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Girl Talk with Ranae Shrider

You may not know her by name, but you know who she is — the other half (two-thirds?) of the Mini-Me sex tape. Ranae Shrider and I have become friends over the Internets, and this weekend in LA I actually had a chance to meet her. What I found was a person completely different from the crazy hanger-on that’s been portrayed in the media. She’s funny, charming, smart, independent, open-hearted and all too willing to laugh at herself. I told my girlfriends later, “You guys, she’s totally someone we’d hang out with.” And it’s true! She’s a very cool girl who I’m happy to call a friend.

After a yummy lunch, Ranae and I sat down to do some vlogging. I asked her the questions I’ve always wanted to ask her: What’s it like having sex with Mini-Me? How big is he down there? What positions work best? How is it, ya know, enjoyable? Ranae totally dished, and all the goods are in the clip above.

However, we talked about WAY more than Verne — Ranae’s been working as an actress in LA since before she even met him, and she also dished about her current projects, her relationship with Hef’s new girlfriends, Ron Jeremy’s take on her relationship with Verne, haters on the Internet, and why I need to get laid. You can watch the full-length interview in the clips below.

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  • Can’t help it. She disgusts me. I got through like a minute of it, with her making fun of his dick. Um, joke is on YOU Renae. You were the one who kept sleeping with him for some amount of fame. Now you’re making fun of him for his size? If it makes you so sick, why did you stay with him for so long.


    • That’s what I thought! As soon as she said that she was with him for 6 months, I wondered why the hell she stuck around for so long. Fame whore!

      • I assume she slept with him for fame, cuz it sure as hell isn’t for money. Home boy is in debt to the IRS for almost half a million! The rest of us would be in jail!

  • wtf sex tape did she watch? I would say Tommy is probably like 8-9 inches. Definitely NOT average. I guess he seemed pretty normal in width, but PLEASE.

  • Beet, what on earth is wrong with you? Are you really this ditzy and lame sounding in real life, or were you just putting on a show for your ‘friend’? Good god, now I worry that I won’t be able to read your posts without imagining your stupid voice. Ugh… I shouldn’t have watched that bullshit.

      • But you bitches sure cant help yourselves, because not only did you watch it you took the time to comment! Ranae is gonna be my new wife! LMAO

      • The voice does sound completely different from the voice that I imagined her having. That is the number one thing that I walked away from the video thinking.

      • I now severely dislike beet, what a shallow catty bitch, not like shes a catch or anything she needs to get a grip.

      • You crazies crack me up! For people who hate Beet and Mini Lover so much, you sure as hell can’t get enough of them! Kudos Jen on the comment about anonymous- ummmm do ya think Beet cant see your email address? LMAO

    • Agreed. Very valley girl and ditzy sounding. Annoying if anything…But the more i read EB and her personal site the more i realize she really is stuck up and ditzy. I know i know, mean.

      • Thank God it’s not just me! i said that in the first interview and people started calling me an asshole!

        but the thing is…all the stuff she writes, i used to imagine it was all ironic and smart… but now… everything sounds sooo shallow!

        Sasha, i think you have potential to be a good interviewer, you should take all the criticism and make it better! Start by trying to sound serious, not like a teenage LA girl! And don’t stop uploading videos… i’m sure you can make it right! :)

  • Wow. Seriously? Charity work, eh? Just putting in time having sex with another human being that you would ideally have some kind of feelings for but instead turn that person into a laughing stock and try to make a career out of it? What a waste of space this chick is.

    • That little bastard turned himself into a laughing stock years ago! He has been in and out of rehab and is a no talent prop! I suppose you never had an ex you disliked or dished about after you broke up? Oh wait! I get it! You prob never had a lover to begin with which would explain why you are such a tight ass!

  • ya know…i don’t care how bad a guy is in bed or how tiny and ineffectual his man parts are…you don’t blaspheme him publicly. how classless and immature…

      • OMG! Are you kidding me with this? Jesus it was just a bit of fun! My friends and I ALWAYS dis our ex bf’s. Careful not to fall off your high horse now!

