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William Shatner Reacts to the Trailer for the New Star Trek Movie

When Billy Bush from Access Hollywood interviewed William Shatner recently, he had the presence of mind to show him the trailer for the new Star Trek movie, which Shatner had somehow not yet managed to see.

For those of you not in the nerd loop, George Takei (who played Sulu in the original series) and Shatner have had an ongoing feud for the last decade or so. It sounds a lot like a 4th grade schoolyard fight (like most celebrity feuds) with Shatner claiming that Takei is just mean to him all the time and Takei taking pot shots at the Shats and his larger-than-life personality every time he goes on a talk show. Shats is still upset that he didn’t get invited to the wedding.

I’m upset I still have to wait 5 more days before I can see this movie.

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  • I couldn’t possible be more excited for this movie!!!

    And William Shatner is insane.

  • Whenever I here about George Takei (Walter Koeing too) complain about William Shatner it always sounds like sour grapes to me. Because of Shatner they are both very rich men and famous. Get over it. Shatner certainly has mellowed these last few years and doesn’t take himself to seriously anymore.(those price line commercials are hilarious) Good for him. Haven’t missed an opening night of a Star Trek film yet and don’t plan to start this Friday…….Can’t wait.

  • From what I’ve read (can’t say I know for sure), none of the original cast members can stand William Shatner. Supposedly he was a huge jerk back then and is still a huge jerk now; Evidently George Takei and Walter Koenig are just the ones who decided to go public with it.

    I hope they do keep him out of any future Star Trek movies because I have never seen him on screen and thought, “Now there’s a great actor.” He always makes me think, “Oh look, there’s Shatner overacting again.”

    • You have obviously have never seen BOSTON LEGAL. Shatners character ,Denny Crane, is an excellent acting tour de force. I really like his sense of humor despite his huge ego.

      • exactly what I had in mind!
        it’s easy to forget he’s almost 80 yrs old
        I personally think he’s naughtingly cute
        every octogenarian to be should be naughty

    • I agree – Shatner is consistently despised by all of his former Star Trek castmates. I’ve never heard Leonard Nimoy say anything bad about him, but Nimoy is the exception, perhaps due to the incredible popularity of his own character and perhaps because Shatner didn’t want to steal Spock’s lines because they were all the same! Even Shatner’s greed probably didn’t extend to wanting to say “Illogical” in a dull voice thousands of times.

    • Wow, what a news scoop you just gave us. What is next? You gonna tell us that OJ is guilty?

      • …Or that Robert Blake & Phil Spector are guilty? Some people feel Shatner got away with the same thing though……..

  • yo!

    my fuggin nipples get hard when i see that trailer! i CANNOT WAIT to see this thing.

    i haven’t been this siked for a movie since the 1st matrix.

    and, the casting of captain kirk is brilliant. that kid looks like he could be shatner’s kid.

    shats is hilarious with that takei thing. i happen to dig them both.

    his bloatedness and george’s laugh track on howard.

    ugh, huhuhuhuhuhuhuhahahaha.