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Beyonce Tries To Be Replaceable


Beyonce is in Austria and has already pissed off the people there.  Yesterday she was scheduled to attend a specially arranged tour of the famed Albertine museum.  Instead, she sent a look-alike to appear and pose with the director of the museum so that Beyonce could go shopping instead.

The museum spokesperson, Verena Dahlitz, summed it up like this:  “What a cheek.  We were a little doubtful yesterday, but weren’t really sure. It could have been her.”

What the people at Albertine don’t know is that the impostor was Sasha Fierce.  Duh.

In more Viennese hijinks, Beyonce’s concert was only half-full and received lots of mixed reviews.


UPDATE:  Another hoax story!  This is the second one in, like, the past week.  Listen, guys.  I think this is God’s way of telling me that I’m not supposed to be writing about Beyonce.  Though I am happy to report that the part about her bad reviews and half-full arenas-totally true!

Thanks to our friends at Celebitchy for straightening all this Beyonce madness out!

I’d written this whole article about how ungracious Beyonce was being, which I’m sure some other sites will be doing as well in the next day. Luckily, Celebitchy’s husband – who’s German – offered to read a few of the articles and translate, and the English articles got the story entirely wrong. What actually happened is that radio station Krone-Hit arranged the museum visit as a prank on the museum without Beyonce’s knowledge. Presumably they were acting as though they were Beyonce’s representatives. Then they sent the Beyonce double to the museum. Who, from the picture, isn’t that great a doppelganger – she has a much smaller frame, and even with sunglasses you can tell the face isn’t all that similar. She looks a lot more like Leona Lewis than Beyonce in my opinion.

The museum employees became suspicious because the faux-Beyonce avoided eye contact with the director and was behaving oddly. The radio station has YouTube video up (it’s in German) but according to Celebitchy they’re still not admitting it isn’t her, though it’s obvious to anyone with semi-vision. The woman shows up in a limo that has a picture of Beyonce on the window and bodyguards surrounding it to give the impression that it’s her.

Beyonce and the museum were just the victims of a stupid prank. The problem is that it seriously wasted the gallery’s time, and it may very well become a PR issue for Beyonce. I’m fairly certain most sites don’t have the advantage of a German translator at the ready and will have to assume that Yahoo’s story is accurate. But to be clear, Beyonce appears to have had absolutely nothing to do with it. The only thing that was correct about the article was that her concert got some pretty bad reviews.

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