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Gisele Bundchen Bonds with Bridget Moynahan’s Child

Tom Brady, Gisele Bunchen and Son John Edward in Vancouver on Honeymoon, Pictures Photos

Oh what fun!


Gisele Bundchen’s on her honeymoon with Tom Brady in Vancouver. Why would people with all the money in the world go on honeymoon in Vancouver and not, say, Fiji? Well, because Bridget Moynahan is filming a movie there, and I assume she’s got custody of that kid something like 95% of the time, and you better believe she enforces that mess. But for the two hours of the day that Tom has little John in his custody, he and Gisele made damn sure the photogs got snaps of them being such good parents.

I’ll reiterate exactly what Bridget planted in the press last month: You never see pictures of her with that baby. And whenever Tom and Gisele have the baby, the photogs are somehow right there and ready to snap away. Coincidence? No.

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  • Well, yea, because Bridget isn’t that big of a celeb. Tom and Gisele out together is definitely gonna attract more attention. I don’t see what the mystery is here? I don’t think Gisele would even have to call up the paparazzi to get them to stalk her with cameras when she’s out with Tom and the baby because (obviously, as this article shows) people seem to care about the drama.

  • is it me, or has brady completely femmed-out since getting with ‘the gizz’?

    i mean, the matchy-matchy clothes & accessories….the wait loss…

    bridget’s gonna have to recall some of that ‘coyote ugly’ bad-assness to man-up little dude.

    baby’ll have to rely on mommy for lessons in macho, cause daddy’s only gonna teach him how to accessorize & pick out the best kiels lip balm and shit.

    the baby’s a cutsy-pie though, thanks to…


    • I also loved Vancouver, minus that fact that my car was broken into then towed in the middle of the night while I was there. :( That wasn’t so much fun, especially on a road trip. The city was really pretty though, especially the waterfront walk and Stanley Park. I must say, that it did have one of the most intimidating skid rows I have experienced. LA is pretty bad, but I actually locked my doors when I drove through, and I almost never do that. Oh and can I ask, what is with the blinking light signals? I couldn’t find any rhyme or reason as to which signals blinked and which ones didn’t and what they meant.

  • I totally feel for Bridget and I believe that they should be more careful with photogs. But then again, if the kid isn’t bothered, it really isn’t that big a deal.
    Plus, it’s hard for them to ‘hide’ – she’s a supermodel, he’s a sports star, and the world is interested. Bridget is kind of culturally irrelevant at this point in the championship.
    But the other part of me is like “If she cares so much, she’d face up to Tom and Gisele instead of being a snide bitch and slipping crap to the press. Man-up, Bridget!”. I think it’s fucking cowardly if she hasn’t confronted them, since it bothers her so much. But she should also be more understanding.

    • Actually, a lot of celebrity moms find ways to hide from paps – it’s only once in awhile do the paps actually find them. So with that knowledge, how is it possible that Gisele doesn’t learn from Bridget? hmmmmmmm

  • I’d say after MY child was in proximity of a shoot out with Costa Rican paps, I wouldn’t be so eager for MY child to be spending time out of my sight. I would have been at my attorney’s ensuring the Baby Daddy couldn’t take MY child out of the country, ever as I would want MY child shot to death by publicity whores who think nothing of parading him around in public.

    Under he circumstances I think Bridgette’s very kind to those two for allowing this at all. He’s not a sock puppet. I wonder why old Gis isn’t making her own baby? Cut in the money? Oh, she’s far wealthier than Tom and she made him sign a pre nup if (when) they split. Ha.

  • confused over your comment “he and Gisele made damn sure the photogs got snaps of them being such good parents”. Are you suggesting they called the paps for the photo op? Give me a break.

  • John is not Bridget’s . He has two parents that love him. Mothers who think they own their kids is why alot of kids grow up with only one parent. Kids are not a tool to use as leverage against the other parent. If Bridget does try to limit Tom seeing John I hope he does take her to court.
    There is no proof any shots were ever fired in Costa Rica.I have not heard any charges being filed. Maybe because the reporters broke their own window.

  • Have you ever been followed by paparazzi?
    I believe not and as far as I’ve seen on the press neither is Bridget. She sold her picture with her kid after he was born.
    Paparazzi just take photos they can sell and they do crazy things to get the photos they want. Celebrities these days are hostages of the press. Should they stay inside 4 walls just to escape from paparazzi? They also have to live and their children have the right to be wherever children of regular people can be.

  • Bundchen certainly doesn’t make any sacrifices in terms of her own publicity to try to maintain the child’s privacy. She should never so much as utter his name to an interviewer (if she truly was looking out for the child’s best interests). Instead, she willingly answers questions about him….for a cover interview in which she is posing wearing nothing but a sheet. Really classy, Gisele. Is anyone honestly stupid enough to believe that a celebrity who has been in the spotlight as long as she has doesn’t know exactly what she’s doing when it comes to publicity. She was more private in interviews when she was dating DiCaprio. But, then again, DiCaprio was more of a man than Brady. If it were my child and she did that, that would be the LAST time she’s ever consider using the child to further her publicity. Two sentences about the kid in the entire interview and, surprise, that’s the only part every media outlet advertised. Whoring out a child is not cool. Especially when it’s your boyfriend/husband’s illegitimate toddler.

  • Remember the photos of her with DiCaprio’s mother, because, you know, she was such a good friend of Gisele and would always be part of her life. Haven’t seen any photos like that in a while, and, given how Gisele is just “hounded’ by paparazzi, if she’s seen DiCaprio’s mother, it would be all over the press. Either Gisele is more diligent in protecting Leo’s mother than the chlid, or she’s cut off that relationship. This child is going to have paparazzi following him long after Bundchen is gone.

  • Why is it that I just can’t see the fuss over this woman’s looks? I don’t get it. She always looks plain jane to me. She might have a hot body. But so do a lot of other models with intrigueing, gorgeous, stunning faces. She looks good as a model for sure, but the fuss over her being the hottest model I don’t get.

  • I cant agree MORE!!

    its repulsive from giselle’s side
    I admire giselle for her neat career and privacy, but now… its going down!
    i dont understand why she does it!! a 150M$ model doesn’t need this rubbish, and it hurts the baby!

    the celebrities’ children should be protected and their privacy respected, its very important for their education and healthy upbringing

  • I hate Giselle… stop talking about her! can’t you see she’s not that hot? not that good looking! she’s got that horse nose, and instead of muscles or flesh she’s got bones! when she’s not posing she looks like Jack Skellington… (I’m sorry Jack)

    just watch this picture and before you say anything think… cammera adds ten pounds… and her legs already look like that…×0.432×674.jpeg

  • well, she is his step mother they need to bond and have a loving relationship for the sake of the father son bond. What would the beet expect her to do, ignore him, refuse to mention “that baby” and try and cut him out of her husbands life???

    They seem to be trying to make the best out of a bad situation here. A good situation would be the parents still together and married but they weren’t in love so it was never to be.

  • Everyone here has just wasted wayyyy too much time and really should be focusing on their lives rather than judging others.

  • I know this article is 2 yrs old, but whatever. I LOVE this piece! My friends and I have been saying the same thing all along. I can’t believe the comments from the pathetic groupies of T&G. I don’t care how famous those two are…there is no way the paps were lying in wait in Vancouver just in case the gruesome twosome just happened to show up with little Jack. It’s well known that Gisele’s people call the paps ahead of time to alert them where they’ll be. These two people obviously go out every day, yet we don’t see pics of them doing so. It’s only the staged(by Gisele)outings that are photographed. Like I said…pathetic.