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The First Pictures Of Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland


The movie isn’t scheduled for release until March of 2010, but the first stills released of Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland look absolutely amazing.  I’m convinced that Burton must be slightly insane in that way that geniuses usually are.

Johnny Depp plays The Mad Hatter, Helena Bonham Carter is Queen of Hearts and the Snow Queen role is played by Anne Hathaway.  No picture has been released of Alice yet, but Australian actress Mia Wasikowska (best known for her role on HBO’s In Treatment) stars in the film.

If you click on this link to USA Today, it will take you to a really cool interactive site where you can scroll around a couple of the movie scenes.

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  • You know, it may have been better to use the Snow Queen Anne pic. Because I clicked onto Evil Beet and then promptly flailed out of my chair once the Johnny Hatter pic loaded.

    Funny in hindsight, but still. Those eyes can suck out your soul right through the computer screen.

    But totally with you on the whole Tim Burton being crazy thing. All the fun people are. And this movie does look like it’s going to be AWESOME and childhood scarring.

  • Ugh. Fuck this movie. I’m over the Tim Burton and Johnny Depp rampage. It’s so typical Depp would be in this. Let it go, yo.

    • yeah i dont understand why people have a problem with depp doing all these tim burton films. its not like its the same thing over and over. they are all really interesting characters and movies and plays them really well. i think this looks like its gonna be amazing and another box office hit.

      • I don’t understand it either. It is just like the Christopher Guest crew who do all those movies together like Best in Show, Spinal Tap, Mighty Wind…If they like working with each other and they produce great stuff what’s wrong with that? I would rather continue working with someone I like who I know will do my vision justice than roll the dice on someone else who might ruin it.

  • As a giant fan of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass, I am SERIOUSLY excited for this. If anyone will be able to overcompensate for Lewis Carroll’s twisted charm, it will be Tim Burton.

    • As a child, Through the Looking Glass scared the hell outta me. What was it that the Queen had? A room full of heads? *shudder*

  • The pics are amazing and I hope the movie is, too! But I think it’s the white queen, not the snow queen…

  • I am a little frightened… but in a good way. Still doesn’t seem to be one for the kids. Heh.

  • if you get a print copy of today’s usa today, on the front page in the top right there is a picture of alice that is the release for this. no idea why it’s only in the print version.

  • I loved Alice in Wonderland.. But I seriously can’t remember there being a Snow Queen? >.< I remember Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum though! Hehe.. I wonder who’s going to be the cat.

  • Yay! I saw some pics of the sets a while back when they started filming and I think some had Mia as Alice in costume. After seeing the artwork for Burtons vision of Wonderland I am much more excited to see it all come together.

  • I am scared, Tim Burton is really an artistic genius but most of the stuff he does just scares me! I feel like my experience would be enhanced by taking acid or something…

  • there isn’t a snow queen. there is a red queen and white queen in through the looking glass, they are chess pieces.
    i want to know who plays the queen of hearts!

  • There are pictures all over the web (although, not official) of Alice in costume and on set filming. Not hard to find.

  • I looked up the cast list on imdb and it’s full of utterly amazing actors. I’m not an Alice in Wonderland fan, but I will definitely go see this.

  • Umm snow queen? Do you mean the White Queen from through the looking glass? Because I’m gunna be SO pissed if they have added characters.
    That book is deff one of my favs and the first book I was ever given (my name being Alice)

  • I was so excited to see it but now I can’t because anne hathaway is in it… and I hate her.

  • Okay I just wanted to mention that the original Disney cartoon scared the crap out of me when I was little so I cannot even IMAGINE how frightening this is going to be! Ahhh! I’ll still go see it though, because I’m sure it will be awesome.

  • I’m confused. If Johnny Depp is playing Madonna, who will be the Mad Hatter?

    Looks like it’s full steam ahead to ruin this classic, same as they did with Charlie & the Chocolate Factory.

  • Oh! I hope It will be as good as everything else they’ve done together. It probably will. Yay!

  • There is no such thing as a Snow Queen, only the White Queen. And The Sun released a picture of Alice.

  • Johnny looks like normally freakish Elijah Wood! They even gave him a space between the teefs

  • “The USA Today article (where the images premiered) confirms that the movie is actually a sequel in some ways. The film begins at a party where Alice, now 17, finds out that she is about to be proposed to in front of hundreds of snooty high society types. She makes a run for it, and of course, ends up following a white rabbit down a hole, back to Wonderland — a place where she visited a decade prior. The White Rabbit is convinced that he has the right girl but Alice doesn’t remember her past visit to Wonderland. The creatures of Wonderland are ready to revolt and are hoping/waiting for Alice to help them, but will she? Can she?”

  • Tim Burton & Depp, Alice in Wonderland. I see this going extremely right or wrong. But I am more for the former. These two together are going to take Alice in Wonderland to a whole new level.

    I am getting Charlie flashbacks.

  • The hatter’s eyebrows are SMEXii!

    “Johnny Depp plays The Mad Hatter”
    – Who ELSE could have done it better?
    :) No-one. That’s who.