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SJP’s Twins Are Really That Fascinating?


My reaction could only be defined as “incredulous” when I read about the harassment and threats that the surrogate carrying Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick’s last ditch effort to save their marriage twins was experiencing.  I mean, this isn’t Brangelina — it’s SJP.  Is there really that much interest in where her fetuses are being stored?  Apparently so.

Two police officials that work in the town that the surrogate resides, are under investigation for masterminding a break-in at the woman’s home in hopes of finding something that could be sold to tabloid reporters.  It’s all still under investigation at this time, but the two Ohio police chiefs are claiming innocence.

You know, I am the first to enjoy a piece of gossip.  But when people’s basic human rights are being violated by a local law enforcement agency who has a vested interest in gathering tabloid fodder, perhaps it’s time to start creating laws to protect people.

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  • > it’s time to start creating laws to protect people

    Umm, sorry but you gave up that right when 51% of America voted for a religious nut 8 years in row.

    • I think you mean “voted twice in a row.”

      We don’t vote for president every year.

      (Yes, we all knew what you meant. But it’s bad enough he got voted into office twice. PLEASE don’t accuse us of doing it an extra 6 times! That’s just hurtful. )

      • I knew someone would point out I made it sound like you voted every year for Bush ;)

        As for Obama, yup you guys did indeed make up for it. I am ashamed of Canadians for not kicking out our own version of Bush Jr.

      • I was surprised as hell to see Stephen Harper still in office! Get on the ball, man!
        Can’t you guys have another special election?

  • If I was SJP would be terrified of what the stress of this is doing to the woman carrying my twins.

  • There is likely a lot of interest wherever the surrogate is as long as it is a small enough community. Those officers probably thought that this would be their biggest chance at some quick cash and just went for it.

    It doesn’t make it right, but it is an explanation.

  • Very stressful carrying twins. There is no “12 week” relax mark. There is no woo hoo get to 34 weeks. There is joy, but a little extra stress. I blame technology. lol

    Cant peeps wait till after the children are born to harrass? Geez. This is why laws should be in place that you cant publish children under 16 without parents consent. Fetus included.

    I hope they investigate and come to a conclusion.