      • Not on a public form like this I’m sure you don’t!. Poor guy it’s not like he can help it. She’s a bitch for saying stuff like that about him to a wide audience just to keep her name out there.

  • Wow…hard to believe the Beet who writes these posts is the same person in those video clips. Neither of you comes off very well in these, I’m sorry to say. And gossip blogging humorously is one thing, but helping this girl pimp out her insults on this guy is really low, Beet. It’s pretty sad when Mini-Me is the one taking the high road in a relationship.

  • she seems really cool, which is good because she kinda needs to redeem herself. and i love seeing beet in videos, you do look a little bit llike jenna fischer.

  • I haven’t watched the whole thing yet but it cracks me up that you whisper the “bad” words.

    Reminds me of that scene in St. Elmo’s fire with Rob Lowe and Mare Winningham…”cancer.”

  • Okay, I for one thought this was absolutely adorable. :) Ranae seemed sweet and genuine, and you are a good interviewer, Beet.

  • Well, I can’t watch the videos since they block them from me at work, but from what I’m reading it seems like Renae really does her character a tasteless injustice by doggin’ on little dude’s dick. Seriously, I’m a man, and as cruel, vulgar, and shallow as I’ll admit men can be at times, how often has anybody heard one putting a woman’s feminine odor, labia size, vaginal tightness/moisture/appearance on public fucking blast in the media? The only man I can recall being a big enough douche to even approach that level of high school antics was that Breandon Davis dude. Oh shit! Renae Shrider should go out with Brandon Davis. They could go out to clubs and talk smack about Verne’s peen and Lohan’s croth-o-fyah. Millionaire Matchmaker!!!

  • I was too creeped out to watch the vids. I don’t even want to think about the size of Mini Me’s member, nor do I want to get a mental picture of him doing anybody.
    And as for Beet-I don’t want to hear her voice-or even look too close at her pictures. For me, the blog is like reading a really good book-where you see the characters in your head, and have an idea of how they sound, all based on your own imagination and descriptive writing. Then the movie comes out and spoils it…..

  • I think you two looked cute together, and the conversation/interview went really well, I laughed my ass off. You guys, don’t take this too serious, it’s just a fun interview. I liked Ranae, she was really donw-t-earth and funny. Though I do have to say that Beet seems really different ‘in real life’, her voice and appereance do not match with the image of Beet I had in mind. And I do have to agree with Walter on the penis-talk, but it’s just a female thing, we always do that..which of course doesn’t make it right but still…

  • this interview was so lame i only watched the first part. renae or whatever seems really obnoxious. she obviously was dating him for money/fame, so i guess that makes her golddigging skank. nice.

    beet, you need to stop botoxing your face and get bangs.

    • You are an idiot! For someone that trolls the blogs you should do your homework. Mini HAS NO MONEY!!! He should be in jail for all the taxes he owes. Google it! Oh… and as far as your comment about beet goes? Pretty bold coming from a nameless gossip that lurks on the internet judging strangers. What makes you any better? At least this chick knew him personally!

  • I watched everything, and Sasha it was really good! Exactly like two friends just talking and joking with each other. And the expression on your face regarding Adam Lambert was priceless! Most of these negative commenters are obviously quite superficial and I can tell most of them don’t read your stuff much.

    Fuck the haters! Plus, can I kidnap you for a day! You are so funny and your laughter is contagious!

    • Like oh my god…can I kidnap you? WTF? your lame…and I hate to say, Beet should should have put on some lipgloss.

      • People who can’t tell the difference between “your” and “you’re” crack me up. Epic fail, my friend.

      • haha… like you?

        you’re would then make the sentence read… TJ kindly remove the stick from you are butt.

        the right form of your was used dumbass.

      • Actually, they didn’t leave the comment for Mercedes, they left the comment for TJ. They were correcting this sentence: Like oh my god…can I kidnap you? WTF? your lame…

        In which case it should have been YOU’RE. Learn how to read comments, dumbass.

  • Beet looked way *beeter* live than in pictures, so be NICE.

