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Well, Now. Who’s This Tasty Little Morsel?


I’ll admit right now that I am an embarrassment to my profession.  I have been completely unaware of this god, better known to the public as Bradley Cooper.  And only a dude this hot could get away with a name like “Bradley.”

He’s been on Nip/Tuck and was in Wedding Crashers and a bunch of other stuff, but to be honest, I’m not as interested in his resume as I am in his naked and vulnerable body.  Totally hot, right?

Cooper taped an appearance on Live! With Regis & Kelly today, probably to talk about some new project — who cares? — but really seems best known for dating Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Aniston.  Oh, and he had a four-month-long marriage in there somewhere too.

Also in the gallery, Kelly Ripa actually does eat which just makes me hate yet love her more, Denise Richards looks good despite the fact that she just confessed to having not one, not two, but three boob jobs and Gene Simmons desperately needs a makeover to snap out of Wayne Newton mode.

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  • I grew to love him through the hilarious Wet Hot American Summer. If you want to see his hot naked bod he has a little sex scene in the film. Granted it is with Michael Ian Black, but still, it is Bradley Cooper nekkid!! ;) Plus he is hilarious with Amy Poehler as the camp theater directors in it.

    • Oh, me, too. Definitely. I was allz, “Who is that handsome man nodding in the sweater vest?” We are so on the same page.

  • he was so much hotter with short light hair back in his alias days, if he cuts all that “wolverine” up there i’d be all up on him again!

  • Really? This is a celebrity gossip website and you JUST discovered Bradley Cooper? Pathetic.

    I agree with stillmg; he was hot in Alias.

    • Totally agree, I noticed his hotness first in Alias.

      He also did an episode of Sex and the City.

  • Agree with both Laurie and stillmg: sexyhot in Alias. That’s when my love affair began…he tends to play assholes in most of his movies however =[ (P.s. he was the asshole in Wedding Crashers…)

    • OMG yes he was such a jerk in wedding crashers, but so funny! and he was HOT on jimmy fallon tonight!

  • He is also in “The Hangover” which is out right now, I believe.

    I think he is yummy…

  • He’s in “Failure to Launch” with the also adorable Justin Bartha.

    Love both of them.

  • wendie, what the hell. how could you not have known about bradley cooper?? I still think his best work was during his alias days. he was sexy and vulnerable at the same time and always needed rescuing by sydney. that’s my kind of man. ha ha!