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John Mayer Doesn’t Realize Twilight Fans Run the Internet

John Mayer once again took to Twitter to talk about a very broad, very important (to him) topic: things he doesn’t know anything about.

Twittered Mayer, “I’ve never seen Twilight. It seems as if there are 90 lead actors I don’t know in this film? Tug Tillis, Boan Joaner, Jared Vorak.”
Who the hell is Boan Joaner? I think Tug Tillis was a major league baseball pitcher in the 70’s?

Mayer had better watch out. In case he doesn’t know, the internet is basically run by Stephenie Meyer and her hordes of devotees, who will enact swift and painful vengeance upon all who cross them, as 4channers discovered in the XKCD comic below:

Twilight Troll Slayer Comic by XKCD

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