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Miss Nevada Is Pissed!!!


Hey, remember Katie Rees, the Miss Nevada 2006 who lost her crown after some sexy-style photos of her surfaced? And then was later arrested for assaulting a police officer? Well, she’s kind of annoyed that Carrie Prejean got to keep her crown and she didn’t.

“An accurate word to describe me is irate,” she said. “No matter what the stipulations are with the pictures, if you’re semi-nude, you’re semi-nude and it says so in the contract. Prejean broke the contact … she should’ve had her crown taken away just like mine … for her crown not to be taken away is absolutely outrageous. The fact is Carrie purposely posed nude for these pictures… I did not. I was a teenager who accidentally was out having a good time with her girlfriends and was unguarded. Tara Conner broke her contract for drug use… These girls get to keep their crown and I’m the one who’s exploited. I just wonder if Mr. Trump knows what he put me through — what I’ve gone through these past two years.”

Well, for starters, Katie’s right. There’s definitely a double standard in place here, and at the heart of it, it’s all about the pageant getting attention and ratings. These girls are just pawns — albeit pawns who went into this voluntarily. Katie says she’s speaking with her lawyer about it now, which I guess makes sense, but something tells me that the last thing this girl needs is to encourage her anger. Maybe consider accepting it and moving on, Katie? Before you try to beat up another cop?

Oh, and if you haven’t heard Carrie Prejean’s little speech this morning, it’s below. I got to the part where she thanks the Miss California organization “for their support, thus forward. ‘Thus forward’ is totally the new ‘such as.’ Seriously that was like 15 seconds in and I couldn’t watch it any further. Why would anyone care what this woman thinks about anything? She barely speaks her primary language!

Rather than making these girls answer questions about the legitimacy of same-sex marriage, maybe next year we could just have a spelling bee? I’d so watch that.

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  • I think she actually sounded intelligent, I mean it would be hard for anyone in her position. She has remained true to what she believes in, and that is commendable considering the amount of heat she’s been getting from her remarks.

  • UGH I would like to thank god, for trusting me with this large task… I just barfed on my computer. What task is it? That gay hating one? Or the showing her tits? I couldn’t follow. Cuz I thought that she almost lost her crown because I saw her boobs all over the internet and she lied about it.

    Who wrote this crap for her? And what is she talking about– that she was silent since this happened? Err what? No she wasn’t. What about the NOM ad? And all of her interviews? Man, the lies just flow right out of her, no?

  • I can’t believe anybody cares about any of this Miss USA crap. Lindsay Lohan needs to hurry up and overdose so that this crap can stop being made into a way bigger, more interesting story than it is.

  • GET OFF OF THE GIRL’S BACK. She stated her opinion. There would be no girls in the stupid pagent if they couldn’t pose semi-clothed. That’s what stupid teenagers do these days. It just so happens that Katie’s are sexual in nature.

    When are you going to ream Obozo. He has THE SAME OPINION as Miss California.

    • actually, he believe that the decision should be left up to individual states, which ironically would have been an ACTUAL ANSWER to the question she was asked.

      her opinion on gay marriage was not asked (why does everyone forget this). She was asked if she thought other states should make it legal. She didn’t say, no, I think it should remain illegal, or yes, other states should decide on their own. She just said she thought it was great they everyone is free to chose what they want (no they’re not, that’s the whole point) but then said she only believed in opposite marriage.

      • Ummm… she thinks so too. Regardless, she doesn’t believe in gay marriage and neither does he. I don’t know why people refuse to accept that about him. It is what it is.

    • The name is Obama. President Obama, as a matter of fact. He may have the same opinion as Miss California, but he has the intelligence and intellect to convey THE SAME OPINION without showing his breasts. She’s a dumb bitch with implants. Alls she needs is a strong stipper pole now.

  • oh haha. I forgot about Miss Nevada. God, beauty queens really are only interesting when they are doing dumb shit. Or when they are five and we can laugh at their parents, a la Toddlers & Tiaras.

    TMZ just released more pics of her. I can see your boobies Miss California!

    Well, I guess someone won’t be cutting ribbons up in San Francisco (is this what they do? I have no idea)

  • The fact that she DID NOT TELL THE TRUTH is getting lost in the argument. She LIED….good christian that she claims to be, she is a liar.

