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The Lying Homophobe Gets To Keep Her Crown!


I’d like to propose that, for all future pageants on a national level, the contestants be judged solely on their looks.  Talent, ability to answer questions in an intelligent fashion and ethics have no bearing on the verdict.

After Miss California Carrie Prejean has lied over and over again about nude pictures taken of her, stating that it was “only one time” and that they were taken when she was a teenager (turns out there was more than one photo session and they were taken this year.) she’ll be keeping her crown.

Donald Trump has stated that “if her beauty were not so great, no one would care.”  Ah, what a wonderful lesson to impart upon our youth.  Honesty doesn’t matter when you’re totally hot.  Period.

Hopefully, this is the end of all Carrie Prejean stories.  I suspect it isn’t, but it’s nice to have a dream.

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  • she’s certainly an embarrassment to the state of California, if not the entire country. =(

  • not to mention the fact that she’s not hot, not beautiful – either inside or out.

    she also looks fourty if she’s a day.

  • This woman is promoting judgment, inequality and dishonesty! This just goes to show that nobody gives a damn about these pageants anymore because there’s no way in HELL that this person represents me (and i’m certainly amongst the majority on this) as a Californian!

  • She looks a little skeletal in that picture… I just want her to stop causing her own drama and coming upwith stupid excuses. I can not stand that she uses her religion like a crutch. Lame.


    • oh…don’t forget the loser named John who has nothing better to do than post rude comments about someone actually doing something with her time!!!

  • who the hell is that donald tramp ?!!! he has no ward on this metter.
    he is just like him self so much that he got to say or do something about it. i ‘ll say that he need to shut the hell up!!!

  • eric…. I had a good laugh at your expense.
    “no ward on this metter…” “he is just like him self so much…”???
    you may not have English as your first language or some other excuse, but still it was amusing as hell.
    Also just FYI, Donald Trump is about the only thing keeping the Miss USA pageant alive, so his “ward” is appropriate.

  • Pfft. She’s not even that pretty. There were more beautiful contestants than her.

  • She’s hot. Most of you would fuck her. And yes, being hot entitles a person to additional rights the average looking person does not get. Granted, looks fade, but for now… she has it. At this time she could probably get any man she wanted – a decent paying job. Her looks alone put her ahead of the curve. Didn’t say it’s OK, but as a woman who is friends with an ex-Miss Cali — beautiful people have privileges that allow them to get away with almost ANYTHING!

  • Does it really make her a homophobe for thinking marriage should be between a man and a woman? I mean, I don’t agree with her but I woudn’t call somebody a homophobe for feeling that way. I dunno, maybe she said something else about the matter that I’m missing.

    • I totally agree! It’s a huge stretch to call her a homophobe because of her viewpoint on the marriage issue. It’s ridiculous actually.

      • I also agree. It’s how she was raised, and those are her beliefs. She was asked a question, and she answered honestly. Not believing in gay marriage doesn’t make you a homophobe. It’s sort of like saying somebody hates all animals if they opposed to somebody trying to marry one.
        My analogies don’t usually make sense.

      • Using her family values as a crutch for her views on marriage was somewhat nullified when nude pictures of her surfaced…these ‘values” only led her to judge people and disrespect herself and her family

    • i agree too. it’s like calling someone a racist because they aren’t physically attracted to black men/women.

      • But nobody asked her if she believed in getting gay married herself. Her answer was the equivalent of saying that because she’s only into white guys, nobody should be allowed to marry outside of their race

  • Just because she was raised that way doesn’t mean she’s unable to judge for herself whether or not it’s fair. Calling her a homophobe might be a bit much, but I would definitely say she’s promoting hate through religion. People who don’t support gay marriage clearly feel that gay people are not their equals, right? Because if everyone was equal then they would be able to marry who they wanted without there being any issue.

    Oh my God…I just read your analogy and it was hilarious. Animals, really?

    • I wasn’t calling homosexuals animals, just thought I would make that clear. I shouldn’t have used marriage. I should have used pets. Or something.

  • Hello?!
    this is the 21st century, and yes! a woman’s looks are more important than her intelligence, work, …


  • that lying slut probably slap her way to the crown.
    i hope she will burn in the face or eat shit or piss blood!!!!!

  • Looks like a bunch of queers, yes, I said queers, don’t like to hear that they can’t get “married”. Why the hell don’t you just do it anyway and call it something else??? The sky is still blue and grass is green, no matter how much you wish it wasn’t.

  • She is ignorant, self-centered, and has those “cookie cutter” good looks that are so typical around Hollywood… most guys I know think everything about her looks fake and ultra high-maintenance. Her hair and makeup are overdone, the typical implants, etc. Of course, beauty pageants are the ultimate in showcasing shallow, egotistical… and mostly untalented women. Any mother that enters a child in these snooty, self-congratulatory excuses for entertainment should be slapped silly. We all see how girls turn out who have been told that looks are everything all their lives – they grow up to be uncontrolled self-abusers and takers who look down on others and strive only to be admired. Linsay Lohan & Mischa Barton being good examples….