    …it was all well and good until Ranae said Beet smelled like piss. You could see Beet fall apart like that. Not nice of Ranae.. def not a “friend” …total attempt at a bitchy underhanded typical female type comment.

    …totally hilarious? the old lady covering her nose …was it a pissy beet she was smelling or just a money grubbing midget fucking whore?

  • I think the hater comments are from friends of Verne Troyer who are trolling the internet. They all have way too similar a vibe to come from legitimately individual people.

    • eh I was anti-Renae but I am always pro-beet!!!! The comments being mean to beet are stupid and rude though.

  • Ok I think people should freak out a bit less
    I liked it because it was like a real conversation that friends would have!
    These are the actual conversations most girls have with their friends every day.
    It’s just funny that we get to see it!
    nice work.

  • Beet.
    I’m sorry but I hope you get fat again, and another sunburn. You are an angry beet still. You remind me of myself in highschool and I was embarrassed. I’m 21 and you are how old? Grow the hell up this bitchy teenager routine is tired, like your face, and hair, and lame ass makeup. I just feel sorry for you making lame jokes about a little person. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU? How would you feel if you were repeatedly publicly humiliated. The man is a two foot tall walking punchline but he is 10 times the person you will ever be. You are a pathetic bitch I hope Micheal Phelps punches you in the face. It’s more than you deserve. Actually you deserve Micheal Phelps, but just his face, on Ron Jeremy’s body, with Verne Troyers penis.
    PS I hope you got crabs from sitting next to that skank.

    • anon, you are still acting like you are “in high school” as well. Maybe you need to grow up. Mean bitch.

      • I’m being mean yes but I did not just publicly humiliate someone who has been publicly humiliated over and over for a decade. I’m calling beet on her low blow bitchy antics. Yes I’m being a bitch but don’t act like she doesn’t deserve it. Perhaps if I had my own blog with thousands of hits daily and I made a video of me and my friends discussing what a beat down grubby bitch beet is, after she had endured comments of the like for the past ten years, maybe I would be a bitch. No I do not know Verne Troyer get a grip. I just feel bad for him after seeing him get loaded and piss himself on reality tv.

      • “Micheal Phelps, but just his face, on Ron Jeremy’s body, with Verne Troyers penis” … sounds sexy to me.

    • omfg, you need to calm down. that comments are bitchier and more high school than anything in those vids, which btw were funny! and just two girls chatting.

  • Ugh, what a douche. She’s made herself look like such a fool. It’s painfully aware why these two became “friends”, like calls to like, I guess. “Anonymous” beat me to the highschool and crotch crickets comments, dammit.

  • I could only get through about 1/4 of the first video before the combination of the voice/accent/whatever and forehead got to me. There should be transcripts posted along with these kinds of interviews so that no one has to sit through this kind of annoying mess.

    These comments were hilarious to read though. “Actually you deserve Micheal Phelps, but just his face, on Ron Jeremy’s body, with Verne Troyers penis.” HILARITY!

  • Beet:

    That was MUCH MUCH lower than your recent blog about Jimmy Fallon’s wife’s supposedly fat arms. You’re no picture yourself and you really should check out those moles before they eat you alive. You’re apparently uglier on the inside than you are on the outside. I am disgusted. I’m not a Verne Troyer fan by any means, but to buddy with somebody like that is reprehensible and then to post it on the internet????? Are you sure you don’t have a ghost writer who writes your regular blogs because what I’ve just seen and what I read of yours on a daily basis just doesn’t gel, and if it doesn’t gel it ain’t aspic (quote from “Pyscho”). From now on I will just read Wendie and Kelly’s posts because they have the integrity I thought you had. Shame on you.

    • I think your comment was quite low as well, calling someone ugly does not make you a better person. Sure, the interview had its ups and downs, but either way, picking on someone for having moles (or anything else that is difficult to eliminate) is just mean…and yes, I know, picking on someone because they’re a little person isn’t nice either; but Beet put herself out there, I don’t see any picture of you in your avitar (because I’m sure you have some flaw that people could make fun of you for, everyone does!)

