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Matt Damon Turned Down Lead Role in the New Star Trek

Matt Damon Passed on Star Trek Role as Captain Kirk

Is everyone getting super psyched for the new Star Trek movie??? I know I am!!! (But, then again, I’m a huge nerd.)

I was interested to learn today that the lead role of a young Captain Kirk was originally offered to Matt Damon — but he passed on it. The role was given to newcomer Chris Pine. However, it seems like director J.J. Abrams has made his peace with that.

He tells Life magazine, “I actually approached Matt and we had some discussions, but everything happens for a reason. On the one hand, it would have been great to work with Matt – but at the end of the day, it was such a better move to cast the movie with unknowns … It is fun to discover the stars of tomorrow, but even more so, just like with the first Star Wars, you didn’t know who those people were when you saw the movie. You believed that guy was Luke Skywalker. You didn’t recognize him from six other movies. You bought into who this guy was. It is a slippery slope when you cast any actor that is somewhat known. We weren’t beholden to any fame meter.”

I agree! I think it’s great that the cast is composed of relative unknowns. It’s Star Trek, after all — it doesn’t need a big name to be a box office draw. Plus I think Chris Pine is absolutely edible!

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