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Bad News. I’m Starting To Think Like Jennifer Love Hewitt


Nope, that’s not Rachael Ray and that’s not Tatum O’Neal.  That’s JLH — doesn’t she look really old all of a sudden?  Bad lighting and unfortunate Miss Clairol color choice, I guess.

Anyway, Jennifer Love Hewitt is mirroring the exact same sentiment that I just wrote about a couple of weeks on my own blog.  She was quoted as saying, “It’s just gross. It’s really weird — I can eat chicken if I take if off the bone, but I can’t eat a chicken leg and have my teeth touch the bone. It freaks me out. It’s just the chicken skin. You go, ‘Oh gosh, I’m eating a chicken,’ and it’s really disturbing.” 

Yes, these are very disturbing concepts I’ve been grappling with.   Both realizing that I’m eating something that actually once had a parents and a face and also realizing that my brain is starting to work like JLH’s.  If I go blond and start getting engaged every seven months, euthanize me.  Please.

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  • I thought that was Amy Fisher there for a second… like the little teenaged whore that slept with that fat, nasty whop that shot his wife in the head.

  • That’s the price you pay for having perfect natural HUGE BOOBS at age 19. They sag now, not so cute now to joke about them like she used to.

    Lindsay Lohan, that is your freckly future!

  • yeah I really cant eat chicken off the bone. I went to Africa a few weeks ago with a group from school and EVERY MEAL had chicken on the bone. I wasn’t able to eat much and everyone thought I was such a freak for being picky like that…

  • Ha! When I think of all those ridiculous outfits she wore on Ghost Whisperer, showin’ off the girls…..
    The work those poor push-up bras must have had to do just brings tears to my eyes, and gives a whole new meaning to Best Supporting…….

  • her neck and the boobs are a bit droopy, yes, but it looks like a weird camera lens is part culprit. and please note, IF WE ARE LUCKY, we will all get old. honestly, she doesn’t look bad! anyone seen rihanna lately? that needs work.

  • I saw her while she was staying at her london hotel (the next day) having lunch with Jamie, She looked stunning even better then on the tv she put the entire bar to shame.

  • She DOES look old in this shot–that’s exactly what I thought when I first saw it. Pretty, but old.

    Anyway, if she finds it so disturbing to eat chicken off the bone because it reminds her that she’s chowing down on an animal’s body, she should just stop eating chicken entirely.