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Lily Allen Pretty Much Hates Everyone

In the new music video for her single, Fuck You (Very Much) Lily gives the figurative finger to homophobes, warhawks, and racists. And she makes me giggle.

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  • Actually she says in the song “you say we don’t need to go to war…fuck you we don’t need your opinion”.

    Sounds to me like she actually supports war mongers.

  • so happy she doesnt actually appear in the video. made that complete waste of time bearable.

    • So you’re actually happy that Lily Allen didn’t appear in a video that you never wanted to watch! You sound really stupid.

  • Lily Allen is the biggest guilty pleasure I have, well besides the Gin Blossoms.. I remember when this record came out I went to my record early to remind them to order me a copy. They we’re confused.

  • She wrote this song for George Bush II.
    I love Lily she is complete awesomeness. So cute and talented.

      • Actually no, there is a slight hint, that George bush might have something to do with it, but it was originally intended as a message to the British National Party. The Title was changed, because the tabloids insinuated that it was about G.W. Bush because of the title Guess who Batman? So it was changed to Get with the blog-ram and then finally F**K you very much. Lily Allen wrote on her My Space page in February that it doesn’t apply to anyone in particular. She changed the title & let people know that it’s non specific.

  • God I love Lily Allen – I hope she releases Everyone’s At It next from her album. It was weird, I never liked many of her singles but then I heard her albums and now have a total girl crush on her.

  • it could never have radio play though, I wonder why she didn’t even bother to appear in the vid though – too busy partying?! Trying to steal Emma watson’s modelling contract, though I used the word modelling loosely since neither are models and nor should they be, models are models and entertainers are are entertainers. Simples.

    • what??

      why would she appear in the video? it’s from her point of view.

      and again, that model/entertainer spew. what???

      • coz it’s her vid – that’s why i expected her to be in it – d’oh. You seem kind of aggressive too, i am not sure why :(

      • It’s not an official video. It’s a viral video. Lily Allen is not promoting that it was released. She has nothing to do with it.

  • You’re assuming that Lily Allen parties too much, even though you don’t know that for a fact, because you want people to agree with you’re assumption. That’s pretty ignorant. Also, if someone is approached to represent a company, that responsibility is placed on the company not the person they hired. Lily Allen”s (limited contract) is with Chanel. They don’t use starving models trying to break into the business, and they have already used top models, celebrities & even people that are famous for no reason. Don’t blame people for taking the money & running with it.

    • She parites, drinks, snorts and smokes far too much as the rich and privilaged do [her rents are rich] and now she’s making money herself she parties even more for free! it’s well documented by the media and by her… why are you being so aggressive??

      oh and yeah i don’t think entainters should be used to “model” they aren’t models and they make the chance of regualr models getting those dream jobs even harder :( how would she like it if i started singing eh?? [that’s my attempt at humour as i can’t really sing well, maybe i’ll practise any tips?!]

      and in anwser to your final point – greed is a terrible thing, and one should always hold those who are greedy to account.

      • First of all the media lies. Lily Allen'”s drinking stories where so exaggerated. If you’re going to believe the Sun u.k. Mirror Daily Mail or Guardian u.k. then you’re just lost. Those quotes are fabricated by the writers, with each quote being taken from different articles it was even mentioned on her My Space page, (the press are bullies June 2008) She also sued News of the world magazine, for writing that she encourages drug use, and explained that she doesn’t take drugs. If you actually read my comment you would see that, it’s mentioned that her contract is with Chanel, they don’t hire people who are unknown, they have already hired a lot of top models. Besides they’re selling you and anyone else, a touched up image. You believe too much hype. If you don’t like Lily Allen why are you paying attention to what’s written about her. Everything you’ve written so far, is aggressive. These are you’re problems not hers.

      • Why would you hold models in such high regard? And then think somebody has a drug problem because of what you’ve read? It doesn’t make sense! Kate Moss became known for having a problem with coke!

    • she does, it’s well documented by the media and the lily too. She is from a rich family so always has been able to errr indulge! :p

      • There are no stories being written or reported that Lily Allen has a drug or drinking problem. Those reports are from last year.

      • She writes blogs called the New York Times are cheap skanks, & and she calls journalists bullies.

  • I really liked the special effects in the video (or whatever you call it). The stretching/blow-ups of people was fun to watch for the first couple of minutes, but the last minute was a little repetitive with nothing new. I liked the blonde guy asking for the autograph though.