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Susan Boyle Admitted to Mental Health Clinic


I feel like a dick. Sometimes things like this happen when you’re a loudmouthed cunt with oral diarrhea (which I most assuredly am). You spout off about someone only to have something horrible happen to them later on that makes you feel like a complete turd.

Susan Boyle has been admitted to a priory clinic (a mental health facility) following an emotional breakdown. Show aides telephoned police on Saturday to report that the BGT runner up had been acting strangely.

Paramedics helped the “spaced-out” star through the lobby and into an ambulance just after 6pm.

A Met Police Inspector and a police doctor were called to assist. The ambulance, tailed by a police car, then took her to the Priory in Southgate, North London.

A source at the hotel said last night: “She’d been at the hotel for a few days, but since Saturday’s final had been acting strangely, causing a bit of a stir.

“The staff were concerned – something wasn’t right.

“When the paramedics and police arrived she agreed to go voluntarily. She didn’t make a fuss. The paramedics calmly took her out through the main lobby and into the waiting ambulance.

“It was all done very calmly. They didn’t want to stress or upset her. She didn’t look well – she looked lost, not all there.”

Reportedly Susan had also burst into tears after her final BGT performance of “I Dreamed a Dream” and “sank into the arms of producers” immediately after leaving the stage.

Her physicians say that she is mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausted and is going to take a few days off to rest and recover.

I talk a lot of smack about people, but I honestly don’t really want anything bad to happen to them– especially someone like Susan who hasn’t done anything wrong herself, but was being exploited by a production company.

I hope she gets the rest and relaxation she needs and has the strength to do what’s best for her mental and emotional health– even if that means passing on a multicity U.S. tour or giving up the record deal.

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  • I feel very badly for Susan and hope she makes a speedy recovery.
    This does not, however, change my opinion of the situation.

  • Susan boyle has had problems from the start, she seems like a nice lady but theres always been something underneath all that, you can see it in her, the way she acts.. I think its awful people mislead and make fun of mentally ill people!… As much as i didnt really like her, i hope she gets well!

  • Even a more normal person would probably go through some kind of breakdown after a meteoric rise to stardom like that. That she could last the series and perform well in the final is amazing in itself. Once she stabilizes she should go home to be with her cat and then after a few weeks go to some quiet recording studio in Scotland or do some small performances where she can be recorded. Let Cowell make his money off the group he chose to win the show.

  • Ahhhh. I hope she is okay. The whole thing was such a lovely, inspiring event. She is not mentally ill. She was born with a learning disability, you idiots!!! Just because someone is different than you, or is having a normal reaction to lots of stress and uncommon pressures, they are not a mentally ill person! Geezzz. Where are her brother and sister, or whoever looks after her?! God Bless you, Susan and may all your dreams come true, you deserve them!

    • I agree in the sense that people are absolutely nasty. If you are different in any way people attack like pit bulls. It is amazing the number of people who join in on the attack just so they too can feel like part of the in-crowd.

      Even when we grow up adults still seem to act exactly like it was in high school.

      • Did you just, *gasp* say something nice, Donkey Punch??
        Oh wow. Now I might have a mental breakdown.

      • Hehe. I was thinking the same thing.

        Yep. This is very sad, but I’m surprised it doesn’t happen more often with reality TV personalities, and celebrities in general. Luckily it looks like she has a strong family unit, so hopefully they’ll get her through it and she can go back to Scotland and get back to normal.

      • Speak for yourself you 4 eyed fat fuck retard! Donkey’s a retard, Donkey’s a retard. *Cut to me running down the hall at the office laughing!*

  • I’m pretty sure she’ll be ok. It’s as if EVERY one is being supportive of her, which is pretty awesome. Sounds like this will be one woman who will be helped and guided for a long time to come.

  • Dang – this is very sad. I hope she gets all the help and support she needs. I thing even the most “normal” person would crack under all that pressure, all the hype and criticism she underwent. I pray she feels better soon.

  • I’m english and watch the whole show from start to end,

    i think i can vouch for alot of people over here that even though all the popularity in the U.S. and other countires certainly boosted the show’s status and gained much intrest, the way in which people talked about and treated susan after her second performance was disgraceful.

    she never went onto the show saying she was the best singer in the world, she only went onto the show because she knew she had a great singing voice – which she did and when her second performance didnt blow everyone away in the same way her audition did – the public did the worst thing possible – went from love to hate

    she is not a woman from a city, she lives in a secluded village in Scotland and i was personally appaulled by the way in which she was treated

    i an not suprised that she is exhausted i feel very sorry for the woman

    i hope she gets better soon

  • Good on you Kelly, for admitting it. I cant laugh when vitriol is directed towards people who havent done anything to deserve it. Its playground mentality, make the other kids laugh by making fun of the weird looking kid. Its cheap, easy and nasty humor. I wish more bloggers would put a little more thought into their nasty pieces about celebs/pseudo-celebs.

  • Wow… I agree with Donkey Punch!

    I hope she gets all the help she needs to be able to cope with the pressure she’s under, and that the people who would exploit her might back off now. I hope she has people to look after her and protect her.

  • Hey, don’t they have problems with inmates being molested while at mental institutions? There goes the virginity!

  • Personally, I think this is proof of her sanity. Normal people cannot deal with being under constant scrutiny.
    It’s the crazy people that thrive under those conditions…

  • Don’t be so PC. She looks like there’s something seriously mentally abnormal under that twisted looking face. I see her face on TV and I immediately hit the channel change – YUCK…!!!