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Brooke Hogan Sings About As Well As Scarlett Johansson

After getting to finally preview Brooke Hogan’s newest album cover the other night, I’ve just been dying to hear some of the music from this masterpiece. My wait is over.

In the spirit of friendship, I strongly caution you to listen to the intelligently named “Hey Yo” on an empty stomach.  Honestly?  It’s actually not as horrible as I hoped but I think what makes it so undesireable is in knowing that it’s Brooke Hogan — or BroHo, as I like to call her — singing. If I heard it on the radio and was blissfully unaware of the artist, I probably wouldn’t drive off the road. Yes, that’s my review of this song: it doesn’t make me want to drive off the road.

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  • Its really not THAT bad…I think she is just doing the wrong genre. Singing the wrong songs…it just doesn’t work for her.

  • … I”m just going to say it… i like Scarlett’s voice! I haven’t enjoyed most of the songs she’s chosen to sing but I like the tone of her voice… and her raspiness (I don’t think it sounds TOO forced..)

  • This is actually better than I expected after seeing the cover “art.” Her voice isn’t outstanding, but also not offensivr . . . the lyrics are understandable . . . it sounds like it was professionally produced . . . and it’s lively enough to dance to. But make your ears bleed? Have you heard or seen any of the crap by Speidi? Between the video and the audio, both your eyes AND ears bleed. That stuff should be quarantined.

  • So that is why all the missing cattle are heading towards the west and east coasts? I guess we ought to call the Alien search detectives and tell them false alarm again., sigh.

  • While making this comment means that I listened to even the first 45 seconds of the song, “your smile is like candy so sweet and sincere” — now, not only does the song suck, but the lyrics don’t even try and make sense (I didn’t know candy could be sincere, but obviously it doesn’t like me enough to act like that). I’m gonna go write and sing a song because clearly I missed the memo that says you can make shit ton money without talent.

  • This sounds like half the crap they play on the radio, so why does everybody hate it? This sounds right in line with Britney Spears and Rhianna (sp?) to me. OF course, this is coming from someone that mostly listens to metal and industrial, so I might not “get it”.