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Tobey Maguire & Wife Welcome Baby Boy

Tobey Maguire Married Jennifer Meyer in Hawaii

Actor Tobey Maguire and wife Jennifer Meyer welcomed a new little face to the family this Saturday.

“I can confirm the Maguires had a baby boy today and the family is healthy and happy,” Maguire’s rep tells Us Weekly.

The couple, who tied the knot in 2007, are also parents to 2-year-old daughter Ruby Sweetheart.

I just thought I’d remind you that they named their daughter Ruby Sweetheart. Like you could forget.

The name of the new baby boy hasn’t been released, but one can only hope that this time the couple will decide upon a name that does not sound like either a Racehorse or a character from Rainbow Brite. Or a stripper. Or a variety of grapefruit.

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  • I actually think that Ruby Sweetheart is an absolutely precious name. I can’t help it.

    I bet the boy’s name will be somewhat normal.

  • I see an upgrade in his future. His wife has nice breasts but she looks like a typical Eastern Block gold digger. 5-10 years and he will replace her with a newer model.

    • I take it all back: “Meyer is the daughter of Ron Meyer, President and CEO of Universal Studios”

      She will be doing the upgrading.

  • She is just nasty looking. I do not know why she is considered beautiful? If her daddy was not a millionare, there would be no way that a famous celebrity would even screw her, let alone marry her.

  • Toby makes big bucks for the movies he’s in.. why doesn’t his woman spend a few of them and buy some makeup? Does she think she’s so beautiful she doesn’t need any, or did she realize she’s never going to attain “beautiful” and decided not to waste the time?

    And in what world is it ok to appear on the red carpet with no eye make on? My local grocery store, yes… but there is no red carpet there! If she thinks it’s so unimportant, she should stay home. We’d rather just look at Toby and dream of him in tights anyway. heh

  • Rufus Honeypie Maguire?
    Macintosh Darling Maguire?
    If his sister has to have an abnormal middle name, I hope he gets one too. Fair is fair.

  • Are they brother and sister? It is just my opinion, but they look very similar to one another.

  • Wife is fuckking ugly. Toby is gay and a skankoid. First kid is THE UGLIEST KID ON THE PLANET. I bet this kid is the SECONDEST UGLIEST KID ON THE PLANET.

  • She is REALLY fugly. He could have done so much better. I don’t care that she comes from a rich family, looks are extremely important amongst celebrities.