      Anyway, I think that all of the negative comments were beyond mean, and it just so happened that I replied to you because of the moles comment – it strikes a nerve in me, not because I have that problem, but I have my own body issues to face, and If I were to post a video on a blog with as many faithfull followers that Beet has, I would probablly expect negativity on the content – not everyone agrees with everything – but I would be devistated if people commented on my looks or my voice, things that cannot be changed. It’s not fair. End of story.

      • @ Megan- Oh god… are you kidding me? Beet dishes it out, and I am sure she can take it. Clearly, Athena’s point was missed. People are mean. Beet is mean. You seem sweet. Stay that way.

      • I just think that Athena’s comment sent out the wrong message. She could have made her point without the harsh points about her. For me, it wasn’t really what she said about Beet, it was what she is telling other readers, younger readers, which is to be ashamed about their flaws. I’m 18, but I know there are many other younger people than me who read this, and it’s just a bad message for me. That’s all.

    • @ Athena: Seriously, I don’t think you understand that NOBODY cares who’s posts you read! I mean, NOBODY.CARES.

  • It cracks me up when people who don’t like the information the site has to offer or the person writing it spend their time posting about it or that they took the time to watch 20 minutes of video they hated (wow who really needs to get a life)
    I thought it was an entertaining interview and although I didn’t expect your voice to sound like that either it is quite cute and cheerful.
    Fuck the haters.

  • It’s so strange that every post on this site atm ends up having the same old tired debates about whether or not Beet is out of line!

    If you hadn’t noticed, this is Beet’s blog. She doesn’t owe you anything!

    @ Anthea I’m so sorry Beet has disappointed you with her lack of integrity, but maybe you should think about finding a role model elsewhere? This is a gossip blog, Beet owes you shit!

    jeeez lighten up.

    • Hi Helen

      My screen name is Athena, not Anthea. I don’t think of Beet as a role model (rather, Maya Angelou comes to mind), as I am a 53 year old Emergency Room Doctor and old enough to be Beet’s mother, and if I WERE her mother I would have posted the same comments. I rely on a few minutes escape from the daily horrors I have to deal with to check out Beet’s posts to bring me a few chuckles, as opposed to the likes of Perez, etc., who are scumbags, imho. She owes me nothing, I agree, but she has lost an avid fan here, sorry. I am not a hater.


      • I will pay you one million dollars if you can prove that you are an ER doctor. I do not believe you for one second. If you are, you are ridiculously immature for a doctor (or really, for any adult).

      • She has nothing to prove to you.I too escape the horrors of the ER and my other nurse duties to relax at night and pig out on gossip. I don’t think beet is ugly on the outside. Her inside could use some work. I personally like how earlier in the game , she would talk bad about Renee.I suppose fame changes everything. I will not stop reading this site because it reminds me of how much better my life is.

  • OMG… I’m late for the party.

    I agree with the dumb bitch above, Helen… It’s just a shitty gossip blog, lighten up.

    Just looking at the still-frame before I hit play I thought it was a video about a horse and a pig. You should rename that shit to “Livin Large with Mr. Ed & Wilbur.” No offense Beet, but you’re all chubby and pink with flies on your chest. I was waitin for some Chinese waiter with a fly swatter to come over and start bitch slapping your ass.

    “No flies in the flied lice!”

    And Rananae… Seriously girl, which is bigger… Verne’s dick or your nose??? You should tie an American flag on that shit and sway your head around like Stevie Wonder while singing “Proud to be an American”…

    You could make a killing!!!


    at how retarded everyone is, complaining abou the “bashing” of poor verne troyer, calling Beet a bitch or whatever for doing it…PLEASE!!!

    First of all, this is a GOSSIP site, AKA a SHIT TALKING SITE! Just for fun, that’s how it works! If you dont like that then WTF are you doing here!? I mean, you ARE enjoyin all those updates on drug addict lindsay lohan right? Right.

    I dont give a fuck about mini-me, his dick, or this Ho that sucked on it, so im not watching any of these vids, but damn people, STFU and move on to the next post if you dont like it!!

