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Kelly Ripa Is…Well…Ripped


Oh my God!  Look at these pictures of eternally adorable Kelly Ripa taken yesterday on Miami Beach.  Her bellybutton sticks out further than her boobs!  I’m in awe of her totally hot, possibly too skinny bod!

More pics in the gallery of Kelly in the surf and of Regis and Ripa interviewing, ironically enough, Nicole Richie.

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  • I’m sitting next to my sister and I read the “bellybutton further than her boobs” comment aloud and my sister was like “are her boobs really small or something?” And my sister knows what she looks like, I guess she’s just never noticed. But I was like, “No… I mean look.” And she just started laughing.

  • Skeletor is not hot.
    I would rather look like “beefy” Oprah Winfrey than have my actual skeleton peeking out from between my tits. And her belly button is a little freaky. That’s probably a result of having babies though, so I don’t feel really comfortable making fun of that.
    But she needs to eat a cheeseburger. Or five.
    Although she does look super happy, and that’s always a reason to smile.

    • Skeletor? You’d rather be “beefy like Oprah” because you probably DO look like Oprah. I hate when what chicks say they “rather be BBWs” or have some “meat on their bones” or “more of me to love” as an excuse for being fat slobs too lazy to go for a jog or heaven forbid go to a gym. Put down the cheeseburger and pick up an apple, fatso

      • Wow. Are you getting tired of guys passing you up for chicks who have tits and hips?
        I don’t look like Oprah. I was referring to an earlier post where Wendie perpetuated the Hollywood stereotype of beauty by trashing Oprah’s weight and then posting a picture of a freakishly skinny chick and called her hot.
        Bones between tits are not hot. Neither are weird ass muscles between tits.
        Tits are hot. Asses are hot. Hips are hot. I’d like to see more of them, not less.

  • her body is a bit like cameron diaz except she’s had kids!! geez woman! and yes, the belly button is quite frightening.

  • Toned is an understatement.

    Props to her for keeping her body in such great shape after childbirth, though.

    If only I had a body like that.. Lol

  • i think she looks great. but better in clothes. the bellybutton is disturbing..maybe she’s planning on having more kids before she fixes it? i love kelly. i hate to say anything bad about her.

  • Toned is fabulous, but I think she just needs a little body fat. An extra 5lbs of fat should cover up the muscle while still leaving her looking toned.

  • WTF!! That bellybutton is frightening!!! and her boobs looks so weird!! But she is beautiful anyway.

  • Is it just me or are her boobs really, really high up there? I mean, they’re starting to look like pecs…

    • Yup…those are totally lady-pecs. She has worked all of the feminine fat off her chest and now has muscle boobs. Straight up gross.

  • There is such a thing as too muscular. Kelly Ripa and Madonna are two of the worst ones. Completely gross to me.

    • Too true. Kelly’s mindless Madonna-wanna-be obsession is disturbing. Why do middle-aged dames think that looking like a half-starved boy with boobs is going to save them from aging? They look scary and ice cold (the opposite of hot). But with a little more fat, she’d look like a babe!

  • Ewww, Skeletor Cleavage. For crying out loud. Look at her cleavage! Sure she’s adorable otherwise but really.

  • Yeaaah . . . she’s always been adorable but would be more adorable if she gained ten pounds, I think. A little too skinny.

  • Very impressed with her hard work to be that toned, but I knew she didn’t eat any of that food she pretends to cook in the appliance commercials!

  • I don’t get how blogs like this rip off good looking women, just to praise women who look like THIS… a ma(n)donna wanna-be, who’s chest is bigger than her man’s, and could probably breast feed while doing push-ups :p….
    I think there is a very weird view of “sexy” running on the internet..
    Hollywood much?

    • I completely agree… I don’t understand where appreciation for the female figure went… 5% body fat is not sexy for a women or healthy for that matter, I think Kelly Ripa is an example of what not to look like and how being obsessive in working out can result in that picture. Be healthy, exercise, eat right but don’t take it to the point where there is no body left to cherish.

  • She’s not hot at all…she looks like raw chicken, all those things sticking out, when they shouldn’t!!

  • My husband just happened to walk by as I was pulling up these pics and he said “ewwwww, that’s gross. That’s not a woman.”

    ‘Nuff said.

  • What is going on with the striatal muscles sticking out between her boobs? Is that a result of being muscled up or of being skinny? Can anyone explain?

  • Beet, I’m worried about you… too much time looking at celebrity toothpicks is appearing to make you want to look like one, too. Shake it off, girl!

  • that outie on her is so ew!

    i have an innie, so i’m a little prejudiced i guess.

    that ‘manish-muscular bod’ might put her husband off (unless he’s on the d.l.).

    spanish men usually like broads with a lil’ meat on their bones.


  • Ew.

    “Your comment was a bit too short. Please go back and try again.”

    Just… Ew.

  • 1st- she looks DISGUSTING, her whole body does, ALL OF IT!

    2nd- people who look at her and think they want to look like THAT (yes, THAT) need to check into an anorexia center ASAP

    3rd- no I am stuffing my face all day long at Sonic, I work full time, have a kid, 5 dogs and ride a motorcycle, I keep myself busy BUT I chose to stop smoking and I am diabetic so I am not the size 6-8 I was 3 yrs ago and I am blessed with a husband (an attractive one) that doesn’t care! thank god!

  • I cant imagine being her husband and having to deal with making love to David Beckams body all the live long day. Why would any woman in her right mind even want to waste THAT much time working out! I’d rather troll gossip blogs!

    oh and that bellybutton needs to be covered…maybe with a little cocktail umbrella.

  • All hail the Outie Bellybutton Queen! Don’t worry Kelly, you’re a sweetheart and a role model for others. Keep wearing those bikinis with pride!!!

  • You are all horribly mean people, she’s a wonderful person. This is just like making fun of fat people, except she’s the opposite.