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Diane Lane Can Do So Much Better


Back in 2004, Josh Brolin was arrested for spousal battery against his wife, actress Diane Lane.  Charges were dropped when both parties called the incident a “misunderstanding.”  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve mistakenly walked into a fist.  Please.  Since then, I’ve never liked Brolin.  Then this weekend I was watching Milk and Josh Brolin killed Harvey Milk so now I really, really hate him.  And the newest?  It looks like he may have cheated on his wife.

Josh is working in New Orleans and according to In Touch he’s been sampling the best the town has to offer. 

On May 21, Josh, who is on location in New Orleans filming Jonah Hex, partied at the Royal Street Inn with local Melissa Green — then took her back to another location to hang out at 11:35 p.m. The next morning, at 7:23 a.m., “They left together,” a witness tells In Touch. “Josh looked like he hadn’t slept at all. She was wearing the same outfit as the night before and looked embarrassed.”

I’ll be the first to admit that spending the night with a member of the opposite sex doesn’t mean cheating has occurred.  But since this is Josh Brolin we’re talking about, let’s assume it has.

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  • How do we know she can do better? Maybe shes a real asshole behind closed doors?

    LOL @ stimp

  • Um…being an asshole justifies getting physically abused by your spouse? On what fucking planet is that acceptable? ANYBODY could do better than that. And should.

  • And he played George W. Bush. And didn’t he try to kill his wife in Planet Terror? Maybe there’s a reason he’s so good at playing bad people?
    You know, like Tom Sizemore. It’s not really acting with him…

    • And according to Chris Brown is one of the 30 hottest guys under 30. So I guess it really is ok.

      • Ick

        Didn’t think he was hott before and he’s CERTAINLY not hott now (Now, as in, post woman beater)

  • i like both of these nutty assholes! well if was cheatin on her ass then she can do better, but if not then i wouldnt jump to conclusions. hes a pretty attactive man. i’d do his ass.

  • So I’m hoping that you saying that his character kills Harvey Milk does not ruin the movie as I haven’t seen it…

  • “I can’t tell you how many times I’ve mistakenly walked into a fist.”
    hahah Wendie, you crack me up

  • I didn’t even know these two were married! But I never really saw the big deal with Josh Brolin. Or Diane Lane, for that matter.

  • Diane can do much better??? Maybe Josh Brolin can DO MUCH BETTER!!!
    Diane is a pretty lady but her hubby Brolin is sexy hunk of a man too.
    It’s always sad to humiliate your partner by cheating but we don’t know all the facts. People need to stop trashing this Josh Brolin to pieces all the time. He is a cool guy & we don’t know what kind of person Diane Lane is to live with!

  • Wendy, you’re article is so rude!!!! Diane can do better? Like who the hell is she? Diane is just some average middle-age old looking woman. There is nothing special about her. I think Josh Brolin could do much better!! He has a successful acting career now, next he should work on getting himself out of his miserable marriage!! Brolin cannot be happy married to Diane when he’s always being made to feel like he’s some ‘ugly dirt’ and she his ‘queen’. The media keeps treating Josh like shit & publicize how Diane is too good for him. Josh Brolin is sexy as hell, very gorgeous man, I’d do him too!! Ya’ll notice ever since Josh Brolin has been married to Diane Lane, there’s this Black Cloud of trouble which looms over his head ALL THE TIME.

    • Hey, prettyfoxxy, it’s because people like you that exists assholes like Josh Brolin. I’d do him too? So, you like to sleep with married guys and destroy families? Diane Lane is way better than her husband and you know why? Because she respects, never had embaressedhim in front of her daughter, son and parents, and she’s not cheating on public. That define a person with class, with inteligence and self-respect. And by the way, there’s this black cloud of troubles not over his head, but over her head since they got married. It’s because of him that her career started to sink, because she’s putting herself on second place and live for her marriage. But Josh doesn’t even considered that because he’s so full of himself thinking he’s a hudge star with his last movies, that he forgets that money and fame goes away on a slap of a finger. Five years from now on, he’s gonna look back and have nothing, even the girl who says: I’d do him too!!

