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Love It Or Hate It?


A couple of things here:  Obviously, just what the hell does Chloe Sevigny think she’s wearing?  Ankle boots, patchy tanner and cut offs — really Chloe?

Secondly, Chloe wore this charming little gem while hosting the Launch of the Nightlife Preservation Community.  I Googled this organization to see what it was all about.  I thought it had something to do with protecting endangered nocturnal animals or something like that.  Alas, this group is dedicated to a different type of philanthropy…preserving nightclubs.

From their website:

Restaurants, bars and nightclubs are being threatened by special interest groups and unjust and unproductive laws that promote an anti-nightlife atmosphere. Whether you work in the industry or reap its benefits, NPC needs your help to keep New York City culture and nightlife alive.

As a nightlife preservationist, you will have access to important information about political candidates who support and understand the importance of a vibrant New York City restaurant, bar and nightlife economy. We need your support before the “city that never sleeps” turns into just another sprawling bedroom community.

Yes, suburbia must be rallied against at all cost!  There are too many jobs to be lost if New York City starts erecting condos and Targets.

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  • She has the worst sense of fashion!!! She always looks so fugly, which I don’t understand because she has a pretty face.

  • dreadfully unfashionable!

    kinda nasty and icky, really.

    “zero” on the style-o-meter!

  • Tell me this is an old, ooooh so old 80’s pic you just thought would be funny to trick people with….burn those things (herself included)

  • “Nightlife” is a ridiculous “cause”.

    But I will say: condo+suburbia+Target= Zelda’s very own Hell

    That said, I’m sure night life is not endangered in any way.

    • You dont live here, it is not fine and yes it is endangered.

      The group does MORE than what DUMB ASS wendie knows about.

      Who the fuck are you to judge or attempt derail this Wendie when YOU DONT FUCKING UNDERSTAND ANY FACTS ABOUT IT?

      Seriously YOU SUCK Wendie! FUCK YOU ASSHOLE!

  • unfashionable?!
    she´s one of the most fashionable celebs in hollywood!
    mmm she always looks gorgeous :)

  • Wendie.. Her brother part owns the Beatrice Inn in NYC. I thought you kids would know that. Hence, her idiotic T-Shirt.
    CS has a great body, but a face that would make a puupy cry.

  • What, all these comments and not a single person commenting on the set tape of Chloe Sevigny giving head?

  • Awesome party- Paul’s a bit of a douche but there is no way NYC’s gonna close at 2 am. It doesn’t even really close at 4!