    • It’s not that you can’t talk trash. It’s the making fun of someone who is 2feet tall for having a small dick and/or being bad in bed. Especially by someone who had to have known that going in and was then obviously doing it to try to get attention for themselves. It would be like dating someone who was crippled and then publicly lambasting them for being unable to keep up with you on a hike. Or something.. anyway, don’t you get that??

  • Yeah, I’m sure the bitch that fucked Verne Troyer and then tried to release a tape of them having sex is going to be a hugely successful actress. Uh huh.
    What the fuck is going on with Beet. This classless cunt in beneath her. Are you on drugs or something?

  • Wow I’ve had nasty comments on my blog before because someone got offended by something I said or did (not that I care) but good Jesus you people are harsh as fuck. Plus, how the hell can you get mad at two chicks personally attacking a dude and then go ahead and do the exact same thing (times 20) right back to them??

  • God people are being hateful! I thought it was cute, obviously most people on here don’t engage in girl talk very often! It usually is silly like that. Beet, don’t take any of these nasty comments to heart. You’re adorable. Don’t care for your interviewee, much, considering she was dating him for fame/money…and that seems a little fucked up, but otherwise I thought it was cute!

    • I think the thing is, there’s girl talk that’s just between a few friends, and then there’s girl talk that’s posted on the internet for public consumption. It’s no crime to talk trash about your ex, but when it’s played out like this it seems vicious. This is going to come off like a “sheesh, kids today” statement, but the problem is that everyone is so desensitized to people exposing everything about themselves to the general public. There aren’t any boundaries. (Although I guess all the negative comments on this post indicate that there still are.)

      Beet, I think you’re intelligent and adorable, and a savvy businessperson. I’ll keep reading your blog. But every once in awhile you post something that I think is beneath you, and this was one of those times.

  • That was a cute guys had great banter. Oh, and my favourite part of the vid was your expression to the American Idol question, lol. I think people expected you to float on a cloud and be holy or something…it’s ridiculous.

  • She’s actually really funny. That was unexpectedly entertaining.
    I think she would be fun to have some drinks with and people watch on a patio somewhere.

    My recommendation for your next interview is Lindsay. If you can land that, I will submit a 5000 word essay on why Nicole Richie is actually a really nice person who is just misunderstood.

  • I don’t understand why people find it necessary to comment on your looks… when there’s really nothing wrong with them. I’ve seen some UGLY ass people, and I would say you’re far from that. I love the comment about “stop the botox and get bangs”, clearly that person has never read any of your posts about WHY you get the botox or why you don’t like bangs. I think people just like to pick on people. It’s useless for them to go on about how you’ve lost a reader… I personally think you should ip block those people to prevent them from relapsing.

    • I’ve considered doing that, but I won’t. I will say, though, every time I post something that makes people say they’re never coming back, my traffic goes up. So, ya know, someone’s being dishonest here, and it’s not I.

      • Ok, you caught me… It’s me

        I said I’m not coming back, and then I went out and knocked up the Octomom and we all came back as a family.

  • I thought the interview was very 6th grade. Ranae slept with Verne for 6 months and claimed his penis was too small (DUH) and she faked being asleep to avoid having sex with him. Yet she hung in there for six months! And now she’s spilling all the dirty details to Beet. Personally, if it were someone I was involved with, I would be mortified. You know what they say, “It’s only your business until you tell someone else.”

    It’s one thing to yuk it up over Tom Cruise’s kid wearing a pair of $2000 shoes, it’s another to hear Ranae giggle about how inadequate Verne’s lovemaking skills were. She only slept with him because she wanted to be famous-and she’s someone you’re happy to call a friend? Sorry to break it to you, but your new friend is a bottom feeder.

  • I watched only the first video and was left wondering what Verne Troyer did to deserve being publically humiliated. I wouldn’t do that to anyone, least of all someone with a physical disability which CAUSES his dick to be proportionally small, without a really good reason.

    I mean, maybe there are things we haven’t heard about or perhaps I’ve forgotten about some horrible thing he did that was reported, but unless I’m overlooking something I truly don’t understand the need to be so juvenile and cruel.

    Evil Beet and Dlisted are the only two celeb gossip sites I ever read; looks like I’ll be strictly Dlisted from now on.

