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Dawson’s Looking for a New Creek

James Van Der Beek and Wife Heather McComb Separate Pictures Photos

Good news for all you James Van Der Beek fans out there (ummm … are you still out there?) — he and his wife of six years, Heather McComb, have separated.

“They remain good friends,” his rep tells Us.

Yes, I’m sure they do.

Six years ain’t a bad run, kids. You should be proud of yourselves!

In other break-up news, Kanye West and his robot girlfriend, Amber Rose, are also splitsville. Shocker.

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  • This is, like, the HAPPIEST DAY EVER. Oh man, this made my day. This made my week!!!

    I dont wanna wayyyyyyyyyyt, for our liiiiiiiives to be ovahhhhhhh…

  • Thank GOD I don’t have to deal with that Amber Rose chick. It was just Kanye trying to push his hipster image. In fact, can we just break up with Kanye and never call him or talk about him again as a society? I would be ok with that.

    As for James. I’d still tap that. Now we need Jimmy Fallon to have a Dawsons Creek reunion! How awkward would THAT be? You KNOW Tom Cruise would crash the party.

  • Boo… I liked Dawson’s wife… she was actually Nikki (the best friend) in the lifetime classic, No One Would Tell… Oh well… love the website!

  • thanks for putting kanye, amber rose, and shocker in the same sentence, now i need to cleanse my impure thoughts.