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Miss USA Pageant Paid for Miss California to Get Breast Implants

carrie prejean miss usa paid for breast implants

They already had Donald Trump, Perez Hilton, and Miss California herself, but apparently three giant boobs just weren’t enough for the Miss USA pageant, so the pageant decided to pay for two more.

This past Friday on CBS’s The Early Show, a Miss California pageant official confirmed that the organization paid for Carrie Prejean to get breast implants a few weeks before the Miss USA pageant finals.

California pageant Co-director Keith Lewis stated that “We assisted when Carrie came to us and voiced the interest in having the procedure done…We want[ed] to put her in the best possible confidence in order to present herself in the best possible light on a national stage.”

Apparently building “confidence” means undergoing a potentially dangerous and painful surgery to make your tits bigger. Perhaps I could learn a little something from Carrie. I should probably give up on trying to feel good about the body god has given me and opt instead for the sweetest plastic rack money can buy.

If they wanted her to “present herself in the best possible light,” maybe they should have skipped the silicone implants and tried doing a little Q & A practice session instead.

Also, judging by the picture above, I think the Miss California pageant organization might want to demand their money back. The only boob I see in that picture is Carrie Prejean herself.

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  • My daughter opted for Law School instead of implants, but those our Family Values.

    • law school would cost waaaay more than fake boobs. just saying.

      still funny tho

      • Smart girl. It helps to be able to play every trick in the book.

        I’m all for slicing and dicing to satisfy professional, personal and/or aesthetic endeavors.

        Anyway, so she wanted implants, so what. Feminism is about choice and making room (and cups) for every type of female choice. We’re not going to get anywhere until we all stop tearing each other down for choosing to look this way or that. Really, does anyone think that male CEOs sit around and fret about their competitors’ use of toupes, jock straps, um, moustaches, ties, penile implants dentures or whatever? They don’t. They sit back and laugh at how women, who by the power of the pussy alone should really be running shit, instead opt for intense and endless peer scrutiny of what should be subjective and personal appearance choices. /rant.

      • unless you plan on being a lawyer on a Spanish soap opera you’re not going to get really far in the world of law with fake tits. You want people to take you seriously, not ask how much longer till their hot wings are done.

      • Why would having fake boobs hinder my career in law in any way? I’m not going to work in a hooter’s girl uniform. You’re an idiot.

      • hey, I’m the not flat-chested dumbass that thinks bags of salt water will pass for real tits.

      • Bewbies do get you far in life, ask Selma Hayek. They snagged her a Billionaire. Not everyone wants to be a feminist, some just want to be happy and have an Amex black card. hehe.

      • Not everyone wants to be a feminist?

        Gosh, I thought most women in today’s world would appreciate the ability to dress as they want (and get boob implants if they want), vote if they feel like it, own property, have control of a bank account, work in whatever field they choose and get equal pay, etc.

      • Oh Canaduck must you take everything so seriously? Last I heard women can vote if they want to and can even be doctors and lawyers. Must we hate men and be angry at the world to meet with feminist standards? There’s nothing wrong with just wanting to be a homemaker.

  • Do they do that for all the girls? If I’m Miss Iowa (for example, I don’t know what Miss Iowa looks like) and they didn’t offer to pay for my breasts then I’m pissed. What else are they paying for?

  • Do they agree to pay for the implants in any contestant that asks for them or there is some kind of favoritism in this case?

    • That’s what I was wondering, I mean, I’d bet a pretty penny that they wouldn’t pay for all 50 girls to have plastic surgery.

  • I think what happened is the state pageant organization paid for her implants to giver her a leg, or a breast, up on the other contestants at the national level.

  • It’s not just her boobs that are fake, take a look at that seriously awful plastered-on smile of hers. UGH.

    • That’s cool. This is the first that I’ve heard about it.

      Why do people feel the need to post comments like this? Who cares? She’s still going to post it because people will still read it and still comment on it, and therefore she will still make money on it. She made money on your comment. So what’s the point?

  • Who gives a shit about her tits? So she got implants… who cares? I’m sure she’s not the first contestant that they’ve paid for some sort of cosmetic surgery for and she won’t be the last. If bigger breasts make her feel better about herself, no one can really fault her for it.

  • So much hate. It is unfortunate to see someone get lambasted for sharing an honest opinion of hers that doesn’t agree with the world. So what if she doesn’t believe in same sex marriages…she is not alone in that opinion. There are millions world round that share her same opinion. And yet the unfortunate part is not that the world doesnt agree with her but that those who aren’t in agreement find it an open forum to make personal attacks on her about everything outside of her opinion. So what if she doesn’t believe in same sex marriages! Grow up.

    • This isn’t about her views on gay marriage. Personally I support gay marriage, but I don’t think that what she said qualifies as hate speech in any way, shape, or form.

      My problem is with the pageant itself. It long ago abandoned the original mission statement it had 75 years ago. The original statement was: “Miss America represents the highest ideals. She is a real combination of beauty, grace, and intelligence, artistic and refined. She is a type which the American Girl might well emulate.” It’s been a sham of that for decades.

      But this is going to a whole new territory that undermines whatever vestiges that are left of decorum. Now the pageant is saying that in order to be a contender you have to maim yourself and undergo risky surgeries in order to look better than you look naturally. That’s what sick.

      I don’t blame Prejean in this case. She simply asked. It’s the fact that the pageant officials couldn’t find it within themselves to tell her she was perfect the way she was.

      • While I am in agreement with you, you quoted the wrong organization. This was the Miss USA pageant – not Miss America.