    I hope for Verne’s sake that he finds a girl who appreciates him for who he is, and who isn’t a catty, vapid cunt.

    • There IS a lot more to the story, and a lot of awful stuff that Verne did. Ranae can’t talk about those things because there is legislation pending.

      • Hm. Maybe next time introduce the interview like that. You know: ‘This is my new friend Ranae who has put up with some serious shit from her ex boyfriend and now feels the need to publicly ridicule him under the guise of girltalk.’

        Cos interviews like this just make her look really bad. If you say she’s actually a lovely person then god knows you have more way of knowing than your readers, but interviewing her in that way hasn’t really done her any favours.

      • Is that litigation (i.e. lawsuit) pending? If there’s legislation pending, Ranae has a lot more clout than I expected!

  • Jeeesus. The personal attacks against Beet are really lame. This was an interview with Ranae Shrider, not the Dalai Lama. Of course it was going to be ditzy and a bit bitchy. It’s a gossip blog. *shrug*

  • No one mentioned the nail biting! I loved it though… Beet is so much prettier than her screen name picture. I think side bangs like Nicole Richie’s would look good on her.

  • I liked it. I laughed a few times. Ranae’s got a good sense of humor, although I think we already figured that out from the fabulous lobster bib pic. :)

  • Beet – What I guess I don’t get about this is that you are so vehement about people opposing same sex marriage (for example) – which I do not – yet give this girl a forum to publicly humiliate someone for a physical disability.. If you had nothing to say about human rights issues, I could chalk it up to you just being a bitchy blogger who tries to hold no moral high ground.

    • Physical disability my ass! If it wasn’t for his so-called physical disability he would have never have gotten the job he has or be as famous as he is. If anything, he has chosen to exploit himself! So, what do you call that? If he was so worried about how people view him, he wouldn’t be in movies or on reality shows where the little rascal is standing on his “little rascal” pissing in potted plants! You are just looking for something to bitch about yourself!

  • Evil Beet, don’t you let these people you down! I like your 5 head, I mean 4 head! I think that Ranae was funny and she has beautiful teeth! I always notice a woman’s teeth first thing. if I look at them above their neck. She a little skankie, but I like that too. You both seem to have great personalities and like to have fun. Just because someone says something to be funny doesn’t make them evil like some of the people on this blog try to make it seem. Its all in fun! You don’t have to grow up, have fun while you can and live it up! By the way, are those ticks on your chest? Just kidding!

  • I think it is hilarious that this backfired so horribly on that shallow, manipulative fame-digger Renae. Beet, you are making yourself look just as bad by claiming what a great “friend” you are to this person and the laughs you had at another human being expense.

    It’s not like either of you are “attractive,” you’d be equally humiliated if any of your past partners were to give an interview and talk about your enormously slopp vagina and the charity work involved in seeing you naked.

    This has reflected on the both of you very, very poorly.

    +1 for self inflicted wound

    • Oh, come on Anonymous. I personally think “Sasha” is hot! Ranae is most certainly hot! And so she gave Mini Me a pity fuck. How else is he going to get a woman that looks like that? Unless he pays for it, and oh, that would be sooo much better! I bet you that even after he sees the video, if he has the chance, he would hit it again! Oh, and “slopp vagina” WTF? How do you think you are any better than the people that you are trying to dog when you talk about them having a freaking “slopp vagina”? WTFFFF! You should use Va jay jay!

      • ROFLLL @ bigdaddy

        Ranae is hot???? are you fucking kidding?

        Stop sucking up dude, we know ur desperate to fuck. let me guess, you havent had any sex for a while. next time you post, warn us, that your dick is talking.

        even though i hate beet for this vblog, i have to give Beet credit for behing honest.

        Beet we know u can bang any guy you see, why do you even have to tell us again.

        Are you really a Jew and a good girl and all. sex before marriage??? im not buying any of it sorry, your personality is starting to creep me out. good Jew girls dont hang out with famewhores like her.

        She may be a nice girl IRL, but she will suck you out, your status, you know she will do anything for fame.

