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Like Their Sweater Vests, Another Trend That The Jonas Brothers Are Way Behind On

It doesn’t matter, though.  Seeing virginal Joe Jonas in a unitard has made me feel the most alert I’ve been all day, though he may want to hook up with Britney to get some lip-synching lessons.

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  • I can careless about the Jonas Brothers but this video is so freaking funny I love it, I love it, I love just what I need it for this day!!

    That kid looks like the chicken from surf’s up..

  • Oh-my-fucking-goodness. LMAO!
    I just can’t… I can’t… I can’t… I can’t stop laughing! Hahaha. This is SO damn funny.

  • Huh….I was never before attracted to any of the Jonas brothers…but that skin tight leotard…is forcefully changing my mind…

  • Whatever- JT killed it on SNL already. No one, NO ONE will beet his sweet a$$ doing it. Not even virginal (oral doesn’t count according to B.Clinton) Joe. Joe didn’t try hard enough. JT and crew obviously rehearsed and knew the words.

    • While I totally agree w you on the JT thing, I do, unfortunately, have to admit that this was funny! I don’t think he even tried to learn the words or the moves, I think he was just doing what he could. Still not into Jonas bros, but this was great!

  • I can’t stand the Jonas Brothers, but after watching this video, I can see the allure. Oh, wow. I sounded like a total creeper just then. Just so you know, I’m a 16-year-old-girl, not a middle-aged man salivating over videos of a pop star dancing in a body-hugging outfit and heels.

  • I never really got the appeal until I saw his thighs. Geez man! Also, it would have been better if he’d worn the legless unitard like everyone else… but he did wear heels! haha~

    • this little girl was too cute!

      wendie, you must let veruca & devil dog do the ‘single ladies’ video, pleeeeaaseee!!!

  • I guess this kind of a rip-off of the SNL skit that was done with Justin Timberlake, but this time with blue balls. Interesting concept.

  • hmmm, Joe Jonas, should we change the words to…”all the single men…put your hands up”??

    seriously betting money on a tell all book about why he waited so long to come out.

  • that was cute but heels reminded me too much of that snl thing, which, by the way, was a lot funnier. but the thing that makes this video better is that beyonce isn’t in it. and also that kid, joey or whatever looks a lot like justin long.

    • he does look like Justin Long
      except that Justin Long is a cutie… though I do have to agree with everyone else here, nice thighs

  • I got high and turned off the sound and played it. I liked it almost as much as when I got high and watched Farrah Fawcetts dying of cancer reality show, although I didn’t laugh quite as much.

  • Joe Jonas just fucking rules. He’s got a great sense of the ridiculous and he’s not afraid to look like a goober. Ever. I’ve been telling you people for two years. Now will you listen?

  • I’d love it but his poor attempts to dance made it hard to watch. Sorry, Joe, but if u tried harder I’d find it way better.

  • i didnt laugh AT ALL.. i think i was to distracted looking at his tights.. WHAT THE F*CK IS UP WITH THEM!!

  • Never saw the SNL skit, but this was pretty funny. I have a little more respect for the boys now.

  • Hmmmm…/ I watched it on mute because i was in bed with the lover and i’m pretty sure he looked more “special” than anything I’ve ever seen…..

  • it has a train wreck appeal….so horrible to be watching, but cant help but be transfixed by it.

  • I got like 1 minute in and I had to turn it off. I think this whole single ladies thing has had it’s moment already. And watching this kid so desperately trying to be funny didn’t really work for me. Why didn’t the other bro’s do it with him???

  • If I give him a promise ring, you think he’ll give it up? I like him now that I’ve seen this video… lol Joe is making me question my sexuality.