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Love It Or Hate It?


Gossip Girl’sMichelle Trachtenberg at the Crystal Lucy awards — doesn’t that sound like some sort of porn performance accolade? — wearing something that resembles the foil wrapped around a baked potato.

I’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate myself on not mentioning Michelle’s calves this time.  I’m maturing.

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  • Form the neck down I like it but, what the fuck is wrong with her face?? She’s usually so pretty.

  • I love her. I may not love the dress, but I do love her calves…thats right I love em. Why? cause it’s real! Girls sometimes have chunky calves and can’t do a damn thing about it. She had them when she was a super skinny kid in buffy and she has them now. Dont hate just cause she doesnt have the body you think everyone should have. She rocks skinny calves or not.

  • I can’t remember the last time I saw a young girl with less muscle tone. Even though she’s not overweight, she’s all flab. It’s strange. BTW, hate the dress, the color is all wrong for her.

  • um, are those seriously cankles? i’m not trying to rag on her (i have unusually SKINNY calves and it’s just as lame so no hate whateva whateva) but wow, i’ve never noticed that before. damn.

    • I’m with you Sam, I have skinny calves. I’m hyper critical about legs. It’s wrong I know but….

  • furthermore, she was terrible as dawn on buffy. ruined the show. so maybe i am ragging on her.

  • i just find it so ironic that here on evil beet the writers rag on people’s calves, and refer to someone as whale arms, while simultaneously running a ‘feminist site’: zelda lily.

    i don’t get how you can have one with the other

    • Amen…I’ve ponderd that but couldn’t figure out if I just didn;t get how doing both was perfectly OK…it totally confuses me too. Like, do they write their blogs ragging on women’s bodies before or after they write their zelda lilly female empowerment stuff? Mind-boggling.

      • Because snark and female empowerment don’t have to be mutally exclusive. Doesn’t have to be an all or nothing game. I personally prefer that my gossip blog be loaded down with snark and sarcasm. And I love that my fav blogger can poke fun one minute and give me some serious info the next on a sister site.

    • Uh… there are completely different writers on the sites. The only similarity is that they’re are run and edited by the same person.

  • I don’t think that she looks that bad, too much eyeliner but that seems to be the thing these days. And pale is so much more interesting than orange fake tan. [Lindsay Glowhan take note]

    The dress is nice too, colourful without being too glittery and belt at least does emphasise that she has a slim waist.

  • the only thing that really bothers me about this is how pale she is, which is funny because i dont usually think she is that pale. i think the yellow of the dress and the crazy eyeliner, combined with her fair skin makes her almost look sick. bad color choices all around.

    • mostly this. Hideous color choices. waaaaaay too much eyeliner, of any color. unflattering shape of dress. oh well.

  • I love that dress! But I agree with Alzaetia on the shoes—nude or gold would’ve been better. And the makeup– I actually really like thick smudgy eyeliner, hers is just shaped too…narrow, or something.
    Still, she looks good.
    I have no f*cking clue who she is, but nice dress anyway. :P

  • i like the dress but not on her.. it accentuates her fair complexion and not in a good way. the makeup isn’t right on her either.

  • she is such a cute girl! it’s a shame that she has such huge legs! she doesnt look fat, but if was just seeing the waist down i’d think she weighed a ton.

  • Love it…she looks normal to me. Her calves don’t look that huge to me. I’ve seen much bigger. The dress is lovely. But then again I like old-fashioned wall paper. :)

  • So I read the comments just to see how many people ragged on her for being pale, surprisingly it was only 2 but I guess it’s early days yet.

  • Those are what my calves look like….

    So this is the kind of reaction I can expect when I someday decide to not wear jeans in the summer.

    • That’s exactly what I was thinking – and it’s reason I wear jeans in the summer!
      I just lost some weight and feel okay about my legs right now but I think they look like her legs… so while maybe I should have my doubts about my new short-shorts purchase I will just have to say “fuck it!” and wear ’em anyways.

  • She looks really pale because of the red background and red carpet. The auto-white balance of the camera was tricked into over-compensating. The opposite of red is cyan (blue/green).

    You are seeing the cyan in her skin added by the camera.

  • I feel sad reading the comments because my body is very similar to hers here and I’m WAY more pale. I like me though. And I prefer pale to tan, I think tans are disgusting looking 85% of the time.

  • I’m pale too and I would have stayed away from that dress. I love the dress but I know it would look awful on me.

  • She frightens me in this picture. A tan would treat her well and maybe a nice updo? Looks tired and pasty here.

  • I can’t figure out which is more blinding to my eyes…the sheen on the dress or her pasty skin…

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  • Mature my ass, Wendie. You are a mean bitch and you are gonna die a mean bitch.
    Dress is awful, I agree, but there is nothing wrong with her body and face, although you seem to be dying for announcing here any imaginary flaw you could come up with. She looks pretty normal, and being pale is much sexier than being overtanned.

  • something is wrong with the belt, I don’t really mind the dress itself.
    her skin really is pale, but who cares, I mean didn’t Twilight pale back??