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Barbara Walters Will Cut You

Barbara Walters and Whoopi Goldberg verbally flambéed commentator Glenn Beck today on The View.  It’s always interesting to watch a celebrity who is so obviously caught in a lie.  Perhaps what made it so fascinating though was that the dialogue kept co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck silent for six minutes and thirty-five seconds.

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  • I dont get it. I think his whole point on his show was that whoopi and barbara got to reserve seats that were normally no one is allowed to reserve, and it seemed like they wanted to yell at him without ever denying that that happened..maybe i missed their point.

    • They did deny it though, Whoopie said they even had trouble finding seats and the guy they were with had to be separated from his wife.

  • Wow. No joke, she was silent the whole time. But I could see he stewing, and at the end she just had to chime in. I do have to give her kudos for being a good host and keeping her mouth shut and letin the big dogs hash it out. Still can’t stand her though.

  • It’s just stupid that they spent an entire segment on this trivial little thing. He’s human! So he forgot that he initiated a conversation, big deal! It’s no reason to pounce on somebody. Whoopi and Barbara probably just didn’t want to give him any actual comment on the “hot issues” that they were supposed to be covering. They’re kind of on a power trip…

    • Sadly, he is not human. He is full of crap, and as “marm” says below, he altered the story to serve his purposes. He wanted to make the point to his radio audience that Whoopi and Barbara were all pretentious and shit. And he’d never admit to his own people to being the one to initiate conversation.

      • Yeah. Someone begs the question, “Why did you choose that to lie about?” Not just that Babwa Wawa “called him over,” but that she and Whoopi ostensibly had reserved seats? Why? Why make a point of that?

        And it isn’t really discussed or resolved, unfortunately. I think Sharon’s reading of Beck’s willful on-air misconstruction is apt: his point was, “I’m an everyman conservative, and they’re the pretentious liberals with their uppity reserved seats and the pretentious Whoopi sunglasses.”

        The segment is, if nothing else, totally bizarre.

  • I think I would feel the same way as the people above if I didn’t know who Glen Beck is. The thing is I do know who he is, and I really really really despise him. It made me so happy to see Whoopi and Babs go after is douchey ass. I especially love the “lying sack of dog mess” line. It made me smile.
    PS: They did give him another segment to promote he stupid show. Plus the only reason I watch The View is to see the fights and ridiculous comments, in other words today’s episode DELIVERED LIKE DOMINOES!

  • Glenn Beck is all kinds of crazy, and they waste all this time hounding him about this? So stupid. Interesting how he almost always ignores Whoopi and focuses on Barbara. Issues there? Or does he just not want to look at Whoopi because she’s more hostile towards him. Probably that.

  • I’m glad they raked him over the coals. They had every right to call him out for twisting the story and lying to serve his own puposes.

  • That’s was awesome… like, Jim Kramer-and-his big-lying-fucking-mouth kind of awesome.

  • Glenn Beck is a typical Conservative media hate monger. He spreads his poison and hatred to fellow Conservatives that take pride in their ignorance and bigotry.

    Scum of the earth.

  • There are so many profanities I want to spew in Glenn’s face. Ugh he disgust’s me. Why does he still have his own show!???

  • i know he lied and all but he let them talk (even though he tried to interrupt he gave up) so i mean the least Barbra and Whoopi could do was to let him actually explain himself without then constantly butting in

  • This is all Amtrak’s fault. If they hadn’t lifted their ban prohibiting ugly, old, and annoying women passengers, none of this would have happened in the first place

  • This was effing hilarious! Bwahahahahahahahahaha! I honestly expected more from this guy. But he was shaking like a cowardly dog. And like Keith Olbermann said on count down last night, “The funeral services for Glenn Beck’s credibility will be held at……”

  • Beck also admitted that he and the other commentators on FOX do no fact checking and they are not the news, but entertainment. I hope that clip is played relentlessly, so the 10% of population who seem to be oxygen deprived get the clue that they are making decisions and voting based on people to busy, or in the business of entertainment to be called journalists and what they are is joke entertainment for the stupid. Of course these same people think Colbert is for real and not making comedy out of them and their beliefs so go figure. Some people are born stupid and will die stupid.