  • Leave her alone, Beet. Stop throwing trash at this girl!
    She makes an impression of a beautiful, intelligent and articulate woman who knows what she believes strongly in. She demonstrated a whole lot of inner strength and persistence. At the same time she remained polite and respectful, in comparison to Perez and you Beet.
    Let her have her own beliefs, everyone’s beliefs deserve respect!

    • “Everyone’s beliefs deserve respect!” – Like, when people believed it was their God-given duty to string up black people on trees and leave them to die? Or more recently when people believed that black children should not go to the same public school as white children? Or when large masses of people believed that Chinese men should just build California’s railroads and die off rather than marry white women and raise a family? Because these ‘beliefs’ were made laws. Opinions are like assholes. I don’t applaud outspoken stupidity and legislating religious entitlement. That’s idiotic. I believe that you’re an idiot. Now respect that, bitch.

      • I apologize, bitch came out a little too strong, the humor in that is probs lost. “Idiot” stays as is.

  • I’ve heard the argument that contestants are asked questions to test their public speaking, not necessarily their speech content.

    She epic failed on both counts.

  • If you mixed her with Miss Panama the result would be amazing (in terms of stupidity).

  • Ms. Nevada’s pictures were nastyyy. I didn’t find anything sexual about Carrie’s. She sounded genuine and strong in her speech though.

  • While Carrie Prejean obviously lied about her participation in activities that were against the pageant rules (which yes, technically could have cost her the crown), Katie Rees just came off as a total skank. Her pics just came across as offensive and nasty. You can barely compare the two; apples and oranges.

  • Even though I don’t agree with her on the issue of same sex marriage, I do think she has every right to say what she believes. and when she did, she got punished for it. she was right for sticking to what she believes in, and not backing down. thats what all young adults should be like these days, not giving in to peer pressure.

  • How about instead of a bikini contest and a Q and A contest we do something different. We find a cyclops, A dragon, Lindsey Lohan, Rush Limbah and have them fight to the death with these girls. Who ever is left standing gets the crown.

  • I don’t think that there was anything in the article that really related to Ms Prejean’s answer (other than the quip at the bottom about a spelling bee), so I am not quite sure why you all are up in arms about her Beet going after her opinion, when that is clearly not the case. This snip-it relates to a clear cut case of a double standard that is brought forth from Ms Rees point of view where she is using Ms Prejean as a standard, honestly even if one set of photos is “nasty” verses, well, not, they are still considered semi-nude and thus violate the contract.

  • Hmm, I must say that she is right: She was asked a politcal question and she answered it honestly.
    I disagree with her opinion, but she has the right to voice her opinion.

  • I like how she paused in completely the wrong place at 2:16-2:20. Something tells me it was supposed to be “…while I have remained silent since. I am honored to be here today.”

    It’s that fundamentalist Christian lack of sex education. She doesn’t know what a period is for.

    Seriously though, I think this whole incident is more about the greater debate over same sex marriage and not so much about Miss Prejean herself. No one really wants to have either Carrie Prejean or Perez Hilton representing their beliefs– or at least they SHOULDN’T. They both make pathetic ambassadors for either side of the argument. She’s an idiot and he’s an asshole. Everyone is just exploiting them as convenient catalysts to spark a debate about an issue that they desperately want to discuss– it’s Joe the Plumber all over again.

    Initially, I gave her credit for “sticking to her beliefs,” but the more I see of her, the less I believe that she was being brave or righteous, and the more I believe that she is simply self-serving, arrogant, and self-righteous. She gave that whole speech– a speech full of half-truths and inaccuracies– as if she was accepting an award, rather than atoning for the fact that she posed for some questionable photos and then lied about it.

    I don’t agree with her stance but I also don’t agree with the automatic vilification of anyone who opposes same-sex marriage. Rather, I feel that Carrie Prejean should simply be ignored, because she is, in fact, stupid (regardless of her religious beliefs) and we should all get back to letting the smart people debate the morality and legality of same sex marriage in America.

  • Yes, she did pause in a lot of wrong places, but I like that she said “I am not an activist. Or ANYthing.”