Today's Evil Beet Gossip Dresses Like a Confederate Soldier While Fergie Frightens Millions with Her Kneecaps at the 2009 Japan MTV Video Music Awards

Fergie is Scary at the 2009 Japan MTV Video Music Awards

It’s time again for another edition of Famous People and Their Hideous Expensive Clothing. Saturday night, a few music stars who are popular in Japan walked the red carpet at the Saitama Super Arena for the 2009 Japan MTV Video Music Awards. Fergie glared at everyone from deep inside a swirly spiral of velvety blue ribbons of fabric while her BEP bandmate wore what looked like a Confederate soldier’s uniform and saluted photogs.

Pop punk group Green Day seemed to take the red carpet walk very seriously, facing backwards half the time and  pretending to piss on the wall at one point.

Ciara (remember her?) was also in attendance, having just escaped from a 1980’s James Bond movie.

However, the real fashion star of the event was Katy Perry. In addition to the pelvic peacock number I wrote about earlier, Perry performed her song Hot N Cold while wearing a corset covered in sushi and sequins. It may have been her idea of paying homage to the country, but it’s the equivalent of a Japanese star coming here and performing in a dress covered in french fries and hamburgers.

Enjoy the gallery, but don’t stare too long at Fergie’s knees unless you’re wearing adequate eye protection.

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