  • I think Josh & Diane create black clouds over each other’s head. Every couple has their ups & downs but these two seem toxic together & its getting worse! Brolin’s been in a lot of trouble over the years but it wasn’t in the press cause he wasn’t a big star. Don’t they have any pride for their children? The new InTouch magazine shows Josh & Diane holding hands with the slogan “Diane stands by her man”. So Lane excepts Brolin’s version of his all night romp with this Melissa Green until 7am the next morning. Geesh!! Diane Lane is a glutton for punishment. Isn’t this Brolin dude supposed to be going to London in the summer to shoot a new Woody Allen movie? If Diane knows whats good for her marriage she better take the kids & go with him!

  • I agree. This relationship is just too toxic for both of them, but especially for Diane cause she’s the embarressed one on this case, or should i say, on all the cases that Josh is in. I dont think their marriage will last forever, well, i hope it wont cause she deserves better. But i believe that she’s not gonna give up without the fight to make this work. And it’s not because of the children ou because of money, it’s because she’s trully in love with him and didn’t open her eyes yet so see that she’s waisting the best years of her live with such a looser. Besides that, this is her second marriage. It’s almost impossible for her to have strenght to star all over again with a different man, just because, as we know, they’re all the same.
    This not the first time he cheats on her, and this not the first time she knows about it, but it was the first time that this matter went to public opinion, witch must be horrible for her cause she always have been very private about her personal life.
    Lets wait and see, cause i’m sure that we gonna have more news about this couple anytime soon.

  • Diane will stand by Josh because of her love for him & HIS CAREER. Josh is gotta be more careful because he’ll alienate his female fans over his infidelity. Bad PRess isn’t always good! He’s getting attention but not for the right reasons.
    This isn’t the 1st, 2nd or 3rd time etc. Josh has been caught in a ‘liason’ with another woman. He may not have had sex with this lady in New Orleans, she’s 30yrs. old NOT a young girl, a grown woman who knew what she was doing! But as a girl myself who has been in these types of situations, I’m betting 100% they definitely fooled around with their clothes ON or OFF. Yup, all those hours in a private location. Talking to each other only lasts so long!! He must’ve gotten bored at some point & wanted to ‘play around’. I don’t think Josh Brolin & Diane Lane will last, it’s only been a few years together & look at all this crap!
    Sorry, they won’t make it, I give it another 1 to 2yrs at the most, if that long.

  • Enough. Josh is no longer happy with his wife Diane Lane, any fool can see that. Diane is probably more of a ‘best friend’ to him at this point in their relationship. They say they’re attracted to each other but obviously Brolin’s missing a sensitivity chip towards respecting his wife.
    Diane is no better by putting up with his flirting ways & wandering eye.
    Josh is attracted to other women, he’s not going change, so Diane has some serious decisions to make. As for the ‘Prettyfoxxy’ poster, who says she wants to do him, honey you’ll probably get your chance & soon. At the rate these two are going they’ll be in divorce court soon.

  • Diane is one of my favorite actresses, but i think she doesn’t have any control on her personal life, especially when we’re talking about her marriage. It’ horrible. There’s no way she is happy with josh, like i’m sure that he’s no happy with her. I agree that the love between them is gone and the only thing left his friendship, sexual atraction and kids, witch is not really a problem because they dont have children together. I read somewhere too that the problems in their relationship started a long time ago on the set of Unfaithful, a movie that Diane starred with Richard Gere. It seems that Richard was fed up with Josh because he was always inside Diane’s trailer, and she kept comming late for the shootings constantly. On the set, everybody could hear them scream and fight like two crazy persons, and one day, Diane just disappeared from the shooting location without any excuse and was away with Josh for hours. This problems didn’t went to public at time cause the producers kept everything in secret, but Richard said that he would never work with Diane again and that she had to much problems in her life. Thanks god, the movie was jackpot, and that’s why he decided to give it another try in Nights in Rodanthe (witch he shouldn’t cause the movie was pretty awful).
    All this to say that Diane and Josh relationship is really toxic, violent and not good for any of them, especially Diane. Hope to see her divorce this guy anytime soon.

