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What’s Up With The Hangover?

It’s a rare occurrence that a box-office upset occurs, but that’s exactly what happened this weekend. 

The Hangover grabbed the number one spot in ticket sales this weekend with $45M, edging out Up which brought in $44.1M. 

Experts in the field are crediting a strong surge in Sunday sales for The Hangover’s success.  Wasn’t there some sort of fairly major sporting event this Sunday?  Basketball, maybe?  Why was everyone at the movies?  Obviously to see my new boyfriend.  And I can’t say I blame them.

1. “The Hangover,” Warner Bros., $44,979,319, 3,269 locations, $13,759 average, $44,979,319, one week.

2. “Up,” Disney, $44,138,266, 3,818 locations, $11,561 average, $137,210,701, two weeks.

3. “Land of the Lost,” Universal, $18,837,350, 3,521 locations, $5,350 average, $18,837,350, one week.

4. “Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian,” Fox, $14,634,988, 3,807 locations, $3,844 average, $127,326,188, three weeks.

5. “Star Trek,” Paramount, $8,310,480, 3,202 locations, $2,595 average, $222,712,175, five weeks.

6. “Terminator Salvation,” Warner Bros., $8,248,387, 3,304 locations, $2,496 average, $105,568,008, three weeks.

7. “Drag Me to Hell,” Universal, $7,040,550, 2,510 locations, $2,805 average, $28,233,230, two weeks.

8. “Angels & Demons,” Sony, $6,550,282, 2,925 locations, $2,239 average, $116,174,931, four weeks.

9. “My Life in Ruins,” Fox Searchlight, $3,223,161, 1,164 locations, $2,769 average, $3,223,161, one week.

10. “Dance Flick,” Paramount, $1,958,725, 1,707 locations, $1,147 average, $22,625,733, three weeks.

11. “X-Men Origins: Wolverine,” Fox, $1,927,096, 1,389 locations, $1,387 average, $174,347,386, six weeks.

12. “Ghosts of Girlfriends Past,” Warner Bros., $932,181, 879 locations, $1,061 average, $51,919,132, six weeks.

13. “The Brothers Bloom,” Summit, $412,771, 173 locations, $2,386 average, $2,025,712, four weeks.

14. “Fast & Furious,” Universal, $286,795, 284 locations, $1,010 average, $154,356,665, 10 weeks.

15. “Monsters vs. Aliens,” Paramount, $270,873, 313 locations, $865 average, $194,854,481, 11 weeks.

16. “The Soloist,” Paramount, $264,531, 306 locations, $864 average, $30,726,123, seven weeks.

17. “Race to Witch Mountain,” Disney, $259,716, 250 locations, $1,039 average, $66,200,577, 13 weeks.

18. “Obsessed,” Sony Screen Gems, $258,092, 318 locations, $812 average, $68,032,027, seven weeks.

19. “17 Again,” Warner Bros., $212,805, 222 locations, $959 average, $61,605,717, eight weeks.

20. “Hannah Montana: The Movie,” Disney, $210,014, 207 locations, $1,015 average, $77,893,713, nine weeks.

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  • “Obviously to see my new boyfriend.” Wendie you are so funny. The movie does look good though, I have been wanting to see it for awhile.

  • oh jeese I did go see that yesterday
    with my boyfriend
    kept telling him how hot mr cooper was
    he seemed fine with it

  • I went to the theater Sunday and it was hella busy! Everyone was seeing the Hangover and I think its because a lot of High Schools had graduations on Saturday and all the kids that would normally have school on Monday went to late night movies.

  • saw it the last showing saturday night and it was completely sold out. telling people to slide over and fill in empty seats and everything. it was a really funny movie.

  • Will Ferrel is getting boring it is the same shtick over and over. Therefore, it shouldn’t be a surprise that The Hangover is doing so well…most 20-something girls have been in love with Bradley Cooper for sometime now (God knows I have), all Office fans would want to see Ed Helms and most people know & love Zach Galifianakis from Comedy Central.

    As for the surge in tickets on Sunday…most people I know had weddings to attend Saturday so everyone met up, hungover of course, to see it on Sunday…BEST MOVIE OF THIS YEAR….

  • The Hangover WAS FUCKING DUMB!!!! Seriously, that humor has been done 50 times over. The whole movie is basically recycled comedy. People are giving this film way to much credit than it deserves. Shock comedy and Will Ferrell-esque scenarios. FAIL. I’m apparently the only one who feels this way???

  • i went sunday night, and it was hilarious. i think it is something different in comparison to cast wise. most movies are seth rogen, paul rudd, etc and i like all of them and the movies, but its nice to see another new cast doing comedy like this. i was kind of surprised. but im happy they were short with the previews/trailers so that didnt take anything away from the actual movie. you have to have this type of sense of humor to see the movie (40 YOV, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Knocked up) if you don’t, don’t bother.

  • i dont know but i was disappointed that hangover was showing on the large cine capri theatre screens here in phoenix and not UP. UP is supposed to have amazing animation.

  • Bet the new hannah montanna movie had alot of pervy men in the audience after THE THIRD TIME her pictures leaked. This time….NAKED! Way to promote MILEY!! Bet daddy is proud.