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The Really Critical Issues That Must Be Examined


We deeply examine a lot of critical social issues around here such as Prop 8, major elections, and the Duff sisters latest plastic surgery procedures.  So, today I’d like to lighten things up a bit.

With that mindset in place, I ask you, what’s worse?  Kristin Cavallari in this dress, or…


Heather Graham in this dress?

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  • I think Kristin looks better. Her body type is perfect for the dress; I think it’s supposed to be similar to a column dress, and Heather is way too curvy for the fit.

  • i love herve leger! i personally love it on heather because she is slightly curvier, but not so much that she starts to look like a beluga whale. it accentuates her hips nicely! it looks meh/ok on kristin, but it works as well because she’s petite.

    i’m so nice today, god damn it.

  • I pick Heather and think she’s doing the better shoes (although I don’t like them).

  • definitely heather.
    secret crazy aspirations of self-levitation aside, she’s frickin gorgeous.

  • I think that Kristin looks better, though it may have something to do with the chosen images because the one of Heather makes her look awkward in that pose.

  • Def Heather- cute dress! Oh, your questions who’s worse? Then it would be Kristin. I like that dress, they both look good.

  • Has anyone else ever worn this dress? Because I swear to god I have seen some other “Celebrity” wearing the same dress before now. I just can’t remember who.
    Ok, and the dress looks better on Heather, but Kristen looks better overall.

  • Are those slits or just lighter fabric?
    Because I think it looks better on Kristin, but if those are slits that’s a bit dangerous. I mean, if that slid over a bit, there would be some vagina showing.

  • mk… do you really have to rip all your postings straight from perez hilton? i enjoy the brand of snark on this blog, but i feel like im just reading all of perez’s posts twice.

  • Sorry Heather, you’re too old to wear this dress… it looks better on whoever the hell that Kristen person is.

  • If Heather would take the effort to STAND UP STRAIGHT… she would look great in the dress.

    She has been using this same dumb pose for years.

    Makes one think she spent a few years dancing topless and learned it at the bar…. where the whole wh*re-baby-girl pose meant you got more $20’s in the t-back.

  • Oooh I love Heather Graham, & her shoe choice is much better… but the dress does look worse on her. Still a bad dress tho…