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The Craigslist Killer in Custody


The much-talked-about Craigslist killer suspect is currently in custody, as of today, although police are refusing to release details about his identity. The man is suspecting of killing a woman in Boston last week after answering her ad for “massage” service on Craigslist. Authorities believe the case is connected to the attempted robbery Thursday in Rhode Island of an exotic dancer by a man responding to an ad she had posted on Craigslist.

I’m kind of surprised with all the attention surrounding this story — mostly, because I can’t believe it’s only happening now. With all the anonymous personal sex requests that go up on Craigslist every day (for a good laugh, check out their casual encounters section), how is it that we’re just now seeing people murdered as a result? It almost speaks to the goodness of humanity — it’s taken this many years for someone to use this hugely viable and anonymous medium to actually kill a total stranger. I think that’s odd. I thought serial killers were supposed to be tech-savvy; at least that’s what I’ve learned from the movies.

Over on our sister site, Zelda Lily, we have a discussion going on about this — we’re talking about stalkers in general, and our writer Sarah Spangenberg shares about her own frightening experience with a stranger-turned-stalker. Have your own story to tell? The thread is here.

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  • There was a case a few years back where a guy answered an ad abut a car on craigs list and killed the owner

  • yeah, this isn’t the first one at all. back in 2007, a woman answered an ad for a nanny position and was murdered for her efforts.

  • Thanks for putting this up. My close friend’s sister is going through a stalker situation with her ex-fiance. My friend was describing the horrors that he put her sister and also the rest of the family through and how they were trying to get him behind bars. Its unbelievable how law enforcement just easily dismisses people who clearly have a history of stalking, they just stick them in jail for a very short time and out they go again, it makes me so angry. How about sending them to get help with their mental problems? that is what doesn’t make sense to me!. How does jail solve anything? if you ‘help’ them with their mental problems preferably in an institution, there may be a higher chance of them recovering, because they are able to understand their illness with the help of a psychiatrist and other professionals. I am absolutely positive that this would help them and also prevent crimes like these from happening. What do you think?

  • There’s probably a lot more instances of killings than we know of. People don’t exactly advertise the fact that they’re meeting up with someone from Craigslist, so if they got murdered, it might not be attributed to Craigslist at all.

  • i had no idea this was national news, here its all local, i live in Boston.

    the guy’s not a serial killer or stalker or sexual preditor, hes a theif. he was doing it for the money and like an idiot didnt realize that his method was just as easy to trace as a phone number, the ip address to his black berry was how they got him. still must be pretty creepy for all you cool girls who advertize “massage” or whatever it is you do for random men online or elsewhere.

    • You must be more than a theif in order to kill an innocent woman you just met…thats all i goota say.