      • You are absolutely correct that I was incorrect. From the Miss USA pageant website: “These women are savvy, goal-oriented and aware. The delegates who become part of the Miss Universe Organization display those characteristics in their everyday lives, both as individuals, who compete with hope of advancing their careers, personal and humanitarian goals, and as women who see to improve the lives of others.”

    • you know what… other Lisa… You are the one who needs to grow up and get over it. This article said nothing about her opposite marriage love. It was about her boobs being paid for. You are the first person to bring it up. You are scolding our supposed views on gay marriage, yet we are all talking about boobs.

      • Yes, but the only reason this is newsworthy is because of her controversial comments. Had the gay marriage scandal not occurred, we wouldn’t be discussing her boobs.

      • well, fine Mal. Then I hope people keep digging up her past and having more stories like this one. Then we can just have the gay marriage debate starring Prejean forever. Personally, I look forward to stories of drugs, alcohol, and sex. Anything that discredits her “traditional” life and her moral-tastic upbringing.

        Why? I think because I am bitter. I am strongly for gay marriage. When people use the argument that they are against it because of their values, I like to see if they really practice what they preach.

        You’re right. We only heard about this because of her controversial answer.

        I wonder if interracial marriage was ever brought up in the Miss USA pageant decades ago. I would hope that an answer against interracial marriage would have brought the same backlash.

  • “The only boob I see in that picture is Carrie Prejean herself.”


    you rock

  • Actually it was the California Pageant that paid for her tatas, three weeks before the Miss USA.

    It’s all part of her mastermind plan to get a job on Faux News.

  • the thing that is being suspiciously overlooked ar at least ignore is that the pageant has sunk to the level of dignifying perez hilton as relevant! the girl is an idiot yes, but the real hypocrite here is ole perez, he was a somewhat relevant voice when he was a fat pink haired queen, why does no one ever call him out on his ‘make over’?!!! he’s a sell out if there ever was one, does he think the only way to get the gay agenda out is to try and infiltrate the cool kid club by dressing, looking and acting like the status quo??? no one dares question the fact that perez was allowed to completely blindside a Miss USA contestant with a insanely irrelevant question! yes, shes an idiot but that shouldnt be a surprise, why is the whole gay agenda become part of a beauty contest???

  • The Miss California organization paid for her implants. This news was revealed well over a week ago. I really hate it when women bash other women for having plastic sugery. I’ve never had any, personally, but I see nothing wrong with it. No one says anything when women go to a dermatologist or wear contacts or make up. All of those are things that alter one’s appearance either temporarily or permanently. I am so sick of hearing the term ‘plastic tits.’ I mean, the woman knows what her best asset is, her looks. She’s smart to improve upon that. She’s obviously not going to win anyone over with her sparkling personality, lol.

  • so? u r too naive to think she is the first one to get implants that way…yeah, right, beauty queens are sooo natural and perfect. yeah.

      • yeah…and thats common practice. and i dont really see what the big deal is. the problem is we are talking about her. thats why its so controversial once again.

  • Kelly,
    I didn’t expect you to join the shit-talking of Miss California after I read your post about it on your blog. I really liked your blog post. Would this have been news if she hadn’t answered her Q&A the way she did????

    • I guess you didn’t get what I was going for in that post. I don’t support Miss California. I don’t hate her either. I could care less about Carrie Prejean. What I disliked was the hypocritically hateful and close-minded reaction to her answer during the Q & A session during the Miss USA pageant. I believe that she’s entitled to her beliefs. I also believe that you can’t accuse someone of being hateful and then turn right around and call her a stupid bitch (because of her religious beliefs) in the same sentence.
      I don’t defend or support her– I don’t know her. All I can judge are her actions– and I think she’s pretty bubble-headed to have gone under the knife because she thought bigger tits would help her win a freaking beauty pageant. Furthermore, I think it’s disgusting that the Miss California Pageant (a branch of the Miss USA pageant that is managed by that organization) would pay for their contestant to get a boob job. There’s just something very wrong about it.

      You’re right in that it probably wouldn’t be news if she hadn’t gotten that question and answered it the way she did– because honestly, no one really gives a crap about the Miss USA pageant anymore, UNLESS something scandalous happens. If you’re asking me to judge whether or not I think it’s newsworthy… well… you’re on a celebrity gossip website.

  • Beauty pageants are degrading to women, and (like outmoded views on same sex marriage) are anathema to progress. These behaviours need to be discouraged. Carrie Prejean needs help.

    • I disagree, they give women scholarship money. Porn is degrading to women. What does that do for a woman’s life besides make her the punch line to a joke and give her an STD?

  • ‘and I think she’s pretty bubble-headed to have gone under the knife because she thought bigger tits would help her win a freaking beauty pageant.” Are you kidding me? Why wouldn´t it help? After all, we are talking about a beauty contest and these girls feel like they have to be perfect to win…so they wear make up, they change their hair, they work out and eat less…surgery is just a way to change what they cant change easily. whats the point of plastic surgery anyway? isnt it about peoples insecurities?

  • I should probably give up on trying to feel good about the body god has given me and opt instead for the sweetest plastic rack money can buy.


  • Big deal! So she got implants :) :) Would not have even been an issue if her answer about gay marriages were different…Why is she not intitled to her opinion and her beliefs? Paaaalease, this is America is it not?? I rather her give her honest opinion instead of saying what the judge wanted to hear….as long as there are humans on this planet there will be differences…I personaly do not care who marries who… where…or when… but there will be no humans on this earth because gays can not produce them!!!!! Bible says “go forth and replenish the earth.” What does that mean to YOU?

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