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Pink and Carey Hart Never Legally Divorced, Are Definitely Back Together


In a new interview, Pink opens up about the current state of her relationship with (ex?)-husband Carey Hart. She claims that not only are they back together, they never technically legally divorced.

AP: There’s been talk that you and Carey Hart are getting back together and even remarrying. Is that true?

Pink: I don’t know where the remarriage thing came from. That kind of came out of the air. We are definitely back together.

AP: What did you take away from your time apart?

Pink: We try to protect ourselves from being fully in love and fully open and fully vulnerable, and really all we’re doing is protecting ourselves from love and real love and the opportunity to really learn and grow with another person, so it’s actually really detrimental, and you think it’s helping.

AP: So your advice would be …

Pink: Dive in. Absolutely, it’s not going to kill you.

AP: So would you remarry?

Pink: We never really legally got divorced. Paperwork for both of us is really annoying (laughs). So we’re choosing to be together. Our role models are Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon and Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn – people who just choose to be together every day because they want to be there. And labels have never been our thing, so, we’re just diving into that empty swimming pool, headfirst.

Heh. This is absolutely some shit I’d pull. Like, I totally meant to get divorced, but I completely spaced on the paperwork.

She also weighs in on the fact that both she and Britney Spears released circus-themed albums within a short time period: “Had I known that certain other people were going to base their latest thing about circus things, I probably would have went into another direction,” she said. “I was six months before that and didn’t really understand that it was a trend that was happening. I’m pretty out of the loop.”

Ummm, are circus-themed albums a theme that’s happening? Can anyone think of recent examples other than Britney? And why would anyone theme an album around a circus, anyway? People should get more creative. Why hasn’t anyone based on album around Lindsay Lohan’s spray-tanning disasters? It could be called Orange You Glad I Didn’t Do a Circus-Themed Album?. I would buy it. No, I’m kidding, I’d never do something that ridiculous. I download all my music illegally.

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    • Pink is a product. Like a cheap manufactured trailer park, next to 8 feet of swamp land, somewhere in Arkansas. She looks like she cleans herself up with a garden hose, and uses the goodwill cloths bin outside of walmart. I”ll give her credit for being somewhat of a singer, and contributing loosely to her song writing, but the image is pure trash.

      • I believe it’s lip “synching” as in synching your lips with the music. Lip singing would just be… singing.

      • Well, to be even more anal, usually the business shortens the word to “sync” not “synch” so it would be lip syncing. However some people do indeed spell it “synching”.

      • With her cigarette voice? Fuck off. The whole “Britney Spears lipsynchs” crap is so 6 years ago.

        She’s a great performer and that’s why people go to her concerts.

      • “so 6 years ago”? doesn’t mean she doesn’t still do it.

        yeah, a great performer. I love hearing how her pussy is hanging out, SEEING her tampon string hanging out, and watching her extensions being ripped out by one of her dancers.


    • what ever Brittney spears is a lesbian first she shaved her head
      what she going to do next get plastic sergery to be a guy.
      pink is the best and thats that

  • While not really their recent album, panic at the disco did the whole circus thing… kinda moulin rougey type of circus.

  • eh i like their relationship there is some real passion and a definite bond…both of their lives are just hectic…it’d be hard

  • T-Pain had that circus thing going also. He even did a performance on an award show that was circus themed with him in a big hat. Think it was the BET Awards/MTV Awards… dont remember which. People use to always say that he should open up for Britney because they both had that theme going.

  • Alesha Dixon has some kind of circusy-show girl thing going on with her current album, and Take That’s comeback album was called Circus.

  • I think it was a backhanded insult and britney has always said nice things about pink. pink is a b. She is rude to girls that are pretty and jealous of them.

  • Was it just me that laughed for a ridiculously long time at the ‘Orange…’ joke? That kind of humour makes me so happy =P

    oh, and Pink is amazing – LOVE her.

  • Take that titled their album circus im pretty sure. and that album came out about the same time as britneys did.
    plus, circus was a big theme is fashion aswell not too long a go. just check out one of sass and bides collections hah.
    It’s not like Pink invented the circus or anything so anyone can use it as a theme :]

  • Circus theme – Take That, Europe’s most succesful boyband also made a comeback and their album is called “Circus” as well. There has been some confusion, but I think the British guys sold more than Britney.

  • “Had I known that certain other people were going to base their latest thing about circus things”

    she is so articulate.

  • OMG!!! Whoever thinks Brittney is better than Pink really has poor taste in music! Pink is the best, even my three year old knows that.

  • Ppl on this site that say bad things; get over ur selves. If u have nasty thoughts, keep them 2 ur selves. No one wants 2 here u complain u pansycakes.

  • U obviously don’t know that rock stars have feelings 2. I’m saying this, and I’m 11. U should know better.