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Does Susan Boyle Still Got Talent?

After a whole lotta hype, Susan Boyle performed again on Britain’s Got Talent, this time singing “Memory” from Cats. Personally, I was comparatively underwhelmed by this performance — she was behind the band most of the time, and more than one of the notes was a little pitchy. That didn’t seem to disturb the audience or the judges, though — she got a standing ovation and a ton of praise, even from Simon Cowell. “You know what, I just want to apologize because of the way we treated you before you sang the first time,” he said. “You made me and everyone else look very stupid and I’m very happy for you, very proud for you.”

What do you guys think? Does Susan deserve the hype?

For kicks and giggles, I put the performance of one of her competitors, dance troupe Diversity, after the jump.

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  • i think she got the talent, but not the right choice of song… not for her voice… i didnt like this at all

    • agree. that song was in too low a register for her, it didn’t suit her at all. that song is a belting song, and she’s not a belter.

  • That was a terrible performance. She’s really ‘off’ compared to her other performances. I personally got chills with her first debut, my eyes watered and I was just so proud of her without even knowing her. Do I think she will make a career out of this for even the next year? NO. But she’s living her dream and making her mark, so GOOD FOR HER!!!!!

  • I’m not an expert but I’ve been singing for many years and I cringed at a few spots. It was an amature performance in my opinion. I can’t rib her too much because that is such a hard song to sing, but Barbara Streisand’s version blows me away every time and Susan Boyle just pales in comparison.

  • I agree with you.. I was expecting way more than that.. But she can sing, there’s no doubt about that, it’s just that i think i got too excited about the new performance….

    I can’t wait to see Jamie Pugh’s new performance, and i want him to win.. He’s my fav. til now.. He makes me cry everytime i see him, i adore him.

  • i’m dead drunk right now, but even so i can truthfully say that elaine page, and heaven forbid even barbara streisand did better at this song then ms. boyle. >_<

  • Thank you!

    It is so good to hear someone else who isn’t just raving about Susan Boyle. To be honest I think that if there hadn’t been so much hype about her in the auditions (which again I thought she was not as good as Jamie Pugh) then I don’t think she would have gone through this week – especially if Natalie had chosen a better song…

    Still, it is whast it is and maybe she can put in a better performance next time. Her audition was a mile better than this semi-final performance as she wasn’t in time with the band and did falter on several occasions through the song… She does have a beautiful voice though and with singing lessons she could be truly fantastic for the stage.

    This said I do disagree with the earlier poster who said this was a poor song choice – the choice was excellent! What better song for someone with Susan’s story?! Grizabella the glamour cat singing about the former time when things were glorious times forgotten and opportunities missed. Plus it should have been perfect for her voice.

    Just my 2cents anyway…

  • I think you were probably underwhelmed because you were expecting too much of her. Everybody is expecting her to come out and perform amazingly, that she can’t possibly compete with the standards that are set for her.
    Lower your standards for her, she’s only human, and she can only try to do the best she can.

  • Totally with you. To be honest, I don’t think her first performance was as perfect as they’re making it seem- I’ve listened to it, and some of her earlier performances A FEW TIMES, and she’s really not all that. And her semi-final act was SUCH a let down.

    But w/e. How great are Diversity? Seriously, I think what they’ve done, with their coming together with all these different brothers and friends from all different professions is really what the Royal Variety show is about. It’s a shame that with all the hype from Susan Boyle, they probably won’t win.

  • I don’t think it was the right song for her. But I do think she is incredibly talented. Team Susan!!!

  • I too never really saw the reason for all the crazy hyped up praise ms. boyle got/gets. Granted, she can sing fairly well, but I think the contrast of her looks to her slightly better than average voice is what people focus on. They see a middle aged frump who hasn’t taken care of herself and doesn’t have even average good looks and expect to hear a homeless, perpetually sick and smoking-ravaged voice to emerge, so when something better comes out they immediately give her credit for being much better than she is. Just my opinion, but I think time and familiarity will bear out the opinions of those who see her for what she is, a nice, middle aged woman that can sing slightly better than her neighbors.

  • Not a good song choice for her, but she ended well enough. I think the judges realize what she’s done for the show and so do not want to say anything bad about her performance.

  • Susan did really well! I think Susan’s nerves got the better of her at times but i really dont blame her. She must have been under a huge amount of pressure after all the hype. Susan is a diamond in the rough, she has a lot of potential! Mon’ the Scots!