        I cant wait till Ranae moves on to another friend, then we can hear all about your fuck buddies..

        can we see your vagina beet? I know “BIG” daddy wants a taste of it.

      • Warning! My dick wants to talk again! ughhh, for your information Ive already had sex twice today! Next time I may invite someone else to be there too! How do you think I found Evil Beet? i origionally thought it was a referance to masterbaiting!

      • im sorry, your sex life sounds to exciting, you must be having alot of free time to join this blog, fucking your partner as a sidedish.

        have you found a new dish?

        Your name creeps me out, “BIG” daddy, was Ranae talking about you, when she mentioned, “BIG” guys are actually very small..

      • UUUgh! I just figure since Im already on the coputer while Im haveing sex, I might as well blog! Its call “multitasking”!!! hahaa

      • You’re so lame.

        You must be so proud of your “BIG” peen to talk about it in every replies.

        This is why guys like you, calls themself “BIG” and pretends to be suck up to girls. Just to get some actions.

        and yet, you dislike “Little Rascal” and skank. What are you? Mr “Big” peen. You have no reguard to human’s nature.

        your face disgusts me, is that funny?

      • ughh, My face disgusts you? Good thing thats not my face then.. Yes, my penis is very small, thanks for pointing that out to everyone! You know, You have pointed out that I am ugly and have a small penis, so yes I can understand why you think that you are MUCH better than the very people that you are putting down because of the video. Gosh, I wish I could be as enlightened as YOU!

      • Nonono, i can never be as smart as you.

        You are obviously very intelligent. Gosh, first you talk like a BIG macho man, now your quietly saying you dont have a “Big” peen nor is the face on your avatar.

        What next, you have been having sex with a man’s bestfriend? OOPs..there a flying pig outside my window.

  • Luv the Beet!

    All of you wannabe miserable haters can eat it.

    She is smokin hot….. (beautiful in fact)

    Great Teeth! Love the pony tail!

    Too bad we didn’t get a pan down on her very sexy fun bags.

    Luv the Beet!

  • really love your posts, but honestly think you’re going against all you seem to stand for! you are backing the very person you would usually tear apart in your posts. think you’re an intelligent interesting person, so there’s no need to pay the dumb card when interviewing a shallow bimbo. I would have enjoyed the interview much more if you had been your clever self, not trying to go down to her level to appear as a “fun omg we’re bff” bull.
    anyway, will definitely keep following you on evilbeet and siam, but hope you stay true to your intelligent self.

  • Beet on top of being awesome and hot, you are also very intellegentand witty. Which is why i became such a big fan of the site. I had never been a big fan of the whole blogging thing until I stumbled across your site. Although I may not agree with some of the things you say and even get a little offended sometimes, I think your insight on things is hillarious and well founded. And If someone wants to insult you and the way you look, I would like to see them post a video of themselves. I am 100 % sure all those people who made those nasty comments are not mr/ms universe material.

  • Beet, you look fantastic in the stills of the video. Just not interested in watching them, but you look great without a ton of makeup! Hot.

  • Beet, please just stick to your posts and don’t post videos. I love your site and will keep reading, but honestly you sound unintelligent and annoying when you interview people.

  • Yo Beet, that guy that said you looked like Pam from “The Office” was dead on. I kept thinking “hmm, she looks SO MUCH like someone from TV,” and I squeezed my brains out trying to figure out, then I read his comment. You ARE Pam :)

  • I actually know this girl in real life and I have for some time. She is a poor speciman of a human. So sad that people like this walk around on our earth. She is insane. Delusional is more like it. Self gratifying and very very crazy. She looks like a little old jewish man except I would believe a Jewish man would have bigger boobs. A model??????????? YEAH right. A model for bad behavior and huge senses of entitlement! So sad. She’s a gigantic liar and a very fake person who is on huge amounts of drugs and alcohol. (How else could you pork a nasty midget?)I have hung out with her on numerous occasions. She is a liar and a fake. She says she has a BA degree from college. … LIES ALL LIES! Lets see them Ranae. Go wait some tables and quit making us look at you. You are a no talent piece of shit.