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How Kirstie Alley Put the Weight Back On

Kirstie Alley showed up on Oprah this week to talk about how she gained back the 75 pounds she lost and then some: She replaced her home gym with a dining room a year and a half ago, and she hasn’t exercised since.

Well, that’ll do it. It’s so easy to be like, “Oooh, I have the body I want now, I don’t have to watch my diet and exercise anymore.” NOT TRUE. You gotta keep at it, or it’s gonna come back!!!

Good for Kirstie for being honest about her struggle and taking steps to get back into shape!

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  • I love Kirstie Alley fat or skinny but I worry about her health. Good luck, Kirstie. I hope you can lose the weight again.

  • I believe she put the weight back on because she doesn’t know how to step away from the trough.

  • “i have the body i want now so i dont have to diet or exercise” WTF?!?! ok if she is stupid enough to beleive that then she deserves to gain back every ounce she lost. when she was back up 10-15 pounds didn’t it dawn on her that HELLO maybe i should get back to exercsing and watching what i eat. is she really that dumb? how old is she? this is fuckin commen sense people!

  • why does she have to explain how she put ON weight? pretty easy, really: eat whatever you want in whatever portions you want and stop excercising…voila!

  • Well done, Kirstie. Great message to send out to your fans and Oprahs’s viewers on the necessity of a good diet and exercise. No wonder Parker Stephenson ran for the hills. Just because he once played one of the Hardy Boys doesn’t mean that he wanted to be married to someone who looks like they always eat at Hardee’s. Hypertension and diabetes coming your way soon.

  • I love the way you “holier than though” posters love to simplify addiction into a matter of smart vs. stupid.

    I’m glad I don’t know you, unsympathetic bastards.

    • Exactly Beet Groupie.Anyone who is not addicted to something,could never understand what it’s like to be addicted to that substance – whether it be food,drugs,alcohol,shopping,whatever.