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Why Are You People Watching Tori Spelling’s Show?


Tori Spelling is a phenomenon I just don’t understand. She bores me to tears. I find absolutely nothing compelling about her other than the unsolved mystery of how someone with so much money could get such a terrible boob job. I never write a story about her unless I absolutely have to. But most Tori stories go ignored around here unless Wendie picks ’em up.

So I’m shocked to hear that Tuesday night’s season-four (four???) premiere of Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood drew 424,000 women 18-49, making it Oxygen’s most-watched opener among the demo in its nine-year history. In total, there were 763,000 people watching the show about Tori’s marriage and children, even if she did kill her father.

I ask this honestly: Why are people watching this show? Why is anyone remotely interested in the life of this woman and the husband she stole from another woman? WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE? Identify and explain yourselves.

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    • True and sad. How interesting it would be if the media decided that someone who starves themselves is trying to disappear and that therefore the media should help them by no longer photographing them.

      But this isn’t a vanity issue at all. If my mother publicly said that I killed my famous and beloved father and that comment traveled around the world in minutes, I might be feeling conflicted about myself too. I wonder if this is self-punishment because even though her mother’s remarks are malicious and destructive, Tori still has some guilt, even if unfounded, about being responsible for the alienation in her family.

  • People watch her for the same reasons they tune in by the millions to watch silly amateur karaoke shows like American Idle or buy magazines because Lindsay Lohan is on the cover… they’re idiots.

  • I don’t have anything as eloquent as Klipper (seeing as I am apparently an idiot) but I think people watch for the same reason as any other show, reality or not. To get into someone else’s life. We’re all bored. We need to live through someone else’s drama for a little while.

    I like her show. I think she’s funny. I am glad, however, that she keeps the chesticles covered because I am quite concerned for them.

    • I really like the show too. She’s funny and her relationship with her husband is alot more real than most reality shows involving couples. She appears on the show with no make up sometimes, and isn’t afraid to act like a complete goofball. You gotta appreciate that!!!

      • I never cared for her until one rainy Sunday while channel surfing, I stumbled on her show. I think that she is adorable (except for her boobs). She seems like someone you actually know.

  • Oh my God it looks as though someone played ‘Pin Two Watermelons on the Skeleton’. Ugh.

  • I agree with kelsey. I love her personality, I think she is funny and her kids are adorable. Sure, she can be annoying….but what star isnt.

  • Well I’d rather watch Tori and Dean than those 2 morons with the 8 kids. What the F is that all about? As if no one has ever had a large family, only the brain dead watch that show!

    • Yes! That show really was hilarious– it’s a lot easier to like these famewhores when they show they’re in on the joke–wish more had watched so it could have survived. where/when is the new one on? (though to be honest the inclucsion of the new odd-ish kinda creepy-eyed husband screams midseason cancellation)

      • Has it been released on DVD?
        The new one is an actual reality show, unlike So NoTORIous.

  • I love her show… Just because you don’t like her doesn’t mean other people cant like her.

  • My thoughts exactly BeanSi!! Who the hell cares about a pair of freaks with 8 kids – most people don’t live like that and aside from that, the wife appears to be a real bitchy person.
    I LOVE Tori and Dean – I don’t watch much reality TV – but I watch that show. I love thier relationship and thier adorable family. People ask me what I want out of life and I say that I want Tori Spelling’s life!

  • I haven’t watched the new show but I agree with Alzaetia – I LOVED “So NoTORIous”.

    Tori Spelling will never be classically beautiful but she was brought up in the very midst of that Hollywood mentality. She was brought up in a culture where everyone wants fame and beauty more than they want anything else.

    Can you really be so shocked that she turned out the way she did?

    At least give her a little credit for maintaining a sense of humor and being willing to poke fun at her own foibles.

  • Seriously, just let Wendie write. Please. Every time you write you piss me off with your judgmental attitudes, as if everything you do is so worthwhile. Honestly. It’s really grating.

    And no, I don’t watch this show. So don’t write me off as someone who is personally offended by your critique. I am someone who is personally offended by your holier-than-thou attitude.

    But Wendie’s great!

  • I totally agree with BeanSi and Suz! Tori is funny and charming! Who wants to watch 8 brats, a neurotic crazy, and the scapegoat who can’t find his way out of that mess. GO TORI!

  • I agree that her boob job is ridiculous and the skeletor look is a bit disgusting but I like the show. And I also agree with the main consensus here; she is funny and has a cute family.

    And to the person who had a cow because you asked why anyone would watch this show, I’m pretty sure that Wendie has criticized J&K+8 watchers just as much. This is, after all, called EVIL Beet for a reason. Some people are so sensitive.

  • I watched the other seasons and she Is very likeable, more down to earth than I’d picture her to be. They really seem like they could be the couple next door if it wasn’t that they are “celebrities”.

    Dean is Hot (of course, he is canadian…hey, I AM canadian to so what do you expect…eh?!) and Tori, she was always cute IMO, not gorgeous, but really pretty, and now…my…it’s not noolking good at all :(

  • noolking?
    I invented a new word…I should ask that girl that won the spelling bee how she’d spell that…LMAO

    ok, I meant LOOKING :)

  • I love them both. She is real. She is a sweet women and what her family has done to her is so wrong. Her father loved her most, that is why her mother has done this to her. Her mother was affraid tori would get the money. Mush to her suprise Tori didn’t care about the money.

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