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Megan Fox Thinks Wonder Woman is ‘Lame’


Megan Fox had been rumored to be in the running to play Wonder Woman in an upcoming Joss Whedon adaptation. She has however, firmly put those rumors to rest by calling the ass-kicking Amazon and feminist action icon “lame.”

Director Joss Whedon is rumoured to be putting together a cast for an upcoming big screen outing for the superhero siren, originally played by Lynda Carter in the 1970s TV show.

Fox is reportedly in the running to play the lead role, but the Transformer star is adamant she will not get involved with the comic book adaptation.

She tells British magazine FHM, “She’s lame. She flies around in an invisible jet, but she’s not invisible. I don’t get it.”

Until now, I had sort of tolerated Megan Fox and her unwarranted fame. Yes, she’s hot, but she’s been in ONE movie that people have seen– a movie with a horrible script whose plot had more giant, gaping holes than a Texas whorehouse and required about as much acting talent. Yet, somehow, she’s managed to become moderately famous.

She should be invisible, but she’s not. I don’t get it.

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  • “She should be invisible, but she’s not. I don’t get it.” hahaha
    You’re awesome Kelly!!!

  • “She’s lame. She flies around in an invisible jet, but she’s not invisible. I don’t get it.”

    I don’t get it either Megan, an invisible jet! Wonder Woman is a dumb idea. What will they come up with next? Bullet proof Wrist Bands? A gold rope that compels people to tell the truth?

    Come on, lets stick to reality, Inanimate objects that somehow come to life, have intelligence, and grow in size and shape and do things that are beyond comprehension…

  • She’s lame.
    In ten years I’m going to bet people aren’t going to know who Megan Fox is, but they will know Wonder Woman.
    She was the one super hero girls, she’s an influential fictional character.

    It’s a shame though, she does have the look down.

    • I think she looks too drug induced. Wonder Woman with a valley girl accent? no thanks.

  • i hate how attracted to her i am; she seems so dopey, and those horrible tattoo’s all over her body let’s you know there’s something not right going on. but she was crazy hot in transformers

  • The only thing that I know about her is that she was the girl in Transformers. How dare she speak about an Icon in pop culture???? Who the hell is she to decide whats lame or interesting? I’ve got news for you Megan: You are pretty, but you are not that interesting either! Who is lame now ahh????

  • I agree! Finally a blog isn’t in love with her and talks about how amazing she is like Perez Hilton, it’s become obnoxious. Im ready for her to disappear into the Hollywood Z list. From the interviews I’ve read of her, she’s a bitch and is trying to be something that she’s not. I’m sure other movies she’s in will bomb and she will hopefully go away. And who gives a shit if the concept of Wonder Woman was ridiculous? Wonder Woman was an icon, they wouldn’t want to recreate it if it wasn’t. I’m glad that Megan doesn’t want to be a part of it, she would most likely do horribly.

  • She’s kind of a moron (or a genius). She runs her mouth about things she has no idea about and then we’re supposed to care anything about her. But yet we still talk about her… who wins here?

    She bugs me.

    The combination of her skin tone and eye color hold me entranced (I’ve always had a thing for olive skin and colored eyes… on males or females) but I can’t see any other redeeming qualities about her.

  • You’re right Megan. Your role in Transformers was so serious and important. LMAO

    Seriously girl… your one and only role seemed like a step up from soft core porn eye candy-ness to me.

    “You think I’m shallow don’t you?” -M.Fox in Transformers.

    Ahahahaha! Yes Megan. Yes I do.

  • “a movie with a horrible script whose plot had more giant, gaping holes than a Texas whorehouse and required about as much acting talent”

    KELLY, your posts are getting better and better. Good stuff here and in many other posts this weekend. Keep it up.

  • great post! And I will be happy when the Megan Fox hoopla dies down. I either want her to …. go away… or at least be in one decent movie.

  • Is she serious? Wonder Woman is lame compared to her one-sided silly bitch character in a cheesy TRANSFORMERS adaptation? Come on! She was OBVIOUSLY begging for this role and got turned down :P

  • Really! Talking bad about Wonder Woman! I am speechless. How can someone not love Wonder Woman? She just lost some major points here.

  • she’s lame.
    i used to like her, but the things she’s been saying lately have been untoleratably annoying!

  • She has breast implants and she still has no boobs. What did she look like before the augmentation? Kate Hudson?

    Her tattoos make her look like a cheap stripper from Florida.

  • The movie is being produced by Joss Whedon, she should be begging him for a chance to be involved in it

  • Sorry, but I think Angelina Jolie is the only one who could pull this off. Wonder Woman is my most favorite superhero EVER!

    • this fox tramp actually could’ve been a contender had she some fuggin’ respect.

      lucy lawless could pull it off, but she may lack that softness linda brought to the character.

  • How dare a person who pretends to be other people think a drawing is lame?

    It’s like, how dare a toaster think a blender is lame. Or something like that.

    Everyone who has their mom jeans in a bunch about Megan Fox defaming Wonder Woman needs to remember that like, Wonder Woman is a cartoon.

    • It’s a cartoon which REPRESENTS a character who portrays certain traits and values that people are fond of.

      Way to miss the point, but I’m sure you enjoyed masturbating yourself into a frenzy while thinking about how superior you are to all the little people.

  • She’s hotter than anyone else and crazy into having and talking about sex. Fame earned.

  • So Megan Fox doesn’t want to be Wonder Woman. Who cares! She never had the talent. WW just flies in an invisible plane. Well the Hulk just gets steroidal, green and angry, Batman is a rich guy who collect gadgets, Superman is a nerd. Comic book characters are just that and I for one would love to see WW. Great post Kelly.

    Megan honestly you suck…

  • *gasp*

    *clutching my pearls*

    you, you…evil, horrible, monstrous, angelina-wanabee, WHORE!

    how DARE you diss our beloved Wonder Woman, you lil’ ringworm!

    bite your tongue, missy!


    “oh ghost of Aaron Spelling…please deliver this bitch to the realm of lifetime tv and cast her forever out of Hollywood, in the name of baby jesus, tori & candy!”