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Billy Bob Explains It All

Billy Bob Thornton appeared last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live! to clear up any misuderstandings about his bitchy exchange earlier this month with a Canadian broadcaster.  Turns out, he’s not insane-he just “gave humpbacked geeks all over the world something to do.”  Humpbacked geeks?  What does that mean?  Is he talking about…bloggers?  Because I am not humpbacked!

The good news is that you don’t have to suffer through eight plus minutes of BBT footage to get to the part where he explains what he was thinking.  It’s all in the beginning, before he goes on to talk about a bunch of crap that no one cares about.

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  • No doubt his personality leaves a lot to be desired. And Jesus, what’s with all of those f***in’ hideous tattoos? Are they supposed to show us all what a bad ass he is? Regardless as to whether that Canadian interviewer was asking him questions that they previously agreed wouldn’t be asked, he still handled it in a pretty juvenile and rude manner.

  • I really thought he was mentally ill, or drunk, or high, or all three after I saw that Canadian interview. But now it’s official–he’s just an asshole! And a damned good actor.

  • Just a point of interest, while it is common for “celebrities” to agree to do an entertainment show like Jimmy Kimmel Live or Entertainment Tonight based on an agreed upon set of conditions when they appear on a news and current affairs show interviewers will ask what they want, no contract exists. That said BBT is a skinny-assed bag that is filled with douche & Kimmel should consider becoming a professional apologist if he can un-pucker his lips from all that bony tattooed ass kissing….oh and did anyone notice how skinny BBT’s arms are…I thought he was a drummer?

  • After his tantrum and all of the whining about wanting to be interviewed as Billy Bob the musician, he didn’t even bring his drums to play with his band after that CBC interview. He’s nothing but a loser. Old, wannabe, washed out loser.

    • Agreed. Someone like David Letterman, on the other hand, would have kept it real and given him shit. Also, I hate the fact that Billy Bob is so damn proud of the fact that he messes with reporters all the time. Really?? That’s so immature.

  • I love Jimmy and I LOVE Billy Bob! Actually, I find him disturbingly sexy.
    I can really see him being hot and lots of fun to be around.