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Star Trek Movie Premiere Getting Started!!!


Thanks to the inimitable MK over at popbytes for this awesome pic of the Star Trek movie premiere, which is just about to get started in Hollywood!!!

I haven’t been this excited for a movie in a loooong time! I used to be a secret Star Trek fan, until I started writing this blog and then it really wasn’t much of a secret anymore. Now I’ve just decided to own it. So here goes: I had a full-size Beverly Crusher cardboard cut-out in my room as a child and I dressed up in Star Trek costumes for Halloween and I’ve met Wil Wheaton like three times and he signed my boob once and I’ve seen every single episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation and yes I go to the conventions and I like them.

That is all.

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  • I have totally seen this movie. They are doing advanced screenings all over Scottsdale. I LOVE it!

    • Amazon has a “Star Trek Sale” going right now–all boxed sets are like 50% off.

  • omg i almost peed in my pants when i read that!!! i loveee you. i love next generation. i totally wanna rub jean luc picards nice shiny bald head all over my boobs. mmm..

    unfortunately, my bf doesn’t share the same love i have for tng. he grew up on the original cast and he’s stuck on that. i was a young kid so i never watched those reruns bc i thought it looked too dated. boy was i wrong! i loved the movies! esp 2, 4 and 6! spock can direct!!

  • Thank you for coming out fully as a Trekker. You are a brave soldier for the shamed and downtrodden. I am getting pretty psyched about this movie. The buzz is growing and positive. Plus, Chris Pine is just 100 percent beautiful, gorgeous boy hotness. Can’t wait.

  • OMG, I am soooo excited about this movie. I squee a little whenever I see a trailer. I got really excited when I was at the store last night and they had the Spock action figure with the interchangeable hand. My husband, the one with the Jimi Hendrix doll in his office, had the gall to call me a NERD.

  • Oh please, please tell me that Triumph the Insult Dog will be covering this goob-fest! I’m still reeling from when he attended the “Attack of the Clones” premier and while looking at the chest of a guy in a Darth Vader outfit, asked, “So which button do you press to call your parents to have them come and pick you up?”