  • Huh, huh, hmmm, oh yeah right Duni,
    we are all sure a wicked incident between Josh & Diane went down on the set of Unfaithful in 2002. You you were there right or did Josh & Diane tell you themselves? I highly doubt Richard would ever say “that he would not work with Diane again? He is one of her many good friends & has spoken highly many times of her & Diane as a couple. Gere is always looking for projects for him & his good friend Diane.

    • As i said, this story was not telled by me, i read in gossip rocks, a blog forum in the Internet. If it is a lie, i didn’t invented myself, and more people read that too cause i saw another comments based in this story. And did Josh or Diane telled you that this was a lie? Or do you know them to say that this is a lie? There’s a lots of gossips going on, true or false, we dont know. But everybody believes in what they want. Sorry. Dont be so upset because people have different opinions.

      • Huh huh, Okay! God poor Josh, here come the lies from the past!

        Duni please grow up. Yes everyone including you are entitled to their opinions but dredging up some lame old story which may be FACT or FICTION about Josh Brolin is awaste. Umm, Gossip Rocks is where you got your information from – I REST MY CASE!

  • To Duni: LOL, I can guess a rumor about you & betting it’s true: you are a very angry & bitter woman who hates men because of someone cheating on you! It’s so obvious. So attacking the Josh Brolins of the world makes it aOK? He messed up again! So what! All men make mistakes as so do all women including Diane Lane! She’s had a couple of affairs too – she actually confessed to them in an interview. Her confession wasn’t found on some gossip site as you found your hilarious story? So why berade Josh Brolin & Diane Lane for their relationship? You found some stupid story about Josh & Diane fighting on the set of her movie over 6 years ago & YOU BELIEVE IT?!?! Lol, lol, OMG! Lady get a grip on reality. You are taking these discussions seriously to the heart. The infidelity pain you must be going through needs to be addressed ASAP! Josh & Diane may or may not have had an arguement. If so, it probably wasn’t a big deal! Don’t believe everything you read about men. It speaks volumes about your mental state towards them.

    • First of all, this is my last comment here on this site. As i said, i read that story on several blogs, and there’s lots of people that commented like i did here. In my first post, if you didnt understand, or you didnt want to understand, i said that i read this story on internet. What i didnt say is that the story was based on a article written by Ted Casablanca, a colunist who works in E.Online. He wrote that article and put it on the internet. So this is not my fault, this was not invented by me but by a professional of the bussiness and i dont have any problems with Josh Brolin or any man kind. I’m getting married in a few months, i’am happy with myself and my mental health is great, thank you. Dont offend people that you dont even know Lisa. You and Ri are putting me as a target and i dont know why. Maybe you two have problems with men and maybe you’re taking this discussion seriously to the heart. Anyway i wish you the best, and i’m sorry to cause so many problems where on this site.

  • Damn!!!! This Josh Brolin fans are tuff, aren’t they?
    I dont know why are them deffending a man who was arrested seven times before, once for beating her wife (Diane Lane) in 2004. Are you gonna tell this is a lie too, Ri and Lisa? The cops wont tell you that when she called in the midlle of the night saying that her husband hit her. Both Josh and Diane are to blame in this case, nobody is perfect, right!? She had her affairs, maybe she still has, and his having his. That’s their bussiness and their marriage, and nobody has nothing to do with it.
    Ps_I read that article of Ted Casablanca too, a long time ago, and i had serious doubts that it was true. But, please girls, just grow up and stop attacking Duni just because she commented what she read. I saw even worst comments about this article. Close to them, she was very sweet.
    Duni, i’m sorry for you.