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Thank You, John Travolta


The National Enquirer print edition has released the three-page medical report detailing the events that unfolded the day John Travolta’s son Jett passed away. 

You know, I normally find released documentation of this nature, especially when a child is involved, as beyond exploitative.  What I do appreciate, however, is John Travolta’s admission that Jett was, in fact, autistic.  Without getting all anti-Jenny McCarthy on y’all, this is a cause that is near and dear to my heart

Autism exists.  It isn’t something to be ashamed of, or to lie about.  There are so many therapies and programs available to autistic children that assist in making their world feel more manageable, so I really struggled with the Travolta’s years-long denial of their son’s condition.  They are high-profile celebrities that could do so much to educate and support this cause.  Quite frankly, denying the existence of autism — which is the Scientologist’s stance on the subject — just feels like my own kid isn’t being acknowledged.

Now that this has become public, I have no idea how this is going to sit with his pals, Kirstie Alley and Tom Cruise.

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    • I think ‘Aspie’ is short for aspergers, which is a type or form or on the spectrum of autism.

  • Couldn’t he cure the autism with vitamins and exercise? That’s what a good scientologist would have done.

  • I think it is good that he acknowledged it – although truly it is nobody’s business but the immediate Travolta family’s.
    However, why did they keep it a secret from everyone for so long if they weren’t ashamed of it ?
    Or did they keep it a secret because it was hard enough for them to deal with without having publicity attached to them because of it ?
    Maybe they didn’t want to be poster-parents for autism, or do fund-raisers for charity about it.
    Maybe they just did the best they could in the way they believed would be the most effective for him and for them.
    Being actors in the public really doesn’t make their private lives our business – even though I’m as guilty as anyone for being insatiably curious and having an opinion.
    Jenny McCarthy may have been comfortable ‘coming out’ about it with her son – and maybe they weren’t…

    • the reason his acknowledging it is newsworthy is bc according to his faith (scientology) denies its existence.
      his child had been diagnosed and offered treatment, repeatedly and at no cost to him (obv a non issue for him,but just saying to illustrate how much people were reaching out to him)
      had his sons autism been addressed and managed, it is very likely he would not have died

      • He dies from hitting his head during a seizure. I’m not sure how an autism diagnosis would have prevented that.

      • People are constantly making the accusation that John Travolta & Kelly Preston were in denial about their sons health. I’m here to tell you that that isn’t at all true. I know the Travolta family personally, I live in Ocala Florida (were they reside most of the year) Iv’ been to their home at Jumbolair Estates. Medical information was released in the Ocala Star banner reputing any neglect made by the Travolta family or their sons caregiver. Jett Travolta received treatment from Marion county hospital (Ocala) and from hospitals in nearby Orlando.

    • She isn’t looking for your pity you muppet. She loves her kid. The problem is people who say things like “Sorry about your rugrat”.

      • Kinda makes you want to take a shower, doesn’t it?

        Although I think Mercedes probably meant something more along the lines of
        “sorry you’re family is struggling with this issue.”

        Feel free to clarify, Mercedes.

      • Sometimes I secretly suspect that you’re a nice guy who says incendiary things just for fun.

        But then I read your next post… *grin*

  • A few things.

    I said at work it would take less than 1 year for im to come around and I was right. Now lets see if prediction #2 comes true-He will leave that cult inside 2.

    Cant sweat out autism. Are they that silly? If that worked beleive me my frineds would have there son in a hot box, as per them.

    I agree with you a lot Loving Annie.

    It must have been so very hard for them and to have the paps on them, and Jett would be to much. Those camera flashes would be to much for Jett, the crowd/chaos noise. Te paps have no respect for anyone and it should be a law no photo’s of children without a parents consent, no matter if you are Kate, Obama or te travolta’s or just plain you and me.

    I bet that beautiful boy lived a great life with John. I cant say the mother because I am one, and I would have left that cult long before, but still not my child, not my business.

    What should they say to Kirstie Alley and Tom Cruise (who I absolutely can not for 1 minute stand), simple-Mind your business and be grateful you are not staring down this path.

    He seems like a nice guy and never that I have known to throw the cult crap in anyone’s face. A very classy guy from a young man till now and I am sure foward.

  • My “H” barely works. please put up with me. I dont mean to sound british.

    Harry=arry at times. I think the soda pop did affect my computer!

  • My “H” barely works. please put up with me. I dont mean to sound british.

    Harry=arry at times. I think the soda pop did affect my computer!

  • I think Tom Cruise can suck it. And so can anybody else who continues to deny the existence of autism.

  • Day Late and A Dollar Short. Jett didn’t have to die. His parents killed him. They should be charged with neglect. Maybe, Xenu can represent them. Seacreast out….

      • Nutsack,

        Were you molested or something? Did your daddy touch you in your naughty place? Pawning your autistic son on a nurse is neglect. Now go pray to your beloved Xenu.
        Hail Xenu! Hail Xenu!

      • Hey Nutsack,
        Did your daddy molest you or something? Did he touch you in your naughty place? Pawning your kid of on a nurse is neglect. Now go pray to your beloved Xenu. Hail Xenu!

      • Um… no … it’s not.

        Pawning your kid off to someone who says “did your daddy molest you” might be neglect.. but getting the help of a trained nurse most certainly is not.

      • They didn’t completely ignore him either.
        The nurse was used to help even more.

        Doesn’t sound like neglect to me.

  • I can appreciate Mr. Travolta’s struggle with this disease. My oldest has Asperger’s Syndrome, a form of autism. It limits his social interaction significantly, but he is only one semester away from a bachelors degree. The spectrum of autism is great and more publicity makes the disorder easier to understand and the sense of community of family and friends ourside ourselves makes the journey less stressful and more optimisitic.

  • It’s about time.
    It’s time to call attention to autism.
    It’s nothing the parents did wrong,
    and nothing to be ashamed about.
    There are thousands of people out there who have never been diagnosed.
    These kids can get therapy and lead decent lives.
    So thanks John Travolta.
    It’s too bad you didn’t speak up earlier.

  • Wendie- it’s near to my heart too. I have a close friend who is autistic and has long suffered under prejudice and misunderstanding of the illness. Can’t pretend to understand what the parent of an autistic child goes through, but my heart goes out all the same. I hope your rugrat gets the treament he/she deserves.

  • It’s really hard to understand how people with autism / aspergers think as their brain functions in such a different way (hence why some can be maths or music genius’) but the book – The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time by Mark Haddon is amazing.

    He has a son with severe autism and he wrote it to publicise the disorder, it’s amazing and completely changed the way I think about things.

    It’s written from the point of view of the autistic child and I read it in a day – I couldn’t put it down – please everyone who is interested in this subject READ THIS BOOK! it was a best seller for ages in Blighty but I don’t know if it made it across the pond.


    • what a truly incredible book. it really gave me some insight into the minds of people, especially children, with autism. the author writes such a lovable and sweet character in the little boy that one cannot help but finish the book in one day. the writing style is magnificent, and truly echoes what i have seen in some of my autistic peers. it’s written in the first person, so it really gives you a look into the mind of the boy who is speaking. wendie, i cannot recommend this book enough. i know how little free time you have, but if you decide to indulge in a good read anytime soon, this one should be it.

  • Like every birth is perfect and germs and viruses don’t exist John?
    Fact; About Birth Defects
    Birth defects are defined as abnormalities of structure, function, or body metabolism that are present at birth. These abnormalities lead to mental or physical disabilities or are fatal. There are more than 4,000 different known birth defects, ranging from minor to serious, and although many can be treated or cured, they’re the leading cause of death in the first year of life.

    According to the March of Dimes, about 150,000 babies are born with birth defects each year in the United States. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) says that 3 out of every 100 babies born in the United States have some kind of major birth defect.

    Birth defects can be caused by genetic, environmental, or unknown factors.

  • Based on Travoltas look, I’m sure he and Tom Cruise can work out their differences in the steam room at Stiffies Gym!

  • I doubt very much that Travolta’s son got proper care. Scientologists believe that they are immune to diseases and illness and that everything can be cured with vitamins.