reporting about them unless they die.  “If her album went to No. 1, that would be a newsworthy thing. If they were to become parents, we’d see that as worth noting. If something did happen to them, physically, we’d probably cover that.  But ultimately, we were looking at it more like avoiding stories about them walking down Robertson or going to dinner.  It will affect the various news shows on E! and it will affect online.”

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  • Get Oprah on board if you want to effectively end their careers. She should be using her powers for good!

  • Now if we could get the rest of the media to fallow your idea, The world would be a better place.

  • So 94% of people don’t want to hear about them but this genius CEO says Nah who cares what the people want we’re going talk about them anyways. Idiots!

    • Uh, no, sweetie, she’s saying she WON’T report about them unless something huge happens, for example, if they perish in a freak plastic surgery routine. I actually would like her to report on their deaths so I can have a party. Wow, that was mean of me…

  • How is their ability to breed mutant spawn news worthy? That’s not something I would want to hear. It would be just as interesting as a news piece on them having another reality show. Which would happen if they WERE expecting… a reality show about their upcoming “little blessing”.

  • Let’s tell Caroline of The Real Housewives of New Jersey that Spencer has attacked her family. Maybe then this horrible couple will “sleep with the fishes.” A girl can dream, can’t she?

    • What about Audrina Patridge? The other morning I flipped to a radio station and heard someone giving an interview. Since they could hardly string 5 words together, I figured it was some kid actor from DIsney or Nick or something . . . but NO! It was her!! No grown person should be this stupid.

      • Exactly, at least the Gosselin’s are literate.
        Plus, they’ll slowly fade from the spot light themselves now that their divorce has been announced.

  • Well, holy shit! Butter me and call me a biscuit! I was having the WORST day and this news has me seeing rainbows. Thanks, Beet. I lurve you!

  • Here’s my list in order of urgency

    Paris Hilton
    Paris Hilton
    Paris Hilton
    Jon and Kate
    Lindsay Lohan

  • Let’s boycott all of the Hills/Laguna Beach people because they’re not really anything other than MTV pseudo-celebs. Covering them is like covering the people on the Real World.

    Let’s boycott Paris Hilton because she’s boring and stupid.

    Let’s boycott all Disney tween idols because they’re hacks and dull. Seriously the fact that the Jonas brothers are being treated as real musicians is a total joke. Hanson didn’t get that much respect and they could actually play their own instruments. Besides, Disney stars grow up to be Justin Timberlake (puke), Britney Speaks (snore), Stacie Ferguson (yuck), and Lindsay Lohan (fascinating but sad).

    • Giuliana Rancic personally mentioned this site when Beet commented about her and her husband.
      New here, aren’t you.

      • Beet stalked Rancic on Twitter and linked her page to this site. THATS THE ONLY reaseon she got a hit from Rancic.

        Jesus Christ

      • Hello. That’s not the point is it. The fact of the matter is (i highly doubt E! knows about this site) SOMEONE at E! knows about this site!

      • Plus, when you look celeb pics up in google, Evil Beet has a really high listing for some reason.

  • get perez hilton in on the boycott, and i guarantee these two will disappear